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Kuishin Bo is a Japanese buffet restaurant with a difference, this lively dining destination offers not only a wide spread of the usual Japanese dishes but also has daily special food surprises so that regular diners can always try something new.

What others are eating here

black pepper beef cubes
black pepper beef cubes
hairy crabs
hairy crabs
  • salmon sashimi 2 votes
  • Alaskan King crab 1 vote
  • EVERY SINGLE THING!!! 1 vote
  • Hokkaido soft serve ice cream 1 vote
  • Sashimi 1 vote
  • Snow crabs 1 vote
  • black pepper beef cubes 1 vote
  • curry vegetable 1 vote
  • salmon sashimi & dobin mushi. 1 vote

Latest Review for Kuishin Bo

Overall RatingBased on 22 reviews
Most helpful review:

Lunch Favourite!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 46

Kushinbo has the 1-hour express lunch promotion at $21.90++. Comparing to Sakae Sushi or Ichiban Sushi, I would only be paying a bit more at Kushinbo but have access to so much more food.

Since the Jurong Point outlet is close to my workplace, it has become a favorite lunch spot for us.

I love the free flow of salmon sashimi which is constantly being sliced and replenished by the chef. Unlike some restaurants' buffet which serve watery or not fully thawed salmon, the sashimi in Kushinbo is considered fresh. There are also other sashimi such as tuna and several types of nigiri, gunkan and maki to choose from.

For lunch, there isn't king crab claws, but they have hairy crab claws instead. At the chilled seafood area, there are also prawns and mussels.

I like the black pepper beef cubes from the Teppanyaki section. It will take some time for the chef to cook it, so I would place an order and collect it later.

The beef is tender and juicy. It's cut into bite size cubes for easy consumption.

Highly recommended!

There is also kaminabe, udon and soba section beside the tempura area. I like the ebi and soft shell crab tempura which are constantly replenished. This is good because I only have 1 hour of lunch, and I do not have to end up queuing for tempura especially when there are some selfish people who like to grab everything on the tray.

I like the macha soft ice cream from the dessert station. I could dispense the amount of ice cream I want and add my favourite toppings to it.

This is a good place for short but heavy lunch! Especially suitable for salmon-lover like me.

For more photos and detailed review, you may visit my blog at


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Review for food

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 25

The ambience was quite wonderful and peaceful. however for the varieties of food is kinda diasappointing for the value paid. Pricing can be reviewed and better revised. overall it is still fine if u love sashimi. Personally i love sashimi alot and i will come back for the sashmi. they also have limited dishes every 30mins , just wait and listen to the music when its broadcasted.

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Wide variety of seafood

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 147

See the full post with pictures here.

So we finally tried this Japanese buffet place (that has an outlet at Suntec apparently, but also one at Jurong Point) – it was something like $43++ per adult so we paid $100 in total. Why the price? They’ve got Alaskan King crabs and snow crabs on the seafood bar, as well as plenty of nigiri sushi and the occasional lobster. Plus, it’s a buffet! We certainly had our fill of crab that night!

Advice? Go for the king crab legs instead of the snow crab legs. The king crab legs are replenished much more infrequently than the snow crab legs, but they are pretty tasty.

We were pretty good about giving everything a fair trial. The prawns were fresh, the mussels not really worth eating, but the crab was the clear winner here. Just a squeeze of lemon will do, they are awfully briny (in a good way). They also provide these awesome japanese scissors that allow you to cut right through the crab shell like it was made of paper.

The soba dipping sauce was pretty nice, and you can dress it with all the scallions and seaweed you want. We had two helpings of this!
They also had this interesting/weird potato mochi thing.

There was a teppanyaki bar that fries up chicken, beef, vegetables, etc. for you so liangze got these beef cubes. They are super tender and marbled all the way through. It didn’t really seem to get much business though – I guess most people were there for the fresh seafood!

The miso soup was pretty ordinary, but you get to add your own taupok and tofu and scallions. At the soup station they also had some ginseng congee that we didn’t get to try. Unlimited soup/congee garnishes, like ginger, picked ginger, deep fried shallots, etc.

The best part of the dessert station was undeniably the Hokkaido lavender soft-serve ice cream. We had three cups of this. Best naked, without any toppings. They also had some rather good panna cotta, but everything else was completely underwhelming and not worth the caloric content.
One good thing about Kuishinbo is the fact that they limit the number of diners to the restaurant, so everyone gets a fair shot at the seafood. They don’t attempt to overbook the place, and if you have reserved a table there, you have it for the night, which explains why it’s so pricey I guess – they don’t have two sittings unlike other places like Cajun Kings where we routinely spend >$100 on crab.

One bad thing about Kuishinbo is the bell-ringing fiasco – now this is a unique feature to the restaurant – I have not heard of any other buffet joint “training” their customers quite so Pavlovianly. 

Would I go back? Probably not. But one never knows when another crab craving will hit. 

Note: The dinner buffet is cheaper at Jurong Point than at Suntec City, for obvious accessibility reasons. If you live in the West it’s probably more worth it to go to the Jurong Point one.

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