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Kia Hiang Restaurant (Kim Tian Road)

This restaurant serves Chinese food, with traditional favourites like steamed garoupa, braised sliced abalone and suckling pig taking pride of place on its menu. It also makes seasonal favourites like durian mochi and mooncakes.

Daily: 11:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

$37 based on 22 submissions
Dinner (10 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (9 votes), Children/Family (8 votes)
grace chan

a poor ending

Our group of d 7 diners were eagerly waiting for what Kia hiang has to offer having heard good reviews from our friends.

It didn't start well,maybe because it was a sunday. Trying to get the attention of the staff was quite a task.

When the food came, it all came almost together. There was just too much food on the table at one time. We would have enjoyed it much better if there were 3 to 4 dishes, followed by more later then have 7 dishes all at one go.

Thankfully, most of the dishes were good. The soup ,softshell crab in oats, fish with greens, sweet sour pork, black pepper beef were good.

The signature claypot chicken was nothing special, the sambal used for the kangkong can be better.

The dessert we were looking forward to was a real disappointment. It was supposed to be honey dew with sago.

What we got was some sago in diluted milk, neither cold nor hot, and not a single piece of honeydew in sight.

That item should be renamed, honeydew sago without honey dew in room temperature diluted milk.

One good thing, the portions were ample. If I should revisit, I will definitely reject the dessert if it again is served like it was.

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06 Nov 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

Condemned - House of White Worm Rice

My sis heard some positive reviews for Kia Hiang so my decided to go there for her birthday dinner with the family. Since the outlet at International Plaza was closed we went to the outlet at Kim Tian Road on Sat, 5 Nov 2011.

It was a large restaurant that looked old and run down. The air was stale.
21 Jan 2011 • 14 reviews • 2 followers

Only unwitting elderly folks on an outing and silly tour groups patronize this place!

My mom kept telling me about this restaurant's (and this outlet's) days of glory, how she once attended a grand wedding there and how beautiful the whole place used to look, in its unique standalone building.

So, it being near to Grandma's home, we decided to visit Kia Hiang Restaurant for our CNY
08 Aug 2010 • 60 reviews • 2 followers

Typical chinese cuisines

Had a dinner session with 10 people on 7 August 2010 around 1930hrs and below is my review.

Pre-ordered a 10 pax set dinner at $298. The food are as followed. Kia Hiang cold dish combination, Braised sharkfin with crabmeat, Garoupa fillet in 2 way, Crispy skin chicken, Fried prawns with fragant
17 Feb 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

NOT value for money

The food is below average standard and service is POOR. My experience on 13/02/2010 lunch
07 Feb 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst CNY reunion dinner ever!

In general, one should expect restaurant food quality and service standards during CNY and wedding dinners to be slightly off, but Kia Hiang has really set a new standard for terrible service, terrible ambience, terrible value for money and worst of all, the food was putrid. We made the mistake of