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(Closed) Kuishin Bo (Suntec City Mall)


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Kuishin Bo is a Japanese buffet restaurant with a difference, this lively dining destination offers not only a wide spread of the usual Japanese dishes but also has daily special food surprises so that regular diners can always try something new.

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 17:30 - 22:00

Last round at 9:30pm

+65 62387088
$42 based on 55 submissions
Buffet (17 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (17 votes), Dinner (16 votes)
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yummy jap buffet!

for photos and more reviews, visit (:

omgosh i was so full after this buffet! i got terrible indigestion and couldn't sleep at night cos of that :( haha but the buffet was GOOD!!! don't get me wrong haha. i thoroughly enjoyed it. just that i think too much of good food just doesnt have a good effect on me. oh wells.

fat juicy prawns! that's the kind of fresh seafood you get at kushin-bo, with all the other stuff like mussles, clams and crab legs. i loved the myriad of sauces that came with the seafood. i drowned my mussels in lime and sweet chili and it was DELICIOUS. and the crab legs were super fun to eat! hahaha. honestly, my sisters HATE crab, but they had a whole lot of fun using the utensil to poke the meat out from one end of the hollow crab leg. when it's so easy to eat, of course it's delicious xD the salad bar was also really interesting, with a whole variety of salads (none of the boring veggies) like smoked duck salad, potato salad, SWEET POTATO salad (this was really interesting!), pumpkin salad, turkey bacon salad (haha so should you feel sinful or healthy i wonder?) and a couple of others.

there was also a teppanyaki counter, where you could order stuff and they'll cook it for you on the spot. i tried this egg wrap thingy which was really delicious! :) and there are also marinated like chicken teriyaki (not really good cos it was pretty dry) and all sorts of tempura (i LOVED the soft shell crab! it was beautifully done).

the sushi too was pretty yummy, with sufficient variety. i must always restrain myself from eating too much carbo at buffets. if not i'll just feel soooo full. there are also dishes around to try, but i wasnt very impressed by any of them. the soba looked goooood! but i was trying to cut down on the carbo so i didnt try it :( sighpie. and i heard that the ginseng scallop porridge was good too! hmm coming from my sis who doesnt really like the taste of ginseng (and she said that it was rather mild), i suppose you can give it a shot even if you dont like ginseng either?

one super interesting feature at this buffet were the little green teapots of soup! it was sooooo cute! :) and the broth inside was really flavourful :)

i also enjoyed the japanese soup in that kind of paper pot (omg i suddenly forgot what it's called!!). it was so healthy :) chock full of ingredients like cabbage, tofu, carrots, fishcake and glass noodles, it was such a wholesome dish.

lastly on to desserts! :D there was such an exciting range of goodies that i just HAD to try everything!!! even though i was super full already >.< i loved the fondue machine - there were quite a number of different cookies to go with it! :D and there were chocolate cakes, mango cakes, peach tarts (loveeee!), creme brulee, tiramisu (DELICiOUS! super rich though! and possibly the cause of my insomnia that night) eclairs, different types of chocolate, cupcakes, jellies, etc. so many to try!!! super awesome :)

and one more thing! the restaurant has this 'special offer' thing every one hour or half an hour or so, where a special dish is introduced, and it's only limited to 20 portions! my family got to eat the cheesy lobster!!!! fastest fingers first! go go go! :)

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Sashimi5 votes
  • snow crab5 votes
  • 'Paper Bowl' Noodles2 votes
  • Chawanmushi2 votes
  • Crabs2 votes
  • Alaskan Crab Claws1 vote
  • Cakes1 vote
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15 Dec 2012 • 66 reviews • 20 followers

No way am i going back

Food was average, definitely not worth the price. 
Dessert's quality has deteriorated too much. 
Sashimi hastily prepared. 
Everything else too average. 
I will never go back again 

Just like how this post is done. With no effort. 

Read more about my review on my blog.

28 May 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

Over-Rated Japanese Buffet

The Kuishin Bo buffet at Suntec is over-rated.

Sashimi was limited to salmon, tuna and some other fish. For seafood, only prawns, Alaskan crab legs and mussels were available. The number of dishes is not as widespread as stated on the website.

The quality is only mediocre. As about the most expensive Japanese buffet in town, there is no value for money. There are better Japanese Ala-carte buffet available for that price.


Definitely not recommended and not worth visiting again!

30 Mar 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

They have really bad service

Kushinbo's seafood is good and very fresh. However, the variety of food is little for the price you are paying for the buffet. Even though the food are not bad, their service are horrible. The manager in-charged on the day i visited this restuarant has no respect for the customers and do not project the image of a manager/in-charge.