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Kimchi Korean Restaurant

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At Kimchi Korean Restaurant, we serve authentic Korean cuisine, prepared by 100% Korean Chefs in exquisite style amidst comfortable settings at very affordable prices. Besides serving the healthy, ‘everyday’ Korean fare, you can also indulge in the freshest BBQ meat items and our special homemade sauces.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

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New Korean Find at Suntec!

I visited Suntec City recently and came across this new Korean restaurant. They are located near Din Tai Fung Restaurant. I ordered my usual dishes to gauge their food quality. Here's my verdict: - Kimchi Soup: This was my favorite dish. Unlike watery ones you find at most restaurants, the soup was 'thick' and chockful of kimchi, straw mushrooms. Delicious! - Wagyu Beef Short Rib: beef was well marinated and served on a hot plate. Good! - Seafood Pancake: instead of the huge portions that you are usually served, it was cut into nice bite sized pieces and nicely presented on a long plate with fresh salad vegetables. - Seafood rice in claypot: This was a unique dish that you don't get anywhere else. Oysters, prawns and other seafood places atop rice in a Claypot bowl, you can stir in soya sauce and enjoy, much like 'bibibamp' without the Korean sauce. Not heavy and refreshing. Nice. I will be back again when I need to get my fix for Korean food!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Kimchi Soup7 votes
  • Kimchi Pancake6 votes
  • Wagyu Beef Short Rib6 votes
  • Andong Chicken4 votes
  • Ging Seng Chicken3 votes
  • Seafood Rice in Claypot3 votes
  • Chicken Dolsot2 votes
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 34 votes
Seafood Pancake
27 Jan 2015 • 31 reviews • 0 follower


For the complete review and photos, click here ( Tired and hungry on a Sunday evening, this place's not one of our must-go list, but having sampled their food by authentic Korean chefs (who looked very much like K-pop stars on their own) at the Korean Food Fair 2014, an event held by the Korean Government held at Ngee Ann City Orchard, plus there is no queue, we thought, hey, why not? The left of the entrance is actually like a mini-mart that sells vegetables and Korean snacks. Very interesting, but definirely not cheap. The seating area is big, with quite a few tables catered for BBQ. As we wanted to just eat and go, we quickly wrote down our orders and passed the slip to the waiter. We waited for quite awhile for the food to arrive. I noticed this on the other table as well. Nonetheless, we tucked into our foods wholeheartedly. We ordered: Seafood Pancake
Beef Dolsot Bap
Pork Dolsot Bap
Kimchi Ramen Overall, the rice portion looks really small, but we learnt to finish the food before we judge. There's alot of meat, hence that amount of rice is actually more than enough. After the bowlful of egg and cabbage soup, it's really filling! The Beef Dolsot Bap is probably the most fragrant among all the three variants we tried. The Pork Dolsot Bap is too spicy, which led to the poor waiter keep coming over to refill my cup of water, and I couldn't enjoy the pork's taste. I hate situations like this, because I end up having to eat just so that I do not waste. Surprisingly, the Andong Chicken Dolsot Bap, which is one more level spicier than the Pork, seemed to be milder. Oh well, I am not one who can take spicy food well, so maybe I shouldn't have been so adventurous... For the complete review and photos, click here (
18 Jan 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Quick Service. Good Food.

We were seated in quickly. The service was prompt and the menu was nicely sorted. Food was good and fresh.
28 Dec 2014 • 65 reviews • 0 follower

Decent korean food at affordable prices

Full review with pics at

Tried Kimchi Korean Restaurant twice. I still remember the first time we went, it was quite a big group of us and they were really crowded, so even though we made a reservation, the 6pm slots were full so we could only take the 7.30pm slot. Nonetheless, the second time was better, not much crowd and we could get seats once we reached. The whole interior of Kimchi Korean Restaurant is spacious and brightly lit. Beside the communal dining area, they have a few private rooms available for the privacy’s of big group gatherings
 3 appetizers are served together with the meal. They are complimentary and free flow and the varieties changes every time. But the standard kind of varies every time too.
 Seafood Dolsot Bap: Generous serving of salmon, scallop, mussels, prawns, squids topped with a sunny side up served in a hot stone pot. The downside of this dish is that the seafood are a little dry and overcook, otherwise, with more sauce and juicer seafood, it should be a pretty good dish. But one thing i like about this dish is that, it was served hot! There are a few places even though it in a hot stone pot, but the food was only warm.
 Kimchi Ramen: A very common and simple yet sensational noodle soup. The soup base tingles your taste buds with its spicy-ness. Abundance of ingredients including golden mushroom, potato noodles, kimchi, cabbage, etc found in this spicy and lil sourish pot of noddle soup. A total comfort food for the stomach on a cold rainy day.
 Marinated Waygu Beef: One word ‘AWESOME’, so fresh, so tender that it literally melts in your mouth. You really have to try this if you’re a beef lover!
 All in all, you should really try out their BBQ, it wont disappoint you!
Kimchi stew, Ginseng porridge, Short ribs
07 Dec 2014 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

Good korean place in suntec

One of our favourite places to eat in Suntec. Good korean food but portions might be a little small for guys... We love the kimchi, kimchi stew, ramyeon, beanpaste seafood stew, ginseng chicken porridge.. Sadly banchan are non refillable...
27 Oct 2014 • 242 reviews • 46 followers

Cheap and good Korean food

For full review, visit

Kimchi is a brand new Korean restaurant offering authentic flavors along with regional favourites from Busan and Andong. It's guaranteed authentic because Executive Chef Choi Minchul and his all-Korean team of chefs are behind the delicious creations. 

Do not expect free side dishes at Kimchi because the cute boss Hayden doesn't want to hide the cost in the price of your meal. The portions are also healthier sized and more affordable than the usual Korean restaurants.   The Andong Jjimdak ($15) was a satisfying hot pot of braised boneless chicken thighs marinated in Korean light soy sauce. This dish is inspired by Chef Choi’s own family recipe. Be careful not to inhale any of the sauce! The fresh green chilli pepper called cheongyang gochu (청양고추) has a ghost chili kinda silent burn that will get to you if you're not careful. The dish also had a nice smoky sesame oil taste as well. Diners can also enjoy this unique dish in the form of a chicken dolsot bap or as a marinated option for Korean barbeque. Must order!

The Kimchi Soup ($9.80) was prepared as a jigae instead of a guk which is a thicker broth with a rich, deep flavour. Stir-fried with pork, the kimchi is left to simmer and enrich the accompanying broth. The spicy concoction is very addictive and reminded me of the one i had in Korea. 
For a lighter and healthier option, i highly recommend the Ginseng Chicken Juk ($12). Chef Choi prepares chicken stock the day before and selects premium Korean ginseng and Chinese herbs such as dang gui, kamcho (Korean licorice), and red dates to simmer with Korean rice. I love how there is a light sweetness from the dates. S promised to buy this for me every time i fall sick. Yay! Super comfort food i must say. 
  Kimchi also offers Korean barbeque where built-in electric grills allow diners to grill their food without smelling of smoke. Choose from a selection of premium meats which include the delicious Wagyu short ribs [$29 non-marinated; $29.50 marinated. I'm definitely coming back for this.