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Asian, Fusion, Japanese
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Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

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Located at the Keppel Club, Kome Japanese Dining not only offers a great ambience for diners, but also an authentic gastronomical experience when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Our Signature Dishes are our Shabu Shabu (Japanese Style Buffet) and our Fresh Lobster Sashimi. Our Master Chef,Albert is the renowned, well-loved chef with over 30 years of experience in top Japanese Restaurant in Singapore. “I firmly believe in providing the best quality for our customers. At Kome, you can be rest assured of a memorable dining experience.” Omakase, private party, corporate functions, delivery are also available upon request. Call us at 62730118 for more enquiries.

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only green label are entitled for deal.com.sg
only green label is entitled for deal.com.sg
only green label is entitled for deal.com.sg
Grill Seasonal Fish
Grill Seasonal Fish
Grill Salmon Belly
Grill Salmon Belly
Shabu Shabu
Shabu Shabu
foie gras
foie gras
  • mixed sashimi 5 votes
  • shabu shabu course 4 votes
  • Deep fried oysters 2 votes
  • chawanmushi and definitely the sashimi! 2 votes
  • chuka lidako 2 votes
  • soft shell crab 2 votes
  • yakiniku beef 2 votes
  • Foie Gras 1 vote
  • Sashimi Moriawase 1 vote
  • Shabu Shabu 1 vote
  • Teriyaki Cod Fish 1 vote
  • Yellow Tail Cheek 1 vote

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Kome Japanese Dining @ The Keppel Club

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 168

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Upscale and intimate, complete with a perfect Zen ambience. This is what struck me upon entering Kome Japanese Dining. Since taking over the dining outlet some time back, the jovial and spirited Mr Bobby Kok set about a motion of transformation of Kome that has seen a birth of a new philosophy, one that would see quality Japanese cuisine minus the cut-throat price point.

No Japanese restaurant can do without this quintessential menu item – Sashimi Moriawase. A motley crew of the usual suspects of Salmon, Maguro, Yellowtail, Yellowtail Belly, Bluefin Tuna and Scallop, all forming a harmonious gathering of maritime spoils on a platter. The Bluefin Tuna gave an exceptionally springy bite that initially seemed to be resisting your teeth before yielding and unleashing a breath of the ocean that satisfies the palate.

The Yellow Tail Cheek was one of my hands down favourite for the night. Featuring a nicely grilled skin, the innards were piping hot while the fish meat gave the other dishes a run for their money with a pleasantly firm yet tender bite, especially at the neck area. Upon bite, one could feel the substantiality of the flesh as it provided a mildly firm yet tender texture. The savoury sweetness that underlies is not one to miss.

The Teriyaki Cod Fish is probably one of crowd favourites at Kome. Lusciously coated with a golden brown coloured teriyaki sauce that is oh-so fragrant, the heavily drenched fish wasn’t soggy at all, in fact it still boast a robust bite. At the same time, the Cod Fish played host to a satisfying amount of well-loved fish fats backed up by a very sweet and tasty accompaniment.

Kome’s rendition was no stranger to a perfectly seared duck liver that was not only crisp charred on the outside but also superbly soft to the bite, a dish that is worth splurging on. It was decadently fatty with a very aromatic fragrance that blankets the entire palate, to sign it off; the juice that flowed was utterly and sexily yummy.

Chock full of ingredients, Kome’s Shabu Shabu was a very unique hotpot of surprise. The broth was smooth flowing and healthily light with a very mind-blowing and addictive taste to it, plus with the absence of MSG, the appetite can have as much as it fancies without the repercussions of a dried out throat.  With an extended cooking to allow the broth to seep into the ingredients, the blend of dimensions makes this one of Kome’s standout home speciality. The beef was of top- grade while the Alaskan Crab, only available as a separate ala- carte order boasted succulent crustacean meat that left many of us craving for more. 

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misleading false deal

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

I purchased 4 voucher for the advertised buffet from deals.com.sg as stated on the voucher reservation has to be made 2 days in advance. I started calling the number given all to be answered by either busy tone or cut off. when gotten through, I will be told that all dinner slots are taken and only lunch time is available. the restaurant only relented after I told then that I've been hounding them since 1 month back and the expiration of the voucher is drawing near. the location was inaccessible and totally impossible to walk in. I was anticipating a busy dinner crowd but the whole place is astonishingly empty with only 25% of the tables occupied. even so, service was tardy and staff were impatient. though promised a wide array of sashimi and free flow of soft drinks, these were denied from us. when queried, the waitress simply waved us off and told us the conditions has CHANGED. unapologetic. JUST LIKE THAT. chawanmushi was horrendously plain, tasteless and extremely runny unlike the normal texture achievable even at home. meat was fresh however, for 4 adults, the portion served each round was miserable. tea top up has to be asked for and reluctantly done. soup as well. to basically sum things up, it's very disappointing to schedule countless times for the dinner just to be told off on all the highlights of the deal. if you are not sincere in satisfying your customers, the least you can do will be to steer clear from false advertising.

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Misleading Deal.com.sg advertisement, and overpriced

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 56

I agree with what an earlier reviewer, Mark&Jacq,wrote.

My vouchers were bought during Kome's advertisement run at Deal.com.sg in May (see http://www.deal.com.sg/deals/singapore/immediate-redemption-only-2990-all-you-can-eat-tantalizing-japanese-buffet-kome), after I had read the reviews here praising the restaurant.

However, it turned out to be an utter disappointment.

Of the sashimi offered, we were told that we could only order salmon sashimi. Only poor cuts of salmon sashimi were served to us, and it tasted only moderately fresh. Shabu shabu was given to us whether we liked it or not, and it did not even come with proper shabu shabu dipping sauce. You do not get gindara (cod) teriyaki; the replacement they offered was dory, a cheap fish. They will not serve you hotate in the form of whole scallops, but chuka hotate (shredded pickled scallops). You will not get the full range of sushi either, but only the salmon sushi and cheaper varieties. The shishamo was room temperature, limp and soggy like it came out from the microwave five minutes ago.

When asked about these exclusions, the chef Albert Tay insisted in a rude manner that they were stated on the website. But you can see from the link that not all of them are, and further, the "exclusions" are listed under the section "Highlights". It is not stated anywhere on the webpage and the Deal.com.sg voucher that certain foods are excluded from the buffet.

It was a miserable affair, and my mother was equally miserable. Only my father and I had wanted the buffet. My mother saw their menu on their website and did not mind having a chicken bento. But when we arrived, the chef Albert Tay said in a curt tone that everyone must have the buffet. It was only when we reasoned that my mother does not even eat raw fish, that grudgingly said "ok ok, I trust you" and let us in. Nonetheless, the gindara terikayi bento that my mother ordered looked amateur and unappetizing.

The ambience was not that bad, but most of Kome's waitstaff had sour faces and attitudes.

In summary, buyers beware - the Deal.com.sg offer is misleading and deceptive. You do not get what is advertised, and what you do get is heavily overpriced.

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