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Kuriya Dining (Great World City)

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Kuriya Dining is a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine at attractive prices.

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 23:00

$81 based on 47 submissions
Dinner (22 votes), Lunch (18 votes), Quiet (17 votes)
Choo Yao Chuen

Japanese fine dining

My favourite fine dining restaurant for Japanese food. Everything is top notch here from the food, ambiance right down to service. I particularly like the sashimis here as it is super fresh. Pricey but worth it!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Sashimi5 votes
  • Set lunch4 votes
  • all the grilled stuff2 votes
  • Amaebi1 vote
  • Bento Sets1 vote
  • Cod fish1 vote
  • Ebi Tempura1 vote
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Based on 47 votes
04 Dec 2014 • 72 reviews • 0 follower

Japanese fine dining

My favourite fine dining restaurant for Japanese food. Everything is top notch here from the food, ambiance right down to service. I particularly like the sashimis here as it is super fresh. Pricey but worth it!
17 Sep 2014 • 721 reviews • 85 followers

Fresh and substantial Lunch set

The chirashi lunch set came in ab two tier box. Bottom layer rice with a layer of seafood and the top box with more seafood and no rice. ingredients were fresh and tasty. Not mushy at all. On top on the rice was salmon egg, flying fish roe, white bait, small fish fillet and steamed egg. the top box had the best seafood: sweet prawn, a piece for yellowtail, tuna. and tuna paste, however it didn't come cheap at $68 including tax per serving.
26 Dec 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Jap foods good for value!

I visited this restaurant for a really casual dining (ordered very little as we were already quite full) and boy i was impressed!!!

I ordered a set that cost $26.90 and it included 2 tempura snow crab legs, cod fish, chawanmushi, 5large pieces of salmon sashimi, 2 cheesy scallops(yum!), miso soup, seaweed.

Also ordered breaded shisashmo which IMO was perfect to taste! Not greasy when eating. Just crispy heaven.

What I didnt like was the massive load of MSG in the soup. I became very thirsty even till next day.

I will definitely return for more good. It is very good for value. I ended up buying a big pack of sashimi home and it was fresh and delicious.
17 Nov 2013 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

The Best Kaiseki Lunch

See my full reviews & photos at =

had a most enjoyable lunch kaiseki at kuriya dining @ great world city with my wife on saturday 16.11.2013. they served an excellent daily S$58 lunch kaiseki (there was also a S$48 option which has sushi instead of sashimi). 

this lunch was even better than the S$138 kaiseki dinner on 4.6.2013 i had here! the only caveat is that as the menu changes monthly, some months’ menu maybe more attractive than others, so it makes sense to check the website menu. for this day everything was par excellence!

the first course, sensai (前菜) consisted of angler fish liver, chestnut, pumpkin jelly, reef squid, mushroom. angler fish (ugliest in the world?) liver was such a fine sublime dish, simply delish! the other items – bigfin reef squid etc were all good too. 

the sashimi moriawase (maguron, sake, kampachi) was very good, sweet & fresh. for 1 set we topped up S$20 for the sashimi & got an exquisite tokusen (特选) sashimi moriawase with chutoro, akaebi, mirugai, uni wrapped with tai (top photo). this was super good value upgrade.the akaebi was the size of botan ebi (or bigger for this one) but not as sweet. we asked for the head to be deepfried. it was excellent every time. perhaps next time we would ask for aburi (torched) chutoro. 

the grilled prawn & fish was good if ordinary but the truffle sauce was super.

the simmered cod with plum sauce was another par excellence dish. sweet, firm cod with slight sour sauce, the best! & after so many quality dishes we got a very nice chirashi don (with loads of ikura, sake & tai) to finish off. this lunch was so gooood!

i always wonder why japanese cuisine had such a wide menu & yet almost no dessert, like only fruits & ice cream & maybe jelly…my impression is all japanese dessert are tea dessert of the red bean kind, and the best dessert in tokyo, shinjuku etc are all the western dessert which the japanese do so well, maybe better than most western places.

anyhow we had a good combination of western dessert – a macaron with vanilla ice cream (instead of jam), fruits & 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream).

this an excellent lunch menu that i would return for everytime.
09 Jun 2013 • 242 reviews • 1 follower

June Kaiseki Dinner @ Kuriya Dining on 4Jun2013

Read my full reviews & photos here=

wife & I went for the June kaiseki course dinner at Kuriya Dining.    the starter platter include scallop with truffle which was good, conger eel (anago) also good, miso prawn (nondescript), lily bulb & cucumber (to make up numbers???). overall a rather average starter.   the sashimi plate consisted of very thick-cut hamachi, tai wrapped over negi toro topped with caviar, and the mirugai was tiny but very sweet – not expensive ingredients but the cut was good.    the next dish was grilled salmon with foie gras sauce & miso & french pastry – nice dish.  not sure if its some attempt at fusion?? now the Japs have added to their kaiseki & course meals some western touch eg the very nice teppanyaki course at Gozanbo.    the awabi (abalone) was excellent – it was braised first to a tender texture then deep-fried in tempura batter.  & the nori (seaweed) tempura underneath & ginger were very nicely done too…   the nabe dish was tuna neck (sashimi quality) – nice & I enjoyed it.  but miso kimchi soup was not quite the best matching dish for kaiseki.    the sushi moriawase was superb! it had this very marbled otoro topped with uni – scrumptious!    the akagai was very good & so were the 2 other fish I did not identify.    the fruit with cake dessert platter was quite nondescript…another feeble attempt at fusion??    at S$138pax, it’s among the cheaper kaiseki, a bit more ex than Hachi, but cheaper than Keyaki or Kumo, but then the ingredients were cheaper too, no Jap wagyu in the set.   overall a very satisfying dinner even at this price.    unless Kuriya bring back their much more value offerings like their monthly S$88 promotion set, I won’t be doing this often though as I can get a lot more value-for-money & really top quality offerings at Mikuni.