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Review for Jade Room Restaurant (Newton)


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18 Oct 2012 • 0 Review • 0 Follower

No difference from those old Marina Bay buffets, except for the air con

Remember those old, outdoor, buffet stalls at Marina Bay?  They were basically about getting the food one wants to eat, from a variety hotdogs, fishballs, beehoon, mushrooms, vegetables and meat, and then cooked it in some generic, bland chicken soup.  Some cooked food were also available, like fried chicken, fried noodles, etc.  One main problem with these places is the hygiene, in which piles of half eaten food or prawn shells stacked high up on the tables, looking unslightly and the trays of raw food will look messed up after some patrons ransacked through them.  Service is almost non existent, since those were self service buffet.So basically, Jade Room Restaurant is exactly like the above mentioned, except that it has air con, making the dining experience more comfortable (and no lizards "decorating" the walls, like in Marina Bay).  And oh, it also has the dessert section, featuring agar agar in various colours (I can make these in minutes, aside from the agar agar setting time, in my own home) and almond jelly mixed with canned cocktail (again, I can make this in minutes).  However, there is no BBQ plate in this place, unlike the ones at Marina Bay.If one like the buffets in Marina Bay a lot, then this is the place to go to.  For me, I'll give this place a miss next time since I'm still haunted by messy raw food trays and how the service staff handed me an unused freshening towel that he picked off from a dirty table that he was clearing!
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