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Review for JPOT (VivoCity)


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09 Jan 2014 • 0 Review • 0 Follower

Not bad alternative for steamboat meal

J Pot is kind of a welcome addition to the list of restaurants featuring non buffet style steamboat (buffet types always have really meh items for the spread, plus the lack of general hygiene is off-putting). And the nice thing about this place is that each patron has his very own hot pot, so no compromising with others on the ingredients to be added as compared to sharing.   One of the strong points of this restaurant is the table of condiments for us to mix up one's conoction of special sauce and the addition of the Jumbo's sauce helps a lot to yield a yummy, tasty dipping sauce. Another plus point is the inclusion of scallops in the set menu; a seldom seen item in most set meals. The J Pot Superior is filled with a multitude of savoury, appetite whetting flavours; this is the recommended broth to order. Laksa soup base is very flavourful also, though it is extremely hot. Most importantly, the ingredients are fresh.   The lowlight is the service, ambience and the utensils. The service is very typical of Chinese restaurants; busy with only small hints of forced friendliness and it is hard to get their attention. Ambience is more of functional type which provides a relative vast space for one to enjoy the hot pot, but there seems to be a not-so-pleasant smell hanging in the air, looks to be the effect of pots of soup boiling. The utensils are all of melamine material which kind of cheapens the whole image of the restaurant, though I guess it is to prevent patrons from breaking the expensive porcelain ones.   Despite all the shortfalls, I don't mind going back if there is a craving for steamboat and my wallet wants to take break from the expensive one at Imperial Treasure.   For photos, visit my blog at
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