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Review for Janggut Laksa (Queensway)


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26 Aug 2014 • 579 Reviews • 22 Followers

Go to the other one just 10 meters away

To see the writeup between the 2 laksa stalls in Queensway Shopping Centre, please go to

There are 2 stalls selling laksa at Queensway Shopping Centre. Both claim to be related to the famous Katong ones, so we tried both to compare.

The Laksa ($3.50 for small) here was disappointingly lackluster. It was insipid, and the milk had obviously curdled. I needed a lot of sambal to get through it.

The Curry Chicken ($5) was a lot more palatable. Robust and creamy, this had a lovely homecooked taste.

So if you really want to eat here, get the curry chicken instead of the laksa.
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