328-332 Serangoon Road, 218113
Asian, Indian, South Indian, Vegetarian
+65 62994464

Mon - Sun: 08:00 - 23:30

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Komala's Restaurant serves traditional Indian dishes.

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Onion Masala Dosai
Onion Masala Dosai
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Butter Nann
Komalas Restaurant
Komalas Restaurant

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Cheap, quick South indian and "chindian" food

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 7

Don't let the term fast food fool you, although the meals are quick they are authentic south indian meals. Komalas is always cheap and has amazing variety of food, I can never decide what to get. But the Serangoon road outlet is definitely the place for their chindian food, especially their noodles.

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Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Review: 1

An average restaurant in the locality. Dont like to visit again after a visit. Horrible chutney which I never tasted in my life

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Pathetically poor service

Service 1
Total Review: 1

A horrible service summed it up. The staff are clueless. When I visited no one was at the cashier to receive any orders. I waited for 5 minutes, still no one! How can people be so ignorant and stupid like that? What if someone attack their cashier and just walk out because no one is caring? The manager was an unfit and lazy guy with a moderately ballooned belly who just couldn't care. I told him I needed to order something. Then he asked me to be there at the cashier to place order. Ok, I did what he instructed. Tick tok Tick tok, no one was at the cashier. Then I and my family were so disappointed, we just walked out that horribly pathetic restaurant.

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Extremely lousy service & bad attitude

Total Reviews: 2

We visited the Thomson Plaza outlet/stall today and ordered 2 plain dosas (firstly the plain dosa price is not mentioned in the menu there but we did not bother). They usually serve 3 chutneys with the dosa (green, white and a red one which is tomato chutney) . We found that the tomato chutney was spoilt and the dosa was giving foul smell of oil (probably reused oil!). When I went and pointed this out to the guy at the stall he simply refused that the chutney was spoilt. When asked for more white chutney, his response was ' we are closed now' (it was 8:50 PM and I could see that there was lot of white chutney still available).
Prior to this, we have faced a similar experience at the Serangoon road outlet but we ignored it as a one off case but this seems to be a regular affair with this chain.
This third grade food, service and to top it, an arrogant attitude is going to keep us away from Komalas forever.

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