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Review for Keisuke Tonkotsu King


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24 Jul 2014 • 388 Reviews • 13 Followers

Good Ramen

Came here for a late lunch so avoid the long queue! Yay!! Saw that they actually provided free barley for customers who are waiting in line to help themselves to, they even left several fans in case it get too hot. That's nice. I ordered: Black Spicy Ramen - the broth was thick and savory. I opted for the noodle as 'normal' texture so that's nice for me. The soup was not spicy at all, just a hint of it. The pork slices were thick and flavourful, but a little tough. I opted for additional flavour egg and it was good, soft & seasoned at the yoke. Free beans sprout - I thought it would be plain boiled bean sprouts but I was surprised to find a small jar of bean sprout goodness left on the table for your own service. Their bean sprouts were boiled and seasoned with sesame, spicy oil and something yummy. I only know I CANNOT stop eating that!! I wanted to whack the free eggs too but was way too full from the free bean sprouts to do so. Will return if in the area, just to whack the bean sprouts again!
Must Tries
Bean Sprouts (free)
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$16 for 1 pax
  • Black Spicy Ramen
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