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 • 24 Jan 2014 1 review 0 follower
Arrived with a party of 3 at almost 9 in the evening to find the restaurant half empty and no queue outside.  We were seated at a table for 4, so we assumed that with the number of available seats and the lack of a queue, it wouldnt be a problem if a colleague decided to join us.  

When we mentioned this to the staff, the first scowled at us and then starting yelling that this couldnt be arranged ( with a half empty restaurant?)

She then called to someone who must have been the manager, who was (shockingly) even more rude and yelled that if even only one more customer came he would seat that one person at our table ON PURPOSE.  ( at our table of 4? seriously?)

Would understand his annoyance if the place had been full, but for a half empty restaurant I was more than a little suprised at his hostility. No wonder the restaurant is emptying out.  We're hardly short of ramen shops.  This place will not be missed.

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