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This Cantonese restaurant has a full slate of classic banquet recipes, such as Peking duck, suckling pig and Buddha-jumps-over-the-wall. A dim sum menu is available at lunch and an intriguing dessert or snack option is the bird nest tarts (made in the style of Cantonese egg tarts).

What others are eating here

Stir-Fried Shanghai 'Xiang Wu Sun' with 'Xue Cai'
Stir-Fried Shanghai 'Xiang Wu Sun' with 'Xue Cai'
Crispy Pork Dumpling
Crispy Pork Dumpling
Durian Glutinous Dumpling
Durian Glutinous Dumpling
Baked BBQ Bun
Baked BBQ Bun
Steamed Scallop 'Siew Mai'
Steamed Scallop 'Siew Mai'
Steamed Prawn & Chives Dumpling
Steamed Prawn & Chives Dumpling
  • Claypot Rice 3 votes
  • Lobster sashimi 2 votes
  • Baked BBQ Bun 1 vote
  • Custard buns with Salted Yolk 1 vote
  • Durian Glutinous Dumpling 1 vote
  • Order the set menu if you are not sure 1 vote
  • Roast pork 1 vote
  • Steamboat with Superior Stock Soup 1 vote
  • Steamed Prawn & Chives Dumpling 1 vote
  • Steamed Scallop 'Siew Mai' 1 vote
  • Steamed dim sum with prawns 1 vote
  • Stir-Fried Shanghai 'Xiang Wu Sun' with 'Xue Cai' 1 vote
  • congee 1 vote
  • deep fried bean curd roll 1 vote
  • wine list 1 vote
  • yam puffs 1 vote

Latest Review for Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 20 reviews
Most helpful review:

Good Dim Sum!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 687

I have wanted to come to this restaurant for the longest time. Over the weekend, we were looking for a place to dine with my family and I suggested dim sum, which everyone agreed.


This restaurant has been at the basement of Forum Galleria Shopping Centre, next to Hilton Hotel for some time.


Here are the items that we had:

- Har Kau: $5.20 – Steamed prawn dumpling. I find the filling not as plump and juicy as I would have preferred.

- Siew Mai: $5.20 – This was alright for me.

- Shrimp Cheong Fun: $6 – The soya sauce was light and not too salty. Not bad.

- Steamed Prawn & Chives Dumpling: $4.80 – This is something like crystal dumpling. The prawns were cut into cubes and mixed with the chopped chives. Not bad.

- Crispy Silver Fish: $8.80 – A staple when I am at a Chinese restaurant. I requested for no chilli because the kids loved this. It was cooked with chopped garlic.

- Steamed Custard Cream Bun with Egg Yolk: $4.50 – I wished the bun was steamed longer, as it went luke warm quickly. The salted egg yolk custard was thick and due to the coolness of the bun, meant it solidify quickly. Taste was ok.


For weekends, the restaurant has a special dim sum menu in addition to their usual dim sum menu. We ordered a few dishes that caught our eye:

- Baked BBQ Bun: $4.50 – Mini char siew Bun. I loved the egg white glaze on the outside of the bun. It imparted a glossy finish to the bun and has a mildly sweet taste.

- Steamed Scallop 'Siew Mai': $5 – This was very good. Highly recommended!

- Crispy Pork Dumpling: $4.50 – Minced meat in a starchy ball which is deep-fried. This is similar to the Teochew dumpling that I have eaten at another Chinese restaurant.  I loved the crunch of the dumpling. Good!

- Stir-Fried Shanghai 'Xiang Wu Sun' with 'Xue Cai': $8.80 – This is a tye of leek. But it looked at sliced HK Kailan cut into strips. The vegetable is stir fried with preserved Chinese vegetables. It was my first time eating it, and the leek was crunchy and tasty. Try it!

- Durian Glutinous Dumpling: $4.50 – A little disappointed  with the size, as it was smaller than a ping pong ball. It also looked deflated. The skin was thin and sticky (sticks to the fork). Wished there was more filling, to justify the price of $1.50 per durian dumpling.


The dim sum served here are not bad, and I especially like the weekend-only specials, which are good.


I will be back here again to try their ala carte menu soon. The restaurant also has set meals for 2 pax and more.



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Food was surprisely unimpressive and served lukewarm temperature. Disappointing dim sum

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Unfortunately today's lunch was such a disappointment.  The dim sum was not made fresh when you place the order.  The baked char siew and deep fried yam puff was definitely made a while ago as it was served cold and the pastry was hard. The peking duck with also not good. the pancake skin was cold. Knowing that the dim sum was not made fresh when we ordered, at the end of the meal, I specifically asked them to please make the egg tarts fresh - of course, when it arrived 15 min later, the egg tarts were reheated - you can tell as the pastry was only slightly warm and the custard had a layer of hard crust- signs of reheating.  The shanghainese dumplings were also not great. When you pick the dumpling up with your chopsticks, the skin would stick and break - no more soup in the dumpling. And this happened to almost all the dumplings in the basket. 

Totally disappointing and I hope the restaurant will improve their quality of food. Will not be returning.

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Good food with friendly service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 121

From the outside, Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant does not look like much. However, it has a strong following of regulars given its consistently delicious food. The claypot rice, in particular, is one of the best around town IMO. They also have one of the most impressive selection of wines among the Chinese restaurants in town. BYO is also allowed.

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