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Hoongy !
 • 18 Aug 2014 1871 reviews 257 followers
In today's tough F&B market, any business that survives a couple of years must have done something right. Joyden, located at the car park of West Coast Recreation Centre, has done just that with its celebration of its tenth year anniversary.

At a recent visit, I tried some of their signature items which has allowed them to on top of their game for such a long period of time.

I started out with the Signature Cereal Prawns, dry prawns fried with its shell intact.

Next was the Signature Oyster Sauce Imperial Chicken. The full meaty chicken was tender and the dish can be rather addictive.

An interesting dish to try is the Steamed Lobster with Glutinous Treasure Rice. Here, the young lobsters are cooked with the rice which offers a more wholistic finish with the savory rice flavoured with Chinese pork sausages.

Those coming with grandpa can order the old school yam ring, which comes with either coffee based pork ribs or chili sauce pork ribs for those who loves their food with a bit of kick.

Finally, how can one go to a live seafood place without trying the crab. If you must make a pick , ask for the crab to be fried in bee hoon. Similar to the lobster with rice, the  bee hoon compliments the crab well, cooked in a slightly wet but really tasty broth.

Well, there you have it, some recommendations to try at a place which has been serving quality Chinese fare for the last decade.

Must tries: Lobster with Glutinous Rice

I also recommend this place for:
Children/Family, Dinner
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  • Lobster with Glutinous Rice
  • Oyster Sauce Imperial Chicken
  • Creamy Crab
  • Crab with Bee Hoon

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