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Explore the multi-cultural flavours of Singapore at Kopi Tiam, undoubtedly the perfect place for locals and tourists. Savour specialties such as Crispy Prawn Fritters and Rojak or all-time favourites like the Fish Head Curry and Laksa, which continue to delight those craving for Singapore’s signature dishes.

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Teh Tarik (not the actual size)

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Premium Singapore Cuisine

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 348

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Kopi Tiam Singapore Restaurant in Swissotel The Stamford is a perfect place to savour Singapore cuisine in air-conditioned comfort and settings. Popular Singapore dishes such as Fried Carrot Cake, Laksa, Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak are readily available using premium ingredients to boost up the flavour of the food.

Kicking off this tasting session was Rojak ($16) and Satay ($16). The ingredients such as pineapple, cucumber, you tiao (fried dough) and water spinach in the rojak are fresh and contributed different flavours to the dish. The chilli is on the mild side which was good for me, it provide a subtle kick to the delicious fermented prawn paste that coated the ingredients. Satay was tender and succulent. It is well seasoned, with a hint of charred aroma. I personally like the mutton and beef, which was absent of any gamey taste. The peanut sauce was a bit too diluted for my liking, so I just ate the satay without it.

Wok Fried Beef with Shaoxing Wine and Soya Sauce ($22). One of my favourite dish of the night. Together with Beef Rendang ($20).The wok fried beef was done to perfection. Using good quality New Zealand beef, it was just succulent with light seasoning of soya sauce and aromatic wine. Definitely a good companion with my rice. For the Beef Rendang, the gravy was thick, rich and aromatic. The beef was done just right, succulent, melts in your mouth but still retain a good bite to it.

Fish Head Curry ($55), one of dishes that made popular in Singapore. The version here is more towards the Indian Curry Fish Head. Submerge in the spicy curry sauce with a little sour twist to the taste, it just scream eat me! The fish are fresh and the spiciness level was just right for me. Definitely comparable to those famous Curry Fish Head restaurant. Together with the beef rendang, both dishes are the rice thief for the night.

While the dishes above hit my sweet spot, their Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee and Fried Oyster Omelette was rather forgettable.

Come to desserts, the Pisang Goreng ($9) with Teh Tarik ($6) will definitely get my pick here. Two medium size banana, coated with light and crispy batter just provide a nice ending to the meal. A bit of twist on the traditional recipe, they added maple syrup to it and vanilla ice cream on the side. The Teh Tarik is just heaven. The portion of the sugar, milk and tea are just perfect for me. It is about 4/10 on my sweetness rating, and the tea is pretty solid.

Overall, I need to acknowledge Kopi Tiam's efforts in trying to show Singapore dishes in a more premium standard. Using a premium ingredients and applying them to our beloved Singaporean dishes. This is a great place to bring your foreign guests to try out the different Singaporean food without sweating in a hawker center.

Thank you very much to HungryGoWhere and Swissotel The Stamford Team for the tasting invitation.

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Local Food Galore

Food/Drink 4| Ambience 3
Total Reviews: 2143

Kopi Tiam offers a casual air condition setting for those looking to have good hawker fare without having to sweat it out.

One can find a large variety of local hawker fare, such as satay, hokkien mee, laksa, oyster omelette, just to name a few. The food was generally good, but the items that really stood out were the curries

Must try is the fish head curry, savory and thick paste, a good balance between the spicy and watery Chinese version verses the very thick Indian version. The meat also had a nice firm bite.

Also on my must try list is the mutton curry - once again another thick flavourful curry with juicy tender meat.

Finally for dessert, I have to go with the local goreng pisang. It was done really well here, with a sweet bananas under a slight crisp. Add some vanilla ice cream to it and you have a treat.

Well there you have it, now you know where to go for good local fare without having to sweat out buckets. 

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business dining

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 283

Kopi Tiam offers a convenient place to enjoy local Singapore hawker style food in a comfortable air-conditioned environment. Its location is within the Raffles City shopping mall at Level 2 and one could take a break from all the shopping to enjoy a cup of teh tarik here. Having had the opportunity to try its 'pulled tea' (teh tarik), I must say that it was good. Strong, smooth and not too sweet.

For food, expect local fares such as chicken rice, laksa, fried carrot cake, oyster omelette, braised hokkien mee etc. Tried the satay and rojak and these two dishes were good. However, its price is similar to hotel dining prices. Expect to pay from $8++ onwards for desserts and $16++ onwards for appetiser and $20++ onwards for a main course.

Sharing dishes such as fish head curry (@$55++) are served with steamed rice and pappadum. The curry is rich with coconut milk and not too spicy. Would recommend the wok-fried beef that was incredibly tender, and the beef rendang for its fragrant sauce.

For desserts, one could get ice-kachang, bubur cha cha, yam paste with gingko nuts or the fried banana fritters with maple syrup and ice-cream.

For more pictures, click on this link.

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Local Singaporean Classics, Made Premium

Food/Drink 4| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 4
Total Reviews: 461

Full Kopi Tiam (Swissotel) review here:

For over 22 years, Kopi Tiam (Swissotel) has been serving up premium renditions of classic, local Singaporean dishes, in a smart casual setting. Popular favourites such as Carrot Cake and Laksa feature on the extensive menu, and while quality and taste is pretty good, high prices may be a barrier for the everyman / common people to dine at Kopi Tiam (Swissotel). On a bigger perspective though, the concept offered by Kopi Tiam (Swissotel) is 1 possible solution to saving / curating our local Singapore food heritage. By making local dishes premium (higher quality ingredients, bigger portions, better presentation), it ensures hawkers can have a better livelihood (more profits), in turn ensuring the continuing legacy of Singaporean food!

Ambience at Kopi Tiam (Swissotel) is a mix of modern and traditional coffee shops. Sturdy, casual wooden furniture in bright colours of orange and green hues line the spacious interior, which is lit by warm, ambient lighting and bright spotlights. Black-and-white posters of traditional Singaporean coffee shop items adorn the walls, while (rather gaudy) touches of Singaporean decor (flags, utensils, mugs, Tiger beer boxes) scream "This is Singapore!".

Service at Kopi Tiam (Swissotel) is professional and courteous, similar to restaurant quality service. Staff are quick to greet and seat you, and when asked, are able to make recommendations from the menu, as well as provide basic descriptions of dishes. I like that they enquired about dietary restrictions before they made the recommendations.

Food at Kopi Tiam (Swissotel) consists of premium versions of traditional Singaporean favourites, presented in local rustic style. In general, there are 2 kinds of Singaporean dishes, the 1st category are those dishes which can be improved by having premium, higher quality ingredients, the 2nd category are dishes which can be improved by having more skill / ability / experience in cooking. At Kopi Tiam (Swissotel), the 1st category fares much better, dishes made from spice pastes (laksa, rendang, rojak) are much tastier, and because the ingredients are fresher / higher quality, the dish truely shines. However, the 2nd category (requires skill) tends to fall flat (hokkien mee, carrot cake), lacking wok hei / breath of the wok. Just isn't as tasty as those you get from hawkers who have been frying that 1 dish for over 20 years.

The rich, lemak, savoury spicy soup / broth of the Signature Kopi Tiam Laksa (SGD $20) makes this dish a standout! Thick rice noodles, along with generous garnishings of fish cake slices, shredded chicken, fresh deshelled prawns, cucumber, bean sprouts, quail eggs, and tau pok / tofu puffs complete this yummy dish. Dunk some sambal belacan chili paste into it for more flavour. Now if only you could choose to add cockles!

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