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Kilo at Pact

If heading to Kilo at Kampong Bahru is inconvenient for you, head down to its branch at PACT in Orchard Central for an eclectic spread of Italian, Japanese and Vietnamese food.

Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00

Closed from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Brunch is available during weekends only.
+65 68847560
$33 based on 24 submissions
After Work (6 votes), Ala Carte (4 votes), Brunch (3 votes)
Victoria Lim

Angle hair ebiko pasta

Fridays lunch special at Kilo @ Pact is the angle hair ebiko pasta ($23). We liked it for its creaminess which pairs extremely well with the delicate angel hair. Generous with roe and good-sized prawns. This dish was worth the calories.

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08 Aug 2014 • 17 reviews • 1 follower

Angle hair ebiko pasta

Fridays lunch special at Kilo @ Pact is the angle hair ebiko pasta ($23). We liked it for its creaminess which pairs extremely well with the delicate angel hair. Generous with roe and good-sized prawns. This dish was worth the calories.
17 Dec 2013 • 148 reviews • 6 followers

Healthy Vietnamese fusion in the city

For the full review with pictures, see here.   We went to Kilo last night for dinner. The whole place was filled with hippies! There's a side shop that sells well designed clothes/bags/shoes/accessories for the well heed SNAG.    The food was worse than I remembered, perhaps because I don’t like raw fish. Not in sashimi, poke, ceviche, which they are apparently quite good at. So we ordered a side of fried quail’s eggs and chicken skin to go with. It was delicious, especially with their sriracha mayo.   We also had a sushi roll (containing prawn tempura, avocado, cream cheese, shredded carrots) - this is kind of large, even for 2 people.  Their pho was nice but not super authentic – but then Kilo’s thing is fusion food. They’ve also got banh mi, which we haven’t tried. Banh mi makes me think of noodles, when it’s actually a sandwich.   It's a good alternative if you're in Orchard Central and don't know where to go, but there is limited seating!
28 Nov 2013 • 71 reviews • 1 follower

Fusion Dinner

Impromptu dinner with buddy on one of the weekdays. We decided to have dinner at Orchard Central shopping mall which is walking distance from Somerset MRT station. Kilo & Pact was my choice that night as I was attracted with their unique combination of food, hair salon & fashion retail shop. We went there after 7.30pm and most of the seats are taken. So the only option we have is the seats at the bar and seats facing the view of the orchard streets. We of course choose the seats that facing the orchard streets. I love looking through the glass seeing the cars moving and people walking down the streets. The foods are fushion combination of Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. The dishes are quite modern which takes on the traditional of both cuisine. We had Baked Salmon @S$28.00 & Balsamic Duck @S$29.00.

22 Nov 2013 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

Forgettable Meal @ Kilo at PACT on 21.11.2013

See my full reviews & photos at =

a quick post. 3 of us had dinner after movie at kilo at pact on 21.11.2013. 

nothing much to be said about this place. its a place i would not go & would not go back. that’s just me & my choices. nothing wrong with the place. guess it is kind of hip. kilo is co-located with a boutique fashion? retail shop & a salon. no idea what is “pact” in the name? food i guess is jap-western?

3 of us were watching Thor The Dark World (2013) 4.30pm show at orchard cineleisure taking advantage of the S$4 ticket for “senior citizens”. well, i for one much preferred watching the late evening show using maybank 1 for 1. as i told my friend, it cost S$9.70 (S$2.40+S$1.40+S$1.40+S$4.50) to park at cineleisure & S$1 to get into cbd at 4pm+. completely made no sense to me but i figured my friend is thrilled by the thought of paying S$4 as senior citizen, not the $ (whether tickets or parking but just the thought) – i am shaking my head – & so be it! 

the belly pork don was pretty good & tasty actually. it was very small portion – 1 friend said “jiak boy pa” (not filling) – & cost S$17++=S$20nett. 

the belly pork was soft, just slightly sinewy (not the texture i like) unlike the smooth texture of dongporou or kongbakpao. the braising sauce which was also drizzled over the rice was slightly sweet (japanese style) & made it quite tasty. so it was good actually but a “nothing” kind of meal for me, like a foodcourt dish but good tasting & cost S$20. not something i would try myself & certainly not go back. however the place maybe hip or cool & people may like it. cannot tell.

21 Oct 2013 • 43 reviews • 20 followers

Better than average fusion food with beautiful deco

For VeganAsh's full review and pictures, please click here!

The first time you walk into the minimalist concrete space of KILO at PACT will feel like you’ve stumbled onto one of the best-kept secrets along Orchard Road – this outpost of Kilo restaurant over by the Kallang River is housed within the super-chic multi-concept store PACT, discreetly tucked away in a corner of Orchard Central. The abundant streams of natural light and the simple, tasteful décor dramatized with cacti make for a beautiful lunch experience. The Japanese-Vietnamese-Western menu includes sandwiches, salads, sushi rolls, pasta, rice bowls and sharing plates. Quinoa-Fig Salad

Fresh figs, juicy pomegranate seeds and cherry tomatoes create the simple, pleasantly sweet flavours that dominate in the Quinoa-Fig Salad, accompanied with crunchy quinoa, roasted walnuts and fresh rocket leaves, and drizzled with a pomegranate dressing. The serving is rather small so make sure to get something else if you’re hungry. Vegans should also note that cheese might be added to the salad although it’s not stated as an ingredient on the menu, so caution the waiter before placing your order. ($19) Rice Bowl with Tofu and Roasted Vegetables

Quality ingredients combined with attention to detail made this simple rice bowl a satisfying meal. Sticky Niigata rice was topped with freshly roasted asparagus and zucchini, sweet and juicy yellow and red peppers, sugar snap peas, salted sweet corn, cherry tomatoes topped with a savoury quinoa sauce, marinated tofu steaks, and – my favourite of all – lovely alfafa sprouts infused with a light wasabi flavour. It would have been perfect save for the slightly excessive amount of soy sauce that came with the bed of rice. ($17) Conclusion: The vegan fusion food options here are better than average, but it’s the ambience and the beautiful setting that will keep me coming back.

For VeganAsh's full review and pictures, please click here!