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Dissapointment for such a branding

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I've been to other Killiney outlets, this outlet was an exteme dissapointment noting the Orchard location. The small crowded space shocked me when I entered the place. The menu prices were unclear, options for items were not listed. No receipts were provided. Thinking that the food will make it worthwhile was another terrible mistake- the quality was not 'Killiney' standard, the service much worse. I ordered Ginger tea, and they gave me tea instead. When reminded, the staff merely passed me some supposedly Ginger liquid stirref from some 3-in-1 similar packet and asked me to add to my tea. Unhappy as I was, I accomodated and tried to add it in- no matter how much I added, it didn't taste a bit like Ginger tea. Extreme bad experience, costly. Left shortly after and saw 'Ah Mei' coffee at Paragon with similar pricing and defintely better menu and ambience. Will not be back at Killiney Lucky Plaza, and definitely not recommend others to visit. Hope Killiney owner will see and improve

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yet another breakfast here

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 131

Setting - rather noisy and dirty at the side of Orchard Rd, in Lucky Plaza. There's construction to raise the road and it's in front of a bus-stop = dirty, dusty, noisy. Very small shop.

Value - good ole Killiney value for breakfast set. Very good. Best so far.

Service - guy gave me the wrong order so I ended up an extra French toast which I had to pay for. Seems to be run by shouting gansters. Rather gruff locals who look like they know what you want but in fact give you the wrong order. Service is pretty fast and they mean business when it comes to selling their food. They get you your order before you have a chance to change your mind.

Food/drink - standard coffee Not as good as the Killiney Rd one. The French toast is nothing. It wasn't hot when it came, it's soft and the eggs used aren't fragrant. Nothing much but a little slice of bread fried in tasteless egg. Comes with a little piece of soft butter and some kaya. Without those 2 condiments, the bread tasted bland and very awful.

The kaya toast was pretty average. No fire feel or taste. Killiney Rd kaya toast is still the best. Very randomly cut bread here, and nothing special at all - unlike the Killiney Rd branch which has great fire taste and uniform toast, which come hot!

The eggs are hot and not really as good as the Killiney Rd ones. Here the eggs don't seem to have any taste, are too soft (even when left for a while) and don't satisfy like the Killiney Rd branch!

Standard of food is very inconsistent - some days it's very good and some days it's bad.

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great kaya toasts and eggs

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 131

We come here for breakfast almost every week.

Standard set costs $3.80. Includes coffee/tea + 2 kaya toasts + 2 eggs

The eggs are standard soft-boiled like all the other kopitiams. But on occassions, it's not very fresh so it doesn't taste as good.

The toasts are standard white bread toasts with a slice of butter and some kaya in each quarter.

The coffee is thick and fragrant. The tea is standard TEA BAG tea.

The shop is VERY small and super cramped. There're people shouting orders all the time - very gangster (ah beng) style. And the people working there look scary, like they gonna beat someone up!

Although this shop is not comparable and not as good as the one on Killiney Road, we still come here because it's convenient and has the standard fare. We've also had good memories at this shop. It's cosy if you like cosy.

Given a choice, we would defnitely choose the Killiney Rd Kopitiam any time, any day.

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Overpriced Substandard Food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 12

This is my first time visiting a Killney Kopitiam outlet, and I ordered the staple breakfast value meal that all Singaporeans are familiar with: Kaya toast set with 2 soft-boiled eggs and coffee. However, I was rather disappointed with the overall dining experience.

Ambience and setting: the small coffeeshop looks clattered with several tables and chairs. You will see several tables and chairs joint up together. Ideal for groups, but not for individual or pairs who wanted some quiet time for themself.

Food and beverage: ordered their Kaya toast set ($3.80) which consists of a coffee/tea, 2 soft boiled eggs and kaya toast. Note that the kaya toast is not your usual wafer thin toasted bread that you will get to eat at Ya Kun or Wang cafe. That is fine with me as it is still common to see kaya toasts serves in two slices of traditional baked bread, rather than slicing it into thin slices and toast them.

The kaya toast was cut into 4 small pieces, and when served, it looks sad and miserable. The bread is only lightly toasted, where the bottom part of the toast is still soft, rather than crunchy. The toast is served with a thick slab of cold butter which goes well with warm toast. However, the amount of kaya spread over the toast is miserable. I could barely taste the kaya, which Killney Kopitiam is famous for. Overall the toast taste very dry without much kaya. The soft-boiled eggs that I've got: one is just nicely done, another is overboiled, where the yolk ends up hard.

The coffee taste very weak and diluted, where I could only taste the condense milk and evaporate milk mixed together. Not much aroma and body from the coffee itself, which is rather disappointing.

Though the service is efficient and staff is polite, the kaya toast set is not to my liking. At a cost of $3.80, I can find other kopitiam outlets that serves better kaya toast set at a more reasonable price.

The experience makes me very unlikely to make a second visit again.


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