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Review for Keisuke Tonkotsu King


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09 Jun 2014 • 40 Reviews • 0 Follower

Good, but not fantastic ramen.

The place is pretty much hole-in-the-wall, with its small space and somewhat cramped seating arrangement. The gaps between tables are small, just barely qualifying as "separated' from the adjacent table. The small menu was easy to understand, with only 3 kinds of ramen available; Original, Red Spicy and Black Spicy. The Black Spicy is made from pepper while the Red Spicy's heat comes from red chilli paste. One can choose to customise the kind of noodles (hard/normal/soft), oil level and addition of toppings (Ajitsuke egg/Seaweed/more noodles/more cha shu).

My first kyushu-style ramen taste was from Ajisen, and ever since then, the characteristic thick pork-bone broth (tonkotsu) with its accompanying noodles has become a comfort food.

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$14 for 1 pax
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