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Kia Hiang Restaurant (Kim Tian Road)

This restaurant serves Chinese food, with traditional favourites like steamed garoupa, braised sliced abalone and suckling pig taking pride of place on its menu. It also makes seasonal favourites like durian mochi and mooncakes.

Daily: 11:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 62737352
$37 based on 22 submissions
Dinner (10 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (9 votes), Children/Family (8 votes)
grace chan

a poor ending

Our group of d 7 diners were eagerly waiting for what Kia hiang has to offer having heard good reviews from our friends.

It didn't start well,maybe because it was a sunday. Trying to get the attention of the staff was quite a task.

When the food came, it all came almost together. There was just too much food on the table at one time. We would have enjoyed it much better if there were 3 to 4 dishes, followed by more later then have 7 dishes all at one go.

Thankfully, most of the dishes were good. The soup ,softshell crab in oats, fish with greens, sweet sour pork, black pepper beef were good.

The signature claypot chicken was nothing special, the sambal used for the kangkong can be better.

The dessert we were looking forward to was a real disappointment. It was supposed to be honey dew with sago.

What we got was some sago in diluted milk, neither cold nor hot, and not a single piece of honeydew in sight.

That item should be renamed, honeydew sago without honey dew in room temperature diluted milk.

One good thing, the portions were ample. If I should revisit, I will definitely reject the dessert if it again is served like it was.

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  • Guifei beancurd2 votes
  • Abalone Braised with Bean Curd1 vote
  • Black pepper Fried Noodle1 vote
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Based on 22 votes
06 Nov 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Condemned - House of White Worm Rice

My sis heard some positive reviews for Kia Hiang so my decided to go there for her birthday dinner with the family. Since the outlet at International Plaza was closed we went to the outlet at Kim Tian Road on Sat, 5 Nov 2011.

It was a large restaurant that looked old and run down. The air was stale. Staff were sloppy and untidly dressed with messy hair and stained uniforms that looked like they hadn't been washed in a long time. There were only a few miserable table with customers out of a dining room that looked like it could fit over 20-30 tables.

Once we were seated, we noticed all around out table that the bowls, tea cups and plates were chipped and cracked and the soup spoons still had sauce/grease stains in them - gross and disgusting. Asking for fresh cutlery didn't help either so we rinsed our cutlery with the hot tea hoping that the food would make-up for the lack of good hygiene standards. Little did we know what was to come...

As we looked around, we noticed that the customers there were mostly chinese tour groups with the signature basin-like bowl of white rice in the middle of the table for people to help themselves and other diners looked like residents from nearby since they were dressed in slippers and shorts. One lady diner even took off her slippers and ate cross-legged with her feet on the seat -yuck.

We proceeded to order the house specialities 1. Suckling Pig Roast Combination plate, 2. Chilled Jellyfish, 3. Claypot Spring Chicken, 4. Stir Fried Salad Prawns and 5. Stir fried vegetables and 3 bowls of white rice to share.

The first 3 dishes came and looked ok, tasted ordinary and nothing to shout about (had better in hawker centres) but the highlight of the night was the steamed white rice.

As I ran my chopsticks through to loosen my rice, I noticed something grey and looked closer. It was a little white worm as thick as a toothpick and approximately 1-1.5cm in length! The grey tip was where it's little head was!

I exclaimed "There's a worm in my rice!" and everyone at the table froze. We called for the waitress to come over. she took a look, apologised and came back with another bowl which my Bro took instead cos he was hungry. He picked up a chicken drumstick, put it into his bowl of rice with gravy and was about to tuck in when he suddenly yelled "F**k! There's a worm in my rice!".

This time the supervisor came, took the bowl away and didn't return for awhile. My bro was upset with the rice but even more pissed off coz they took his chicken drumstick away which he hadn't had a chance to eat yet.

It was a pity we didn't manage to take pictures of the wormed rice, we were utterly shocked and let them remove the bowls too soon.

At this moment, I was remembering those half empty basins of rice at the other tables. Every table had rice that night. I was wondering how many other diners around us had eaten worms, oh my goodness!

Finally the supervisor returned and apologised saying this had never happened before and she didn't know why it did. She offered to replace another bowl of rice which we rejected immediately since all the white rice probably came from the same pot. Then she offered us fried rice and noodles which we turned down cos we had all lost our appetite. Who knows what other kitchen horrors are lurking around.

We asked the supervisor to cancel the rest of the dishes and send us the bill.

When the bill came, she said we're only going to bill you for the 3 dishes that were served and the rice is free. I asked her if this was the best she could do considering what happened and she returned with a 20% discount. My dad just wanted to get out of that place so he settled the bill and we all left.

Hopefully NEA looks into this and puts a stop to this house of horrors.

21 Jan 2011 • 14 reviews • 2 followers

Only unwitting elderly folks on an outing and silly tour groups patronize this place!

My mom kept telling me about this restaurant's (and this outlet's) days of glory, how she once attended a grand wedding there and how beautiful the whole place used to look, in its unique standalone building.

So, it being near to Grandma's home, we decided to visit Kia Hiang Restaurant for our CNY reunion dinner this year and thus made a reservation.

When we arrived that day, the restaurant was sparsely filled and the lighting gave one the idea that the light bulbs hadn't been changed since they opened for business over a decade ago. There were maybe 20 plus tables or more on the 1st level (I don't know what's upstairs) and only about 4-5 were occupied. There were several other empty tables left uncleared/half-cleared. Generally the place looked like someone stumbled upon an empty place that used to be a restaurant, did some simple cleaning and opened for business without any refurbishments.

My sister and I were the first to arrive, so we ambled in slowly, trying to see if anyone would come and take us to a table but hell no, NOBODY was in sight. We had to walk to the cashier counter at some corner and announce that we made a reservation. Upon mention of the reservation, the lady at the counter went "Table for ten right? No? Eight? ... oh OH! I remember, table for eight!". She pointed to a completely empty (save for the tablecloth) table by the window, "There! You can sit there," while remaining completely rooted where she was standing.

Fine, maybe understaffed, that's why tables weren't cleared and nobody was there to take care of the reservations.

(Now, the next paragraph contains some non-food-related review which some may find rather disgusting/untasteful but still I think it's part of a complete review :p So skip it if you think you don't wanna stomach it.)

I had to go to the washroom, and oh boy! it was TERRIBLE. The toilet stank, the floor was wet, the lighting sufficient but old-ly dim at the same time, and one of the two available cubicles had pee sprinkled all over the toilet seat. I had to go to the other one, which looked much cleaner but still very dubious! The toilet paper was placed on top of a bin, and the bin was placed at the front of the toilet bowl, towards its right. The sink was clean. I walked out immediately.

When I returned to the table where my sister was, there were now plates and bowls. That's all. No chopsticks, no wet tissues, no spoons no nothing else. Just plates and bowls which I believe used to look white but are now grayish. The tablecloth had stains on it. Nobody gave us any menu. I had to go ask for it, from the same cashier counter lady, now seated at a dining table strewn with restaurant paperwork. She conveniently picked up a menu from underneath the paper piles and passed it to me. I had to ask her if there was another before she gave it to me.

So for now, to summarize, we arrived, had to ask for a table despite a reservation, was POINTED (not led) to an empty table with a stained tablecloth, were subsequently given just plates and bowls and no menus.

It didn't take long.

I didn't even bother opening the menu after I got back to the table with them.

I simply sat down, stared at everything for 2 seconds, and went:

"This place makes me lose my appetite completely. Shall we go?"

Immediately my sister agreed, so we made our great escape!

(And we didn't even have an idea where else to eat our reunion dinner, with Grandma on her way with our parents. We just wanted to get out ASAP.)

And imagine... on our way OUT, a staff who was clearing one of the half-cleared tables actually asked us:


08 Aug 2010 • 60 reviews • 2 followers

Typical chinese cuisines

Had a dinner session with 10 people on 7 August 2010 around 1930hrs and below is my review.

Pre-ordered a 10 pax set dinner at $298. The food are as followed. Kia Hiang cold dish combination, Braised sharkfin with crabmeat, Garoupa fillet in 2 way, Crispy skin chicken, Fried prawns with fragant sauce, Beijing dumpings in spicy sauce, Gui Fei beancurd with black mushroom, Chill crabmeat with buns and red bean soup for dessert.

The moment you see this restaurant, it sort of gives you anostalgic feeling as this restaurant is a small building by itself. It has been around since I cannot remember when but at least a decade of history. The interior design was quite typical for a chinese restaurant, I don't remember seeing anything that caught my attention.

Now for the food. First dish, cold dish, this is pretty typical, eggs, jellyfish, duck. Tasted normal. Sharkfin, not to say for this because I haven't had sharkfin so quite sometime and I don't really fancy this because of the method to get the fin. Garoupa fillet was done 2 way, thai sauce and normal oyster sauce. The thai sauce was better but overall dish was just ok too. Crispy skin chicken, yes skin was damn crispy, chicken can never go wrong for me, good. Fried prawns, the sauce was the winner for this dish. Sort of like a black pepper sauce covering the whole prawn. Beijing dumplings, this one like ahh cheap fare man, ok but not presentable for a restaurant I suppose. The beancurd was really smooth, with mushroom, pretty compatible. Chill crabmeat with fried bun was quite tasty after everthing, but the chill was overpowering the whole flavour. Lasty red bean soup, is ok also, normal.

As for the value wise, with service charge, GST, pickles, towels and tea, total cost was 369.58. Was it really worth it?? I am not sure because I really can spend the amount at another favourite place of mine, with better quality of food.

Service for a start, the service crew was quite attentive but when it was around 2030hrs, we were the only one inside the restaurant. No service crews attended to our needs like serving tea or etc. All of them were having their dinner far a side!!!

Bottomline, don't think I will visit this place any sooner.


17 Feb 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

NOT value for money

The food is below average standard and service is POOR. My experience on 13/02/2010 lunch
07 Feb 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst CNY reunion dinner ever!

In general, one should expect restaurant food quality and service standards during CNY and wedding dinners to be slightly off, but Kia Hiang has really set a new standard for terrible service, terrible ambience, terrible value for money and worst of all, the food was putrid. We made the mistake of going there, and just want to make sure nobody else does. 

Let's start off with food. We were advised by the waitress to take their set menus, which ran from $328 for 10 people to $1088 for 10 people - she said that they were better value for money, even though we had wanted to order a-la-carte some zi-char-like dishes as we have not been to the restaurant before. So we ordered a $428 set menu that had lo hei, sharks fin, bbq cold dish, chicken, fish, beancurd, crabmeat, dessert. I would say that this meal was at least $500 over-valued. Yes, even if they paid me to eat it, I would have to factor in drinks for the table to get rid of the excess MSG. 

So they started us with the lo-hei. We had told the lady not to pour the full bowl of oil 3 times, but when she did the pouring, she poured it all in. We asked her to take it back, and she told us she couldn't, and that it was "good fortune" to have more oil. Next, the bbq cold dish came. To put that dish on our plate, the server put her plate down, used the plate to push aside the lo-hei dish that people were still eating, and then set the plate down noisily. We asked for drinks, and it took them half an hour to pour a glass of barley, another half an hour for them to find out for us that they didn't have any coke zero.  Yes, you're right, it's typical zi-char at the hawker stall service standards employed here. Actually, it's worse... I'd serve my dog his food with a bit more finesse than the staff at Kia Hiang. We had refused to pay the service charge, but there was nobody to raise this issue with - they just stared blankly at us, and expected us to move out quickly out of the restaurant. 

The food was terrible.  The BBQ cold dish tasted like rubber, the sharks' fin was nothing but starch, chicken broth, and some pieces of crab meat. The crab-meat dish they had at the end was simply abysmal - some old crab meat they mixed into chilli crab paste and threw some man-tous in them as well. To add insult to injury, we were all quite thirsty after the meal. Either it was because their service of tea was so slow, or it was because we were too busy trying to shout at the top of our voices to hear one another. Or it was because they had too much MSG in their food. Go figure. 

It seems that the restaurant, too, has realised that it is so bad that they have decided to serve predominantly tour groups (patrons only need to eat there once, so who cares). While we were eating there, there were two 80-strong tour groups that ate there with us. We were really silly - next time if we go to a restaurant and see a convoy of tour buses at the entrance, we're cancelling the meal.