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#01-38D, Blk 106 Clementi St 12 (Sunset Way), 120106
European, Western
+65 +65 6777 2275
+65 6777 2275
$28 based on 7 submissions
Dinner (7 votes), After Work (5 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (5 votes) ...

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Latest Review for Jules Verne

Overall RatingBased on 10 reviews
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Great value with their new promotions !

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

Have been there again with 4 friends of mine last Sunday to find out about their promotions and I must say, it's a great value.

They offer now 9 kind of pasta. We tried out the Arrabiata, Carbonara and Seafood one; all came in large portions and very tasteful, even the Arrabiata have been very hot.... the best - just 9.90 per portion included GST and SC

Next we ordered was my favourite - the Flammkuchen and a pork knuckle. The Flammkuchen nice as always and surprisingly we were offered a free sausage of our choice as there is a current promotion for it.

To the very juicy but crispy pork knuckle we got a glass of beer (some Pils, forgot the name) also free of charge....

All together we just spent below 100.00 for 5 person. It was again a nice and relaxing evening and we really got the feeling for a great value. I hope they keep on with their style and I m sure I will be there soon again.

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Very enjoyable

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

We went to Sunset Way last night and ended up sitting down at Jules Verne. The first thing that struck us was that they were under-staffed: there were only two waiters, which was clearly not enough for a place with so many tables. It took them a while before they were able to take our order. That aside, the service was outstanding. Both waiters were very friendly and efficient.

We were also pleasantly surprised to notice that the place has a quite good selection of Belgian beers (the best beers in the world come from Belgium), so we both had an Orval. We ordered a seafood platter (28$) and a Greek farmer's salad w/ olives and feta cheese (21). These are dishes that are hard to mess up, but still the quality was definitely good. The size of the dishes was good. The seafood was fresh and very nicely fried with good olive oil. The salad was varied, with an excellent vinaigrette which was not overwhelming. Perhaps I would have liked a few more olives, and a bit less onion, but apart from that it was excellent. We asked for some extra bread, which was not on the menu but nevertheless served with some good butter for only 2$ surcharche. We had 3 beers amongst the two of us, and we spent 90$. Not really cheap, but good value.

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Proletariat Setting Bourgeois Pricing

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 68

Unless you are a bourgeois, if not prices (be it high or low on priority) will somehow be a consideration when comes to eating out. I have said this before and I will say this again - I work in a place where food is really bad so hunting for cheap and good lunch around the area is rather essential. Read that there WAS a $14.50 set lunch on hungrygowhere and persuaded some of my colleagues to check Jules Verne out. Ok it's my fault for not checking as the review dated end Aug is obviously obselete and we didn't manage to enjoy the deal.

As it was really a normal, usual, typical workday lunch, I searched the menu for a reasonably priced entree. The prices are really steep for lunch in a non air-con setting along a void deck at sunset way. I was rather interested in the schnitzel but it's under the kid's menu. Very sad indeed. We end up eating the poor men's food, cheapest on the menu - weisswurst ($14), currywurst ($18), bratwurst ($12) and frankfurter ($12).

My weisswurst (bavarian sausages) tasted too delicate for my liking. The German bread that came along with it was warm and crisp on the outside with soft and chewy interior, nice. The currywurst was good with its sauce. Bratwurst smelled good and frankfurter looked ordinary.

I know I should not judge a restaurant based on its sausages but I felt very bad to see my colleague spent $12 on a sausage for he left the potato salad and sauerkraut almost untouched. I tried and found the salad too plain and sauerkraut too mushy. My friend who used to work for a famous coffee chain in her pre-uni-days found the foam on her wiener melange ($3.90) too thin and inconsistent. Lunch was ok for me however I am sure the 2 growing boys will find the portion too small but was too polite to comment.

I know sunset way is supposed to be hip and happening but the pricing of Jules Verne is definitely beyond what I want to pay to eat at the void deck. Though food was fine but we just experienced Germany rather than Europe during our stay at Jules Verne. Conversation during lunch centred around our previous trips to Europe. Our memories were nearer to other parts of Europe than our tummies. With the prices and quality offered, I am not sure a proletariat like me will ever to go round Europe in my 80mins of stay at Jules Verne. What I am sure is I will not be back at Jules Verne in the next 80 days.

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