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Review for Korean Cuisine - Food Republic VivoCity


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09 Jul 2009 • 39 Reviews • 14 Followers


this shall be a 2-in-1 review, meaning I've eaten here before a couple of time & am combining 2 reviews into one.

once,'ve tried the bowl of rice(don't really remember the name), not the stone one. it was ok & cost $6. I didn't know it was chili & added the sauce into the rice. It's quite filling.

the other time, I tried the bibimbap too but with the stone bowl. Both were not bad, but I felt the price is too steep for food court food. Besides, there're plenty of other choices in ViVo City & the neighboring Harbourfront Center.
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Cheap Eat/Budget, Lunch, Dinner, Healthy Eating, Children/Family, Vibrant/Noisy
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$6 for 1 pax
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