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Review for Joyden Seafood


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Address: #01-11, West Coast Recreation Centre, 12 West Coast Walk, 127157
03 Sep 2013 • 4 Reviews • 0 Follower

Great Seafood!

Was invited to Joyden for a family dinner last Sunday. 1st impression of the restaurant. It is located within this West Coast Recreation Centre and strangely at its car-park level. Nonetheless when we entered the restaurant, it was warm and pleasant with wooden floorings and nice purple chairs.

It was very busy for a Sunday night. From what i could gather, the restaurant was pretty big and could sit around 20+ biggish tables.

Jumping on to the food. Given that my aunt is a regular at this restaurant and it being her birthday, naturally she did the ordering. And wow, did she not disappoint.

The first dish that came was the Cold Dish platter. Now i know what you're great can a Cold Dish get right?? WRONG!! The Cold Dish was fantastic! Firstly it looked great (all of us took our phones out to snap pictures) but more importantly it tasted great! Especially the Hae Zor which we almost ordered a second portion of! 

Next dish that came along was the Crispy Whole Duck (on promo btw till end Sept). We seldom see this dish nowadays or if we do see it, it doesn't taste very good. But over at Joyden, the moment that brought the Duck out, you could smell how fragrant it was. And when the server cut into the duck to pull apart the duck meat...oh my, we couldn't wait to tuck in. Like my cousin's like KFC but much better! haha we could see our neighbouring tables ordering the same thing too.

Cereal Prawns was next. Again, what you think would be a very normal dish found everyone. But wrong again! The cereal was especially crispy and fragrant, just with the right touch of curry powder and sweetness. We were just scrapping the cereal off the plate to top on our rice. Point to note also, the prawns were very fresh and big!

Will just jump to the Crabs as these were the highlight of the dinner. We had 2 types, Creamy Crab and Black Pepper Crab. 1st thing that we noted was their crabs were not particularly big, but still >1kg i think. But the manager was telling us that these mid-sized crabs are best for stir-frying as their meat is relatively firm and can absorb the sauces much better than the large crabs.

The Creamy Crab was cooked with a pumpkin puree based sauce. Sounds strange i know. But sooooooo yummy, with a hint of spicy, saltiness and sweetness. We were all licking our fingers and dunking man-tous into the sauce to soak up liquid.

Black Pepper Crab was quite suprising. The black pepper sauce was glossy (almost reflective) and coated the crabs really well. It was not wet such that it would run down your fingers when holding the crab, but it definitely wasn't dry and crumbly either. Perfect consistency I would say. For those who are used to the big crabs found at the few Branded Seafood Restaurants, you may find the crabs here not substantial enough. But trust me, the meat holds up well to the sauce and remains firm and sweet.

All in all, fantastic seafood elevated to great heights! Will come back for more! Hope it opens more outlets soon!
Must Tries
Black Pepper Crab, Nonya Style Steamed Fish, Cereal prawns, Signature Creamy Crab
Recommended for
After Work, Birthdays, Business Dining, Children/Family, Corporate Events, Dinner, Large Groups, Large Groups/Gathering
Average Spend
$450 for 10 pax
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