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King's Laksa Steamboat is nestled within a row of shop houses in a tranquil enclave in Serangoon far away from the hectic environment. It is air-conditioned with nice and cozy ambience which makes it the best place to enjoy a relaxing "All You Can Eat Steamboat!"


The All You Can Eat Steamboat - Dinner at $23.80 and Lunch at $18.80 includes unlimited serving of over 80 steamboat ingredients, 2 different soup base from 4 different varieties which include its Signature Laksa Broth, Chicken, Herbal or Seafood Soup. The level of spiciness for the Laksa broth can be adjusted to suit individuals' desire.   


In addition, it comes with popular local side dishes like Achar, Jelly Fish, and freshly fried items which includes hot favourites like its succulent Crispee Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Bean Curd with Sweet & Sour Chilli Sauce and best of all, not forgetting the ever popular dessert - Mango Pudding  


We are open daily from 11am to 11pm, come and look for us! 



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King's Laksa Steamboat Signage
King's Laksa Steamboat Signage
Chicken Soup And Laksa
Chicken Soup And Laksa
King's Laksa Steamboat
King's Laksa Steamboat
  • Fried chicken 5 votes
  • Laksa Soup 5 votes
  • fresh chicken 1 vote
  • golden bun 1 vote
  • herbal soup 1 vote
  • samosa 1 vote
  • slivered pig's ear 1 vote

Latest Review for King's Laksa Steamboat

Overall RatingBased on 20 reviews
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kings laksa ( fresh ingredients )

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I went for dinner on good friday with my friend and it was really packed . Despite the crowd , the workers were all very efficient in taking our orders and served our food and drinks swiftly.
 I personally love their herbal soup base !! It is not too rich , it is sweet and it is also good for health^^. Their fried food item is a must have on every table, especially their golden buns , chicken wings and samosa. The food all came piping hot which pleased me.
 Their meat was also fresh especially the chicken ,i could tell it was fresh chicken as it is not rubbery and dry when cooked liked frozen ones so i was really happy because i don"t eat much meat.i was very impressed with the attitude of the manager as i accidentally dropped my plate of chicken wings and cutlery, she was not unhappy at all and told me with a smile that she will clear up for me and get me a new plate, she did not give any airs or anything.
Their seafood was also quite fresh, they even have flower crabs even though it is not big. 
Overall , i would reccommend this place as the ingredients they use are fresh and of certain quality unlike other steamboat shops. On top of this , the attitude of workers and ambience of the shop is good , totally air conditioned!
however if you don"t eat much meat like me , you might find this not as worth as compared to people who eat alot of meat during a buffet . But after all , this is a steamboat buffet. They really prove themselves with the 80 over ingredients to choose from . ( etc yong tau foo, fried food , seafood , meat and vegetables.) This is way better then seoul garden i must say....give it a try !

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downright BAD service

Total Review: 1

there is this rude PRC old woman. at 10pm sharp keep coming to our table and said that they are closing at 11pm sharp. once is fine cause i understand that they need to close shop buy she said like 5 times! is she chasing us off an hour earlier? i got so pissed off that i wan to leave, she didnt even apologise, instead she jz carry on showing me a black face.

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Not Fresh

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 14

Went there for steamboat dinner. Had chicken and herbal as soup base. The fish meat doesn't taste like fish and sotong ball was not fresh and had a sour smell and taste even after cooking for quite some time. Same goes for the mushrooms with stuffings, tau pok with stuffings, golden shower mushrooms, quail eggs and pig kidneys, all were not fresh and tasted like they are going to rot soon. Fried chicken was probably the freshest thing there. They had mango pudding that is still acceptable.

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