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Khulfi Bar has closed.

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AsianIndianSouth Indian
Address: 15 Upper Dickson Road, 207475
16 Jan 2009 • 214 Reviews • 70 Followers

North indian ice-cream, anyone?

Khulfi Bar is basically a place that sells Khulfi (North Indian ice-cream), some savoury snacks and ecletic selection of home decorative items. (Read: Table runners, cushion covers, decorative candle holders, etc with rich indian design) Concept is somewhat like Tea Cozy/Ecletic Attic at PS. Housed in a shophouse with a front porch and a gate, flanked by a dental clinic and other what nots, its really not easily identified.

Khulfi is a rich and creamy North Indian dessert (ice-cream) prepared by first boiling milk and leaving it to thicken. The milk is then frozen with saffron flavouring, cardamom seeds and ground pistachio nuts. As such, Khulfi is a dense and frozen piece of dessert, instead of the soft creamy type that we are normally used to.

Menus (designed like Indian wedding cards with tassels) were provided once we sat down on the garden-type of bronze table and chairs with intricate design. There is really a variety of Khulfi with various types of toppings, as well as blends, frizz and lassis. We finally opted for Khulfi Bar Special $7.50, Chocolate Brownie Crunch $8.50, Silver Bollywood Special $12.50 and Ginger, Honey and Calamansi Ice Frizz $5.90.

Due to the cardamom seeds, there is this odd taste in the ice-cream. Not that its any bad, in fact, its rich and dense and goes oh-so-well with the grounded pistachios and almonds. I just have this soft spot for pistachios!!!

It should be just me, my personal taste and preference, where I don't mind eating Khulfi in future but it will not be top of my choice for ice-cream.

The Ice Frizz drink was not bad. Pretty refreshing with a zing from the ginger. Ppl who don't fancy ginger in their drinks, there is the verison without ginger. :)

Generally, if one worries about heavy use of spices, not to worry. It doesn't overpower. Same for the sweetness level, esp for ppl who have tried the other indian sweets. The sweetness level is very acceptable.
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Quiet, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Hidden Find, High Tea
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$40 for 4 pax
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