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蛋白花雕蒸鳕鱼 Steamed Cod Fillet with Chinese Wine and Egg White, dim sum, 金山特色三拼 Jin Shan Special Combination (烧肉,烧鸭,油鸡), 金盅海鮮湯 Seafood Soup Served in Mini Pumpkin, kobe beef, salted fish fried rice, 咸蛋明虾球 Golden Sands Fresh Prawn with Salted Egg, 福建炒面线 Fujian Wheat Vermicelli with Shredded Meat, 鲨鱼骨浸苋菜 Poached “Xian Cai” Served in Cartilage Soup View all
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Great lunch experience

Food/Drink 4| Value 2| Ambience 5| Service 3
Total Reviews: 10

Located at MBA tower 2 lobby, it a beautiful Chinese restaurant served Cantonese, Hunan and Si Chuan cuisine. The restaurant served dim sum and a la carte dishes. I order two dim sum and few la carte. The "Xiao long bao" and prawns dumpling. Xiao Long Bao is filled with hot pipping juicy stock wrapped with think layer of dumpling skin whereas the prawns dumpling is fresh and crunchy. I also ordered Sauteed beef tenderloin cube with black pepper and red white sauce is both aromatic and tasty. Beef texture is tender and juicy. Last I order seafood fried rice. The rice is not oily and diced seafood is fresh. For dessert I order the eight treasure yam pudding - Jin Shan Signature dessert which is perfect to pamper my sweet tooth

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Best food I've ever tasted

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 3
Total Review: 1

It wasn't even cooked by the master chef. And the carrot cake was the best I've ever tasted. I can still taste it. Also there's this dimsum with char siew inside(not sure what it is called). Apparently they make all the sauces and flavoring from scratch, hence very different from other restaurants that uses processed ones.

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There are better restaurant

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 4| Service 1
Total Reviews: 17

Had chosen this restaurant as wifey wanted to go MBS. She was quite excited when she open up the menu and saw that the celeb chef was the one she told me she wanted to have a try. Overall food experience is best to be above average going by the price. The biggest let down was the service staff. They appears like everyone owes them money or owes them a living with their blackest face I ever come across with my dinning experience till date. With the increasing number of good restaurant available in Singapore, they will have to work very hard especially, they are situated in MBS. Sorry pal, I will never come back at least for now

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Extremely disappointing lunch

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 2
Total Reviews: 527

Was itching to try out somewhere new for dim sum instead of the usual favourites thus settled for Jin Shan Restaurant (金山楼) at Marina Bay Sands one late Saturday morning.   Located within the confines of the hotel (not the shopping mall), Jin Shan sat on an elevated platform on the ground floor. Natural sunlight peered through the huge glass panels that lined the side, making for a comfortable and cheery atmosphere. Unfortunately this also meant that some tables were subjected to more sunlight than others.    Abalone Pork Dumpling - We started off with the abalone siew mai, which was a joke, seriously. The siew mai itself was decent without encapsulating too much fatty meat but the abalone had a very raw taste that spoilt the whole dish. Gross.    Jin Shan Signature Rice Rolls - The signature cheong fun was actually a combination of scallop, BBQ pork and deep fried beancurd skin rice rolls. The fillings were decent but the rice rolls were too thick for my liking and lacked the silkiness of good cheong fun.     Steamed Custard Buns - Rich custard oozed out when we broke into the buns but sadly, the custard was just sweet without the saltiness and rough texture of egg yolk which would have made this dish great.   Deep Fried Prawn with Mango - This dish was a little interesting although not exactly in a good way. The prawns and mango bits were    BBQ Combination - I think a good yardstick of any dim sum place is its roasted/BBQ meats (烧腊) and as pretty as our BBQ combination (roasted pork & soya sauce chicken) looked, it didn't quite match up. For starters, even though the roasted pork's skin was crisp, it wasn't evenly roasted (as evident from the different hues of brown on the skin) and a tad overly salty. The soya sauce chicken fared slightly better with tender meat and a spot of sweetness.   Bird's Nest Egg Tart - Flaky but sans the buttery goodness that I would normally associate with tarts. The custard was mildly sweet whilst the strands of birds nest offered a nice gelatin texture to the mix. Decent but no great shakes.    BBQ Pork Puff - One of my favourite dim sum dishes, Jin Shan's rendition of the BBQ pork puff was average at best and nowhere near my personal favourite at Yan Ting. The pastry was too thick and as with the egg tarts, lacked the buttery, oven baked goodness that I personally like. And I could only make out the taste of the pork floss atop as the char siew filling was rather bland.    With a 10% discount, the 4 of us chalked up a bill of about $180, which is quite a bit higher than what I usually pay at Wah Lok. Food quality was average at best and service was definitely below that of a restaurant in a 5 star hotel. Read. Grouchy at times and unhelpful to say the least. The only thing going for the restaurant is its bright, cheery ambience. Will I go back? Definitely not!

See my entire review and pictures here

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Classy Chinese restaurant

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 20

Came here for dinner on a Saturday night. The dishes were good. The pumpkin soup is definitely a must-try. Crispy skin roasted chicken was great too. However, the dishes were a tad saltish for me. The pyramid fried rice was quite disappointing though it was a signature dish.

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