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Back to Kko Kko Nara#01-01, 57 Tras Street
 • 04 Jul 2014 1 review 0 follower
Expensive place for Korean food. They only served 2 side dishes which normally Korean restaurants will serve at least 4-6 types. Chicken combo taste good but it is too expensive for the portion (sgd25 for about 6-7 wings - they chopped it into few pieces to make it look "big"). The sgd12 ramen only has spring onions, carrot strip, egg and a few strips of mushroom. Lastly, a can of Woongjin rice juice cost us SGD4 !! I will not go back again.

I spent $24 per person.

I added 2 photos
  • SGD12 ramen
  • SGD25 chicken combo
  • SGD12 ramen
  • SGD25 chicken combo

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