#02-01, Leisure Court, 1018 East Coast Parkway, 449877
Asian, Korean
+65 64479279

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 23:00

$45 based on 51 submissions
Dinner (13 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (13 votes), Children/Family (11 votes) ...

This Korean barbecue restaurant has spacious dining rooms with pleasant decor. Buffet lunch menus are available and the samgetang (ginseng chicken soup) is a good complement to the barbecue flavours.

What others are eating here

  • the korean bbq 5 votes
  • wagyu beef 3 votes
  • Bibimbap 2 votes
  • all side dishes 2 votes
  • barbecued black pig pork belly 2 votes
  • $49 beef 1 vote
  • Marinade Beef-Rib 1 vote
  • Yangnyum 1 vote
  • jap chae; pork belly; chicken bulgogi; beef sirloin 1 vote
  • pork collar 1 vote
  • saba fish and beef soup 1 vote
  • spicy tofu soup 1 vote

Latest Review for Ju Shin Jung

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Cherie Hearts

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 16

Just back from my taiwan holiday.. and i really miss this little small korean shop that sell very authentic korean food. The food was so nice that i had it 8 days out of my 11 days stay in taiwan. When i was back, i really have craving for korean food so i decided that my birthday treat for my friends will be this restaurant that i always will see and passby along ECP.

On sun afternoon thru a frd i got this restaurant tel no and i called to make reservation, and a korean lady pick up the call and told me can just walk in and no need to make reservation. It is very easy to go cos is at East Coast Park and no problem with parking.

We reach at 420pm and the whole restaurant was empty.. So i thought aiyo must be food not nice cos no customer. At a glance, the restaurant is very big and spacious is good for gathering with frds and family. Not much of a deco, is simple restaurant that you might not feel that you are in a korean restaurant. There was only a waitress, so i thought was korean so i speak in english, but she turn out to be PRC. I dun find her approachable, cos she wasnt very willing to serve us, maybe i asked too much questions cos our 1st time so dunno how big portion and what is nice. I realised there is buffet at 35++ per person, so i thought is good so my frds can eat full full. But she say buffet end at 430pm, so i say can we have that cos no customer she say no. No choice so have to choose ala carte.

We ordered beef at $49, spicy tofu soup at $18, marinated chicken at $22, Pork Collar at $22, spicy kimchi pork at $25, Pork at $22. When the food reached us, we were all very disappointed with the portion. It will not be filling for 4 of us especially all very hungry. We had to order rice at $2 each. Although the side dishes can be topped up, there was only one waitress and she was always busy and not attentive.

I need to comment on the beef, although was the most ex and small portion for 4, is nice (thumbs up). Tender and juicy, cooked at medium well just nice and well marinated. The lady bbq for us so she knows how to control the fire and time so that it will not be overcooked.

The spicy tofu soup is also worth mentioning.. my appetite get better after this soup. Next will be the spicy kimchi pork, taste good and better than those bbq pork. You must eat that with rice. None of the side dish i fancy, i had better ones at elsewhere. We end our meal with a heartshape watermelon and a ginger tea ( we dun like).

The 4 of us make an agreement to patronise this place again and must have buffet. After 4 days later we came back. This time we reached at 730pm and realised wow quite crowded so we get very excited of this place was rather a different feeling as compared days back. This time round much more service staffs and we were very happie to be served by a korean lady and she's so friendly and approachable despite some communication barrier. Buffet we can have about 5 kinds of meat but dun have beef and u can select one food item per person. We select, soba fish (nice), spicy tofu soup, bibimbub n soup. This time we were seated in the middle of the restaurant and realise this place was really big and they even have lots of private rooms for private events and gathering ( good idea). For girls, think dun order pork stripe(3 TIER FAT MEAT), cos really fat and tasteless. We only had one round and full. Pls do not waste food cos they have penalty of $20 per 100g.

In conclusion, the price is rather ex and you won't smell good (as expected). We will come back for ala carte and will only have buffet with guys around. Not really value for money.  Will visit this place but not for the time being.. can try other korean restaurant.

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Authentic Korean experience

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

From the drinks, to the utensils to the food, if you want to experience Korean delicacies, I'd recommend this place. Sure, it's not the 'food stall korean bbq' by the streets, but by Singapore's standards, the spacious air-conditioned restaurant is just nice. It's also a bit on the pricey side, but considering the standard of food, it's worth its value. 

My family of 5 ate there on a Saturday night from around 6pm, we have no reservations but there are plenty of seats, very spacious & comfortably air-conditioned. Total bill was S$381 with all of us snugly full. If you want to fill your stomache, though, this place might not be your best choice, we found out belatedly that one bowl of plain rice cost $2.50. This place is great for family/ friends who just wants to sit back and enjoy the bbq experience. And of course, with plenty of korean alcohol choices. Though I saw a sign stating that they were moving out from East Coast around Feb 2017 if I'm not wrong. Be mindful of that. 

Apart from the dishes we ordered, it also comes with plenty of side dishes and condiments and roasted barley drink. The service was great, the waitress who helped us barbecue the food was fast, efficient and friendly. The meal went smoothly thanks to her. 

Notable dishes would have to be the Anchang (Wagyu) and the Yangnyum (Marinated beef rib). The Wagyu was melt-in-your-mouth succulent, while the Beef Rib packed a spectacular flavor punch. Definitely must-trys. But they are both $53, so we had to content with just one serving. On a side note, if you're a fan of unagi, you've got to try theirs as well. Mmmm. Masisso!

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Service and standards dropped badly.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Ate here and had chronic diarrhoea for 5 days and counting. The service staff was not attentive and sloppy while preparing the food. The standard has dropped dramatically since my last visit. Please be careful while eating here.

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