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Kopi Tiam

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Explore the multi-cultural flavours of Singapore at Kopi Tiam, undoubtedly the perfect place for locals and tourists. Savour specialties such as Crispy Prawn Fritters and Rojak or all-time favourites like the Fish Head Curry and Laksa, which continue to delight those craving for Singapore’s signature dishes.
Mon- Fri: 0730 - 1030
Sat, Sun & PH: 0730 - 1100

Mon - Fr
$32 based on 13 submissions
Dinner (6 votes), Lunch (6 votes), Children/Family (5 votes)
Ooi Azlan


One of the best restaurants in Singapore with excellent service! Would recommend anyone who loves local food.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • laksa2 votes
  • Chicken Rice1 vote
  • Chicken curry & laksa1 vote
  • Fish Head / Sliced Bee Hoon1 vote
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice1 vote
  • Laska1 vote
  • Satay1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 13 votes
02 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


One of the best restaurants in Singapore with excellent service! Would recommend anyone who loves local food.
30 Sep 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

noisy place and bad ambience

The place is very noisy like a market place. The restaurant save on noise absorbent material in their interior design. Definitely not a place for business lunch. Feels like a cheap outlet, not a restaurant. Embarrassing to bring your guests.
19 Dec 2013 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

The most Authentic Peranakan Cuisine you can get

For that price i will expect a very good quality of food. so, it did deliver on some of the food that i ordered.
12 Nov 2013 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

Only if there's no other restaurant available and you've got the Far card with 50% discount

See the full review at

Kopi Tiam is Swissotel's coffee house catering to its tourist arrivals by serving up a taste of local cuisine.The food here is far from authentic, and prices exorbitant, but oddly enough, the diners here at Kopi Tiam were a good mix of locals and tourists. That said, the view here is pretty, and every table boasts a city view of the traffic whizzing by. I suppose that's what you're really paying for. 

 We had:

1) Fish Head Curry ($55): seriously the most expensive one I've ever had, and if not for the Far Card which offers a 50% discount for 2 diners, would have been a total ripoff. Even at the discounted $25, I still didn't think it was particularly worthwhile. The humongous fish was thankfully, fresh, but the heat of the curry has, evidently, been catered for the western tastebuds. Coming from a moderate chilli-eater, I thought this needed 3-5 whole chilli padis, seeds and all, to be appropriately, and authentically, spicy.

2) Stir-fried Sambal Kangkong ($15): slightly less insipid, but I still had to ask for an additional saucer of sambal belachan to dunk into this

3) Claypot Pork Belly & Salted Fish ($18): a promotional dish touted by many an invited tasting blogger who didn't do an incognito revisit, was mediocre at best. It reminded me of the many after-school lunches cooked up by our ambivalent-about-cooking maids, especially that vapid, watery oyster-soy sauce.
17 Jun 2010 • 147 reviews • 21 followers

$15.50++ Laska Better Be Good

The truth was – this was not my first choice for the selection of restaurants under the Feed At Raffles promotion. Fourth in fact. Who won’t be, as Kopi Tiam had a reputation of serving ordinary hawker food at extraordinary prices.

With Hainanese Chicken Rice at $17++, Popiah at $7++ per roll, Nasi Lemak at $15++, Chilli Crab at $55++ per serving and Teh Tarik at $6++, this was no ordinary coffee shop.

The Laksa ($15.50++) had been Kopi Tiam’s all-time favourite signature dish. It was not hard to imagine why. The big bowl came with huge prawns, chunks of fish cake, fleshy taupok swimming in oily thick ‘lemak’ gravy. The mouth-watering gravy would make you forget the need to control your cholesterol intake. Did I mentioned I guilityly finished every bit?

Perhaps we had enough of eating diluted-gravy, ingredient-lacking and chopstick-deficient laska, the version at Kopitiam was a treasure find. Then again, it better be since it cost 5 times more than my coffeeshop laksa!

Contrastingly, the Chicken Curry was disappointing. The gorgeous-looking gravy was marred by thick and dry dry dry chicken pieces were hard to swallow. The ‘lao hong’ papadum that came along with the rice lost its crisp, obviously left out for too long.

The Braised Pork Kong Bak with Deep Fried Buns, a usual funeral dish for me, was a saving grace. The tender salty meat wrapped within the fluffy buns was satisfying, especially when fatty oil spilled out inadvertently.

The best part of this meat was really the service. The waiter treated the customers like old-time friends. I commented to my friend about the unusual piped music. And he went, “Yes, Shi Xin Hui, not very popular one.”

I came only because a friend had a Feed At Raffles Card. Now, would you pay that much for your daily hawker fare? This may be a suitable place to bring a friend from overseas who does not want to brave the heat. Kopi Tiam has some hits and misses – so know what to order. Other, go to the real kopitiam loh.

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