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K Box (Marina Square)

K Box launched its first outlet in Singapore in August 2002. Since then the company has developed into Singapore's leading and most progressive karaoke entertainment provider within just two years.

Now with twelve specific designed interior outlets using state-of-the-art karaoke systems set in a cozy and trendy ambience, K Box strives to represent the quality and rigour of bringing singing experiences to the whole family.

Today, K Box operates the largest chain of karaoke outlets in the island with its strategically locations throughout Singapore – and have expanded within Asia – China and East Malaysia.

With the success of the newly launch SAFRA Jurong outlet in mid 2009, K Box has raised the benchmark by setting up unparallel standards of service by fusing the notion of design, luxury and technology into karaoke entertainment.

In addition, K Box Entertainment Group has conceptualise "boutique-styled karaoke suites" by conceiving the first outlet of K Suites, located at Iluma in August 2009 and have launched its much anticipated second K Suites located at Orchard Parade Hotel in November 2009.

K Box was the only Karaoke provider who received the prestigious SuperBrands award in 2005, validating K Box commitment to continue our legacy in providing high quality service and a creative interactive entertainment for all patrons.

Our benchmark for excellence is to enrich patrons' lifestyles with "Beyond Singing" experience with the highest level of service, from beginning to end.

K Box outlets are equipped with huge function rooms (such as K Union) that can cater corporate functions, seminars, team bonding, meetings, presentations, and social gatherings. Celebrity events such as press conferences, fan club gatherings and movie previews can also be held in K Box premises. Party rooms are equipped with pool tables, party lights, projectors, open bar, barbecue facilities and each outlet features a unique theme.

Sat: 11:00 - 04:00

Eve of PH: 11:00 - 04:00

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 03:00

Sun: 11:00 - 03:00

+65 65623113

Average, but good selection of songs.

I came here with a couple of girl friends right after the release of our 'A' Level results. Being a karaoke place, the focus here is obviously on the music rather than the food, so there's not much to comment about that. The iced drinks were quite soothing on our sore throats though ;)

The place can be quite mazy especially if you're assigned to Room Number 56 or something, which was what we got, and I had to walk some distance just to reach the room. The air-conditioning was also too cold, and can get almost freezing when you're in there for several hours. I remember spending a lot of time trying to find a warm spot to sit in.

Service was okay, but one of the staff came with the bill even before our time was up, and that dampened our spirits a little. It cost us 15 dollars each for a 3-4 hour session, which I thought was quite alright.

Overall, it's a nice place to come to to listen to friends sing, pick up new songs, and embarrass myself trying to sing =X

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23 Jan 2011 • 239 reviews • 0 follower

Wanna sing and eat?

A good place to sing and eat off your sorrow with K buffet. They provide set meals too during lunch and dinner hours, for a quick sing-a-long with your mates.
18 Aug 2010 • 26 reviews • 2 followers

It is getting expensive

Used to patronize them but now for the price, well to expensice hence not often....but I like the 8 anniversary deal whereby was only $8.....
24 Dec 2009 • 126 reviews • 0 follower


It's getting really expensive to karaoke at the more established chains these days. Went to K Box last Fri with 3 friends. We each paid $39 and we didn't even order alcohol. The staff were ok, but not exactly friendly. I don't think I'm going back... I'll rather go to those smaller karaoke places with lower prices!!
13 Apr 2009 • 10 reviews • 0 follower


It a good ideas to has buffet with karaoke. If you're not good in singing, you can goes for the VIP room with a pool table with it but is a bit expensive
13 Apr 2009 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

K box

Is good idea to has buffer with karaoke. If you're no good in singing, you can goes for the VIP room with a pool table in it but it a bit expensive.