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Kimchi Korean Restaurant

Asian, Korean


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Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

$18 based on 28 reviews
At Kimchi Korean Restaurant, we serve authentic Korean cuisine, prepared by 100% Korean Chefs in exquisite style amidst comfortable settings at very affordable prices. Besides serving the healthy, ‘everyday’ Korean fare, you can also indulge in the freshest BBQ meat items and our special homemade sauces. See what foodies like this place for
howinston • 07 Apr 201488 reviews 0 followers

I visited Suntec City recently and came across this new Korean restaurant. They are located near Din Tai Fung Restaurant.
 I ordered my usual dishes to gauge their food quality.
 Here's my verdict:
 - Kimchi Soup: This was my favorite dish. Unlike watery ones you find at most restaurants, the soup was 'thick' and chockful of kimchi, straw mushrooms. Delicious!
 - Wagyu Beef Short Rib: beef was well marinated and served on a hot...

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Kimchi Soup
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The HGW community like this place for...

  • Birthdays8 votes
  • After Work7 votes
  • Ala Carte6 votes
  • Anniversary5 votes
  • Dinner5 votes
  • BBQ4 votes
  • Boys Night Out4 votes
  • Lunch4 votes
  • Large Groups/Gathering3 votes
  • Relaxed3 votes


  • Kimchi Pancake6 votes
  • Kimchi Soup6 votes
  • Wagyu Beef Short Rib5 votes
  • Andong Chicken3 votes
  • Ging Seng Chicken3 votes
  • Seafood Rice in Claypot3 votes


  • Assortment of ice creamAssortment of ice cream
  • Korean Glass NoodlesKorean Glass Noodles
  • Beef Short RibBeef Short Rib
  • Assortment of side dishes - Kimchi and sardinesAssortment of side dishes - Kimchi and sardines
  • BibimbapBibimbap
  • Jab ChaeJab Chae
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What others are saying...

howinston • Monday at 3:10pm88 reviews 0 followers

I have been to this restaurant several times and this has allowed me to try dishes from across the menu. My coming back here several times is also testament that the restaurant serves food that has quality and most importantly, pocket-friendly.
On my recent visit, I had the following dishes that are worth mentioning:
- Beef Short Rib: This is the best dish for the meal. the beef is well marinated and was yummy! Order it!
- Assortment of...

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Marc Tan • 12 Sep 20141 reviews 0 followers

The kimchi noodle has improved since the change from the instant noodle to the Korean noodle. The chili that comes with the fried mandu is very appetizing

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Karanrai • 16 Aug 20142 reviews 0 followers

I have visited suntec city on my holiday. I see kimchi Korean restaurant looks so nice clean and hygiene. when I go through the menu the staff explaining nicely and greeting warmly..i ordered wagyu beef short rib, seafood pancake,kimchi soup,jap che,marinated pork collar,ginseng chicken soup... the meat was really fresh and soft I have been so many times in other Korean restaurants I haven't see the meat was fresh like this its really superb. both the meat comes with different...

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