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KPO - nice place to chill

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 617

I have always been curious about this rooftop bar / lounge that shares the building with Killiney SingPost branch - KPO Cafe Bar.    Interestingly, its name, "KPO", does not stand for the Hokkien version of being nosey ("kaypoh") nor does it stand for "Killiney Post Office" - it is actually the initials for its location, being situated at the intersection between Killiney Road, Penang Road and Orchard Road.   So, this little cafe bar boosts of a totally chilled ambience - unpretentious, relaxing and simply-decorated. I always try to snag a seat on level 2 - the rooftop bar that looks more classic and romantic. The music may be a little loud though, but for the patrons, it was probably what we needed exactly - something to lose ourselves in. The DJs are pretty good. It provides the ideal place for friends to gather for drinks and bites,or colleagues to unwind after a long day's work.   That night, Sylvia* and I decided to chill out there, and we were fortunate enough to get a seat at the rooftop balcony that I preferred. Outside here, music was not as loud, and we could chat over drinks, food and a cosy alfresco ambience.   Besides my Mapu Cabernet Sauvignon and her Somersby Apple Cider, we shared a variety of snacks.   First there was a Wasabi Prawns - tasted like they were stir-fried? Succulent and bouncy in texture, basked in the tantalizing flavors of spicy-wasabi - this is a must have for prawn lovers. They made for the perfect snacks as each prawn was shelled and bite-sized.    The Pork Cubes -coated lightly with flour / biscuits, fried to a perfect crispiness. The overall texture is crispy, firm, but not hard. The taste was a light saltiness that sat well on the tongues, and I loved the bite-sized cubes as well,  so easy to eat.   For more detailed information and photos, please drop by:

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would you go to a bar for food? Yes I would

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 6

Even though its a Cafe bar, KPO is designed and functioned like a bar but it is one of the most awesome hangout place in the region. Great music, awesome food, I repeat awesome food, and relatively affordable drinls (Heineken Pine 1 for 1 for DBS) I love the Nasi Lemak Ball (the main reason for most of my visit) but the pork ribs is awesome. It really cant be compared, its not typical bbq sauced Pork Ribs but its sweet and savoury. Definitely will order it when I'm back. The food are served by the chef which is rather unique. The chicken wing is also a must try! Definitely perfect dining and chill out place! 

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Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

KPO was one of the first bar/restaurants I visited since my move to Singapore. It seemed to my NYC-taste liking: good crowd, lots of cocktails, decent food.

I've been back a few times for one, due to its convenience in locale and two, simply because it has the atmosphere I am always looking for: slightly upscale and can have the girls gather for after-work drinks and laughs. That being said, after my almost weekly visit last week: I'm just over it.

Slightly upscale, boy was I wrong. Other than the BMW's parked out front, the service is more like a Ford Pinto (for the Americans who know what I'm talking about here). On the menu for wine they advertise Sauvingon Blanc's and Cabernet Sauvingnon's. Once arrived and sipped, we thought "this wine tastes funny" only to find out we were served Chardonnay's and Merlot's instead (not even on their menu). Yuck, bad wine. And the waiter didn't mention this? Enter manager Mark. Who then proceeded to examine our wine glasses and actually said out loud, "well you drank it." WOW. Not even a "sorry" or "how about another drink on me" or even a freakin' discount?! It's called customer service KPO, and lesson #1: most of your customers are repeat customers. And we will never be coming back.

Overall, the ambience/setting/food/beverage isn't worth the service with an attitude.

Cheers to girl's nights somewhere else!

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Nice decor, Mediocre Food, Atricious Service

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 3

I've been to this place four times, always on Sunday afternoons when I wanted an all-day breakfast. And each time the service has been poor, but the past few times it's been atrocious.I like the ambiance and décor with the big windows, high ceilings and comfortable sofas but the food and service really need to improve.

Last Sunday my friend and I went in there around 3 pm and upon entering, the guy at the door just looked up and stared at us without saying a word. I asked for a table and he silently walked us to the seats and walked away. There didn't seem to be any other waitstaff around and the place was pretty empty, with only a couple of other tables occupied. He left us with one menu even though there were two of us and I had to ask for another, which he then went in search of.

Two waitresses eventually emerged from the back and one took our order sullenly. When my coffee arrived I asked for sweetener instead of sugar and she promtly said "we don have", which I realised has been their standard reply for anything you ask that they don't feel like looking for.

I'd ordered their big breakfast and when the meal arrived, I asked for some jam to go with the toast. She again replied "we don have", which I knew was not true as they have served it before in previous visits, you just have to be persistent. Sure enough, when I asked another waitress again for jam, it magically appeared. Getting their attention was hard even though the place was almost completely empty, they were always either at the back or talking at the bar and avoiding looking around.

The food itself was so-so. The bacon was very greasy and soggy, and it smelled like it'd been cooked in very-reused oil, which seems to be a perpetual problem at this place. The eggs which I'd ordered over-easy were instead well-done and the hash browns was bland and again, soggy. The toast was cold and seemed to have hardly been toasted at all. At least the sausages and coffee were decent.

My friend ordered the Caesar Salad, which was similarly mediocre. The sauce tasted as watery as it looked and the portion was small.

Midway through the meal, the waitress came over and asked me for my credit card, which she said was needed "in case you order something else..." I didn't see the logic in that but I just gave her my card and she handed me a little dog tag of some sort, but didn't say a word about what it was for.

When we were ready to leave, I had to get up from my seat to go search for a waitress who then sullenly handed me the bill and credit card slip. The mysterious dog tag was never asked for and we left it on the table.

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

One of my favourite hangout spots. The place itself looks like a greenhouse, except that it is housing people and not plants. I particularly like the concept of transforming a 2 storey post office into a restaurant bar. Also, it faces the main road which makes it convenient to hail a cab after a session of drinks. There is valet service within their tiny carpark as well if you happen to drive. More than often packed with office ladies and businessmen during weekdays. Thus, considerably difficult to get a table so I would advise reservation if you were to pop by esp on Friday nights.

Beers being very affordable on weekends - S$40 per bucket of 6 Asahi. However, I usually go there for the food - never miss out on the 3 egg omelette and sausage platter. Ceasar salad is a must try as well but I personally feel that it might be better if there is an option to add on smoked salmon.When you place your card behind the bar, it comes with a number tag so it makes it easier for them to trace. Music is awesome but a tad too loud when indoors.

I would say KPO is a good place to chill, gossip and drink till your heart's content.


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