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 • 07 Mar 2014 311 reviews 53 followers
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Master chef Yanase Ryo of Kotobuki is dedicated to ensuring that only ingredients of the finest quality are served in his restaurants, by a team of well-trained staff. And while I certainly commend the fantastic service of Kotobuki, I feel that I didn't really get enough value for money.

Ambience at Kotobuki is styled after a casual Japanese home, with themes of wood and dark muted colours, contrasted by bright, warm lighting. Furniture is functional and comfortable, and tableware and serving plates are well designed.

The service at Kotobuki is among their high points; staff are professional, polite and courteous, quietly assisting to clear empty plates and top up drinks. However, I find their menu knowledge to be decent at best, having only a surface knowledge of menu items.

Food at Kotobuki is decent, with taste being above average because of the use of quality ingredients. However, I find prices at Kotobuki to be expensive, with a meal for 2 costing well over SGD $100, and we mostly had side dishes / appetizers. Kotobuki won't be my choice for Japanese food, as I can get similar quality at more competitive prices elsewhere.

I spent $52 per person.

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  • Sake Gekkeikan Kyo No Izumi
  • Shimeji Butter
  • Unagi Maki

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