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 • 28 Jun 2014 31 reviews 0 follower
Kko Kko Na Ra is one of the very first restaurant in Singapore to serve Korean Fried Chicken and has been maintaining their high quality ever since they opened in 2008, we can say this because we have been eating there for years.

Kimchi KongNaMul - Good balance of sour and spicy, everything was dumped inside including rice, egg, kimchi, bean sprout, scallion etc, hearty meal indeed.

Ddeok Ra Myun - As simple as it may looked, the noodle and the rice cake were cooked to al-dente perfection, and the soup was well-seasoned with red paste on top of the noodle seasoning, it was another hearty meal.  

Mae Woon Ma Neul Gan Jang - From time to time, we like to rotate the flavor of the fried chicken we order, this time we chose Spicy Garlic Soy Sauced Chicken. And as usual, the chicken always fried to a nice crispy outer layer but still keeping the moist of the meat, the seasoning was always just nice.

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Must tries: chicken combo

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