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Review for Jumbo Seafood (East Coast)


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11 Jul 2014 • 3 Reviews • 0 Follower

Don't expect food quality and good service here

Brought my parents from aboroad to enjoy a great dinner together on a Sunday evening last month, expecting good foods and reasonable service as I usually had good times at Jumbo East coast 5yrs ago...

Now it seems such food quality and service no longer existing here.
The place become too outdated, The staffs are not friendly at all (Specially those staffs who receive orders),  Very very difficult to find a staff to ask service (only a few staffs are working in such a big place??), Many dishes are already cold, Vegies are under cooked, Abalones are not cooked well, The portion of pepper/chili crabs are quite small - nothing much to eat. 
They never replaced the plates with new ones (I did it by myself). Eventually the table become full of rubbishes.
Total chaos.

Spent more than $350+ for 4 adults, to experience such low quality foods and services.

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$350 for 4 pax
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