#03-25, Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road, 238863
Asian, Filipino
+65 67380921

Daily: 08:00 - 21:00

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This casual, inexpensive Filipino restaurant is helmed by experienced chefs from the Philippines. You can order from the food laid out at the counter or from the a la carte menu. There are favourites like adobo, hot plate dishes and traditional desserts too.

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Kabayan Filipino Restaurant Seating
Kabayan Filipino Restaurant Seating
Turo Turo Budget Plate
Turo Turo Budget Plate
  • Adobo 1 vote
  • Leche Flan (Caramel Pudding) 1 vote
  • Sinigang 1 vote
  • mixed up pork salad and caramel custard 1 vote
  • ube paste 1 vote
  • yam cake 1 vote

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Authentic, Home Cooked Filipino Comfort Food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 472

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Established in 1994, Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is among the stalwarts of Filipino cuisine in Singapore, having held its own since the beginning. Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is among the best places for Filipino food in Singapore, and the go to place for those yearning for authentic, tasty recipes from home in the Philippines.

Ambience at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is similar to a casual cafeteria / food court, but cleaner and more well ventilated. The interior is spacious, but tables are packed quite closely together to maximise seating. I like that furniture is comfortable and sturdy, and the smell of food doesn't linger in the air. The main drawback for me is the dim, low lighting, which makes the place look darker than it should.

Service at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is self-service, cafeteria style. Diners queue up, order from a menu or the large display case, make payment, collect the order, then collect utensils. Still, the staff at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant are very friendly, and most can understand simple English, so ordering isn't a problem. I like that staff are efficient and quick at clearing tables. Kabayan Filipino Restaurant also boasts a small in-house bakery which produces authentic Filipino desserts from various regions in the Philippines.

Prices at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant are very affordable, considering its location in Orchard Road. A typical budget meal of rice with 2 dishes costs SGD $4.50 + per person, while a short-order meal from the menu costs about SGD $6.50 + per person. Desserts average about SGD $4 each. Portions sizes for meals are sufficient for 1 person, though desserts portions are large enough to be shared by 2 people.

Food at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is prepared according to authentic Filipino recipes, by chefs who have worked in various restaurants in the Philippines. The result is rustic, home cooked style Filipino comfort food that is tasty and delicious, with each mouthful packing delightful flavour. The variety of food options at Kabayan Filipino Restaurant is extensive, drawing inspiration from various street food, and regional food around the Philippines.

The thing about cuisine from the Philippines, is the unashamedly intense taste (sweet, sour, salty) and texture (oily, crispy, tender) of each dish. Known for their bold tasting dishes, Filipino food is neither subtle or balanced, thus, may not appeal to everyone. The best way to consume Filipino food is by pairing dishes, such as sweet and salty, or by pairing with plain white rice.

Tapsilog (SGD $6.50) is the Philippines portmanteau of Tapa, Sinangag, and Itlog (Fried Sunny Side Up Egg), served with a side of Atchara (Pickled Payapa Salad), and fresh cucumbers and tomato slices. The salad, with its sour tangy taste, makes a nice foil to cut through the savoury taste of the meat.

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I do not recommend this place to anyone. Even if you are very hungry and running out of choices. The staff are arrogant and absolutely rude. They dont have an idea of what customer service is, they just want to earn money fast. They crammed so much tables almost side by side to accomodate more people and earn more, but the people cant move anymore and cant even get in or out. Can you imagine hitting elbows with a stranger on other tables while you're eating? That is how KABAYAN FILIPINO RESTAURANT is. 

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Not so tasty as mentioned...

Food/Drink 2 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

Went to Kabayan restaurant last night, and the place wasn't hard at all to find- A turn to the left after stepping off from the escalator on 3rd floor of Lucky Plaza. I was very excited of all the varieties of food served there- about 15 to 20 dishes in all, I estimated. Its like a rice with mixed dishes concept, much like your neighbourhood coffeeshop. I picked about 6 dishes for 2 of us, no rice as I just wanted to taste the different types of food available. It was (let me recall) minced pork head, adobo pork, pork chop, minced pork, some kind of fried rice (i forgot what it's called), eggplant wrapped in omelette, barbequed pork on stick. So yeah, i guess that the main meat for the Filipinos would be pork, cos like 90% of the food there is of pork! Taste wise, I feel that the food has the POTENTIAL to be delicious- if they were served warm, or hot. But no! It was all damp, soggy, cold and reminded me of soggy fries... I didnt like the food there one bit. The pork knuckles was $25 a piece, wanted to try it but too full to do so. But HEY! Dont let my review stop you from heading there! be sure to check out the varieties of desserts they served there. I had 2 leche flan (caramel pudding) for $2 a piece and would have eaten another 100 more if im not too full...!!! Its soooooo yuummy!!!! Must, must try!!! Had the bright purple yam paste too as recommended by some reviewers, but nay, it didnt appeal to my taste buds. So after 20-30 mins there, we left the table with at least 8 plates almost uneaten. =(

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