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Kinki Restaurant & Bar


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Kinki Restaurant & Bar has a traditional Japanese cuisine given a modern twist with sexy to edgy floor mural by tattoo artist Chris Garver.

Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:30

Mon - Fri: 18:00 - 22:30

Sat - PH: 18:00 - 22:30

Closed: Sun

+65 65333471
$95 based on 34 submissions
View/Scenery (12 votes), Dinner (11 votes), Waterfront (8 votes)
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Great view, awesome quality food with vodka.

The Entertainer Party was held at Kinki Rooftop Bar at Collyer Quay, a very funky and cool bar with a gorgeous view overlooking the Marina Bay. I know it has the perfect view for fireworks and aircraft formation performances because the folks from NDP were having a rehearsal that day and we were stoked to have the front-row seats to witness these! This means only one thing: this is the place to hang out for NDP this year!   0   We were greeted with a charming service staff which presented the spicy mayo salmon served in mini lemon flavored cones to us. Brownie points to the wonderfully creative presentation and double that for the creamy consistent texture of these canapes.   0   The baked vine cherry tomato tartlets were picturesque, shiny with a glaze of balsamic sauce. Nesting the entire tartlet into your mouth will result in exhilaration when the juicy cherry tomatoes burst. An interesting swirl of sweet and savoury in a single pop. Had to take a picture but I wanted to throw this into my mouth already! First world dilemmas, eh?   0   The sous vide marinated scallops lined with thick unagi sauce was wrapped in fresh ohba leaves, formed a delightful little combination which was flavourful and indulging with the fat scallops. This looked the least appetizing, but ended up being the hot favourite of the night.

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  • tai carpaccio3 votes
  • foie gras + scallop nigiri2 votes
  • pomegranate marinated miso cod2 votes
  • Nippon Chi Chi1 vote
  • buta sushi1 vote
  • grill eel1 vote
  • grilled beef1 vote
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10 Jan 2015 • 158 reviews • 6 followers

Not recommended

I called to make reservation for 3 at Kinki. And over the phone, I was informed of the 2 seating timings. 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Knowing that 6.30pm would be very tight since they mentioned we have to leave by 8.30pm, we settled for the later slot.

Not being a CBD person, trying to find my way to the restaurant through the maze-like underpass from Raffles Place MRT was no easy feat. Oops. Find the exit that leads to OUB Tower. The building (Custom House) which houses Kinki is just round the corner.

And from the menu (pages 1234), we ordered:-

1) Foie gras & scallop sushi, $24 – Pan seared foie gras, Hokkaido scallop. This was highly raved by many, but somehow, it failed to impress me. It was like a soft-textured foie gras against a soft-textured scallop. I did not like this. I would preferred to have the foie gras and scallop separately.

2) Prawn & spicy tuna maki, $25 – Prawn tempura, spicy tuna. And as I picked up a piece with my chopsticks, I first noticed how these were sliced unevenly (some pieces were thick, while some were too thin) before I further observed what looked like to be the shell of the prawn still intact. Thus, I was looking forward to the ‘crunch’. Unfortunately, there wasn’t. Just an average maki roll.

3) Akagai sushi, $14 – Written on a board (and hung on a column) as ‘special’, we decided to try and ordered 3 pieces. And we were pleasantly surprised to see it served in 2 ways. However, this failed, especially the one with cucumber. The cucumber was sliced so thick (and hard) that when we picked it up with our chopsticks, the rice within the cucumber just fell out.

4) Chikodai sashimi, $52 – Asking for recommendation, the staff proposed this. And indeed, this was fresh and crunchy.

5) Pomegranate miso black cod, $34 – Grilled black cod marinated in Kinki pomegranate-honey miso, fried ginger, leek, rock chives. This was okie, although I felt it was kinda miserable that the ‘slab’ of cod was a little thin for proper enjoyment.

6) Beef teriyaki, $32 – Grilled U.S. prime ribeye, homemade soy reduction.

Due to the (silly) 3000 characters limit, continue to read my review on other dishes here: PART2

Although we were told patrons from the first seating have to return the table by 8.30pm, I noticed they were not too strict with it. I guess they were being flexible since the tables were not required.

Would I think of coming over if I am having craving for Japanese cuisine or if I am even in the area? No. Food wise, Kinki seemed to be serving non-traditional dishes from the many creations on their menu. But from the few we had, their creations did not impress. Thus, I rather bring my business elsewhere.

Heard there’s an open-air bar on the 3rd storey (since my ex-colleagues went up for a smoke). Thus, one may be interested to head to their bar and order some of their dishes as finger food instead.

PS : I am a blogger too! Lifestyle blogFood Blog   
The management of Kinki Restaurant & Bar responded to this review:
19 Jan 2015
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate our active community and will seek to continually improve and impress our clientele.
10 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Over-priced and under-whelming

Food isn't bad, service isn't simply doesn't justify the prices charged which I guess is why it isn't full in a Friday night....the specialities why especially unde-whelming especially the miso-cod 
27 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

daylight robbery and lousy service

The food took 1 hour to arrive when here were obviously no other customers.  The Japanese okonomiya was a tiny slab of morsel at sgd 28 +++. It is daylight robbery. 

Go there only for the view during happy hours.  Don't bother ordering any bar snack.

Music was old school and too darn loud. You can't hear your drinking pals.