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Western, Wines
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Daily: 18:00 - 02:00

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With brick walls and warm decor, this wine bar and restaurant feels like the sort of place you could hole up in for as long as your drinks last. There is a Western food menu available, but this is more of a place to chill out.

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Come if u are stupid

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Lousy food. Lousy staff and service. That must be the reason y they charges exorbitant prices - cos otherwise they can't cover their costs with the low customer counts. $26 for a simple pub burger?! If u are looking to watch a soccer match while all other places are full, come here. cos no one comes.

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Insulted by the manager!!!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I have

recently been to La Cave, I was with friends and we had gone there to watch a

football game. The service had been bad from the moment we sat down, it started

when the waitress took the wine menu from my hands whilst I was still reading

it, to give it to a customer at another table. As well as La Cave being severely

understaffed, we ended up waiting for very long periods of time for our orders.

 During the game the waitress brings us the

bill, she came back 2 min later asking if we had paid. This happened a few

times and each time we told her the same thing that we would pay once we were

done. There was still another game to be played so they were no closing any

time soon. I have travelled to many different countries but have never

experienced this. Where they force you to pay the bill before you are done and

so instantly. We were wanting to stay

and spend more money however the waitress got rude and we asked to speak to the

manager. Once the manager came we explained that all we wanted was to be left

to pay once we were ready and that were not going anywhere. We said we understand

that at times like these they are worried that people will walk off without

paying but that was not our intention. Explaining that it had been rude to

serve us the bill whilst watching the game and repeatedly ask if we had paid

yet. It was an important game to us and we would have liked to enjoy it with

out being continually harassed. The

manager (or owner as he so claimed to be) Then said that he had had many

customers and of all the customers there that night 99.9% were happy with the

service and that I was the only not. He then went further to say that he did

not need customers like me who are rude and vulgar. Whilst talking to him he

was rude and laughed in my face to try and get a raise out of me. I have never

experienced such shocking service and never have I been insulted as a paying

customer. I personally find this totally unacceptable, I would not recommend

this restaurant to anybody.

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Typical pub food...

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 45

Went to La Cave at CHIJMES for dinner with some American colleagues. Why La Cave given there were so many restaurants in CHIJMES? Good question but don't ask me. My American colleague was the one who chose that place. Well, I just followed. For me, there are only 2 places really worth going for meals at CHIJMES - Lei Garden (oooo! my favorite) and Sun Restaurant. The rest of the places there are only, IMHO, so so. La Cave included.


What you see is what you get plus a little more. We sat by the courtyard. Setting is quite nice, with candle light. Fairly romantic to have dinner under the stars within a nicely restored historical building. My only grouse - this is Singapore. Darn the humid weather! After 15 min, we were all perspiring like mad dogs despite the fact that it rained quite heavily a couple of hours before dinner. Verdict - despite the romantic surroundings, this is not the place to be for a romantic night out with your date! Trust me on this. She'll be


The title says it all - typical pub food. I had the grilled jumbo prawns. Nicely seasoned but a tad over-cooked. My colleagues had fish and chips (large servings but looked dry), beef nachos (err... ...), and beef stew (looked quite yummy; he seemed to like it.) If you are looking for pub food to go with that jug of ice-cold beer, I suggest going over to Father Flanigans (the breakfast set is quite good) or Bobby (tasty ribs.)

Overall we paid about $200 for dinner for 4, with a bottle of Penfolds. Prices are OK i guess. I probably wouldn't go back to that place. There are just too many better restaurants out there.

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