#08-01/02/03, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, 238896
Asian, Japanese
+65 67361216

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

$40 based on 103 submissions
Buffet (25 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (20 votes), Children/Family (15 votes) ...

The much talked about Japanese buffet restaurant in Orchard Central offers a whopping spread of more than 200 items, including sashimi, Sri Lankan blue swimmer crabs, ribeye steak, grilled salmon belly, teppanyaki, tempura, sukiyaki, shabu shabu and a good choice of desserts.

What others are eating here

The guy on the right, thanks to you, I lost my appetite.
The guy on the right, thanks to you, I lost my appetite.
  • salmon belly sashimi 9 votes
  • Chawamushi 5 votes
  • Teppanyaki 5 votes
  • ice cream 4 votes
  • Sukiyaki 3 votes
  • chocolate fondue 3 votes
  • Cold Crab 2 votes
  • green tea ice cream 2 votes
  • jap omelette 2 votes
  • tofu cheese cake 2 votes
  • Drinks 1 vote
  • Japanese pizza 1 vote
  • Kebabs 1 vote
  • Pasta 1 vote
  • Pasta Wafu 1 vote
  • Sushi 1 vote
  • Tempura 1 vote
  • black curry 1 vote
  • curry rice 1 vote
  • egg roll 1 vote
  • grilled rib-eye 1 vote
  • lobsters 1 vote
  • mixed vegetables 1 vote
  • salads and waffle with icecream! 1 vote
  • salmon sashimi 1 vote
  • soba 1 vote
  • udon soup 1 vote
  • yuzu tea ice cream 1 vote

Latest Review for Kiseki

Overall RatingBased on 67 reviews
Most helpful review:

Kiseki Restaurant, Japanese buffet with a punch.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 21

We braved though one of the heaviest rain in orchard for it (Thank god there wasnt any flood)

It was really a case of jacks place or kiseki but once we walked through the selection there was no looking back. Counter staff was courteous and friendly, we managed to get seat within 15mins on a saturday evening which was fairly decent considering that this is a buffet.

Buffet prices are always rising and it is harder to find decent buffet with decent prices, if you could spend $40 for a international buffet why would you settle for just a single country crusine? and in this case just japanese food?

Well Kiseki tells you why

Buffet reviews are a pain in the a**.. Firstly you have more than 50 selections of food, and most of time you will be starving before heading down. So in between juggling my camera, eating and shaky hands due to hunger i will allow this post to be more of a eye candy rather than lengthy taste discussion.

My absolute favourite, swordfish.. Salmon and tako are just too common in buffets that they kind of lost that exclusive food touch.

There is actually different kind of way to cook the dishes here, either grilled or teppanyaki style. The grill sotong was good and tasty, with a hint of charred bbq taste.

Garlic rice was prepared on the spot and placed in a cooker. Avoid if rice has been in the cooker for sometime as it tend to dry up, try to keep note when the chef is frying it on the teppanyaki grill. Get it fresh or dont get it at all .

On the spot prepared pasta, didnt really had much as try to stay away from heavy stuff like this and rice.

Rice was kinda filling and lack the punch though, sad to say as am a califonia roll fan :(

Somehow i kinda missed a few plates, like the chicken chop and other dishes due to eating and forgetting to take pictures. (my apologies for the incomplete review)

After depleting the cold crab, they brought this killer out.. Lobster! Value is a definite here, throw in helpful and effective service stuff who clear your plates constantly. It made this meal a truly pleasant experience.

Complete review and pictures do visit

Thank you very much, have a great meal ahead.

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Worse than pasar malam food

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience 1 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

The fact that i created an account to review shows how much a disappointment Kiseki is. 

If you are reading this, please save your money and stomach space. Even seoul garden will leave you a happier man than kiseki. 

To start with a few:
1. The plates are for ants. Even plates for mains are just slightly bigger than my palms combined. It doesnt help that there are no plates at several counters.

2. The salmons are not properly cleaned. I have to eat in fear as there is a 30% chance of biting on bones.

3. The squid tastes like a worn out tire with a hint of sour bbq sauce.

4. The vegetable palate is mere lukewarm beansprouts.

5. All the fried food are stale and amazingly cold.

6. Do not expect much from the desserts too. The limited variety forces you to try and confirm that it tastes just as bad as its presentation.

The list of disappointment is inexhaustible which i will not continue. However, as Edmen Tan said, your best bet is the beverage sachets offered. NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN.

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jap buffet

Total Reviews: 160

this japanese buffet at orchard central is one of the most talked about japanese buffet around. and now when you talk about buffet you want to have sashimi that is refilled regularly as well as a good chawanmushi. other than that there needs to be a free flow of tempura

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