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Review for Ju Shin Jung (East Coast)


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Address: #02-01, Leisure Court, 1018 East Coast Parkway, 449877
16 Dec 2013 • 5 Reviews • 0 Follower

Basically my 2nd Home

I've been to Ju Shin Jung countless of times, it all began when neighboring restaurant Waraku continuously served us food that was no longer as spectacular as before. One day, Dad said, "What's that huge building over there? Let's check it out." And that day was the day I fell in love with Korean cuisine. Okay story time ends here. I usually come here with the family whenever we're hungry regardless of whatever we crave for. The side dishes are great, especially the mashed potato which reminds me of an ice cream scoop and the spinach. I've come here for years that we've seen the Korean style ikan bilis switch to a fish cake stir fry to pickled radish. We usually order marinated beef and marinated chicken, the extra seasoning is what we prefer over the pure natural beef flavor. It is sweet and savory, goes great with ssamjang (soybean based sauce) and lettuce. My brother sometimes gets so desperate that he bites the remaining meat left on the beef bone! Not only the food is awesome, but the staff are also friendly and attentive. We've made friends with the Chinese female manager (she wears black clothes unlike the others' white) who is able to speak Korean fluently. She also usually gives us a complimentary steamed egg side dish which we always decline but it gets served anyway :) that's how delicious the food is for us to return without fail each time :D The meal is always finished with watermelon hearts, sometimes they're a little stale but others really juicy, and also with ginger tea which my parents always dilute with the given cold water because it's a bit too strong to their liking. Overall it is the best Korean restaurant by far, every time we try out a new Korean place we always say "Ju shin Jing's better!"
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After Work, BBQ, Birthdays, Buffet
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$198 for 4 pax
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