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Review for Ramen Keisuke Tori King (100AM)


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Address: #03-15, 100AM, 100 Tras Street, 079027
29 Dec 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Service is totally cannot make it!!!!

I went to this place once and i NEVER step in again. First, the food is not to my liking as i think it is too oily and salty! The restaurant is full of oily and smoky smell and your whole shirt will be filled with the unpleasant smell once you step out after eating. The main reason for not recommending this place is the attitude of the staff. I went in to the restaurant with my friend and after ordering our food, my husband called and said that he wanted to join us for dinner. When my husband came, i ask him to come into the restaurant directly and the staff (or maybe boss) suddenly raise his voice at us (loud until ALL the people inside the restaurant raise their head and looked at us) and told us that my husband has to queue in order to come into the restaurant. The staff also said that in fact he has to ask us to leave the restaurant and join in the queue again as we didn't tell him the exact no. of people dining but since we have already ordered our food so he has no choice but to let us dine in and he also warned us that there is no next time. I know we were in the wrong by not cheking with the staff the rules and regulations for eating in their restaurant. But the problem is, there is NO ONE queueing when we went in and when my husband arrived and the restaurant IS NOT full house at all. So in the end, my husband has no choice but to leave the restaurant and "eat" himself (eventhough the restaurant is only 80% full and no one is queueing outside during that time). The staff embrassed us really badly that day. In fact, the staff can tell us in a nicer way but to raise his voice at us and this totally spolit our mood that entire night. Anywhere, a much better ramen restaurant can be found easily in SG. What make the staff thinks that he can insult his customer in such a way. Maybe to the staff, losing one or two customers will not affect the restaurant at all since there are so many people queueing up for their food everyday. So, with much disappointment, i will not patronise this restaurant again and paid to get insulted.
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