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Reviews for La Nonna (Namly Place)


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Address: 76 Namly Place, 267226

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10 Mar 2015

Excellent service and food

My most recent trip to La Nonna at Holland Village left me very impressed with both the service and the food. The waiters were extremely hospitable and quick to attend to us throughout our meals. We had 2 pizzas and 2 pastas to share among the 4 of us and it was nothing short of satisfactory meal. All the dishes were exquisite and my friends and I cannot wait to be back for more!
Must Tries
pizza, pastas
Average Spend
$20 for 1 pax
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Namly's best kept secret

It is easy to miss La nonna @ Namly Place, tucked into the lush neighborhoods.

Extremely cosy and the restaurant felt like it was in a world of its own.

Menu is rather comprehensive with a great variation and everything we ordered was a hit, but was thoroughly impressed with the Mozzarella e Parma (pan fried mozzarella wrapped in aged parma ham), Torta Della Nonna (lemon tart) and Merluzzo (cod fish on mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach).

Great service and both servers and manager alike were efficient, knowledgeable and intuitive.

Can't wait to go back, we'll probably try the other outlet at Holland Village!


A unique flavor | 一種純樸的原味

I’m a designer by profession, always sharp with details in beautiful things. The interior decoration and design of this restaurant is full of classical village feeling, very unique style of Italy restaurant.

I like the atmosphere during the night, surround by tranquil, suitable for couples, friends, and family gatherings. It is convenience to find parking space near the vicinity. However, the business is particularly well during the weekend, you might consider making an appointment before visiting, to avoid disappointment.

We both ordered appetizer, main course and dessert. Can't wait to introduce our scrumptious meal. (^-^)

Pumpkin soup

The taste of pumpkin soup was rich, you can feel the effect the chef put in for this soup. The mix of the spice and pumpkin with some pepper was perfect. I can still recall the great taste while writing this review.

Cod Fish

This Cod Fish was recommended by the waiter, it is not in the main menu, it’s the Chef menu for the week. The cod fish was fried to a golden brown skin, with a trace of salt taste top with mashed potatoes and vegetable mix, you can feel the ocean with every bite, I really love this main dishes.

My friends and I agree, it is worth spending the leisurely weekend evening chatting in such a dining environment with a glass of wine. (^-^)

從事設計工作的我,對於美麗的事物總是特別敏銳。這家餐廳位於Namly Place,室內的裝潢設計充滿了鄉村的古典情懷,風格非常獨特的意大利餐廳。





Cod Fish

這道Cod Fish是服務員推薦的,也是本週廚師推出的新菜色。Cod Fish的鮮美口感,搭配馬鈴薯泥和蔬菜。煎成金黃色的魚皮,帶著微量的海鹽口感,每一口都能感受到海洋,我極愛這道主菜。



Quaint Corner for a Lazy Lunch

I have always passed by La Nonna in Holland Village but never went in for a visit. By chance, while researching on HGW for a lazy saturday lunch, La Nonna at Namly Place popped up. Since we lived near to the area, we decided to give it a try.

The place wasn't too hard to navigate (thanks to GPS). The restaurant was pretty quiet during Sat morning; we figured the residents were still sleeping from a late Friday night. Set Lunch was still available on Sat (wow, the price was only $22++!) and we were lazy to decide and settled for this 3-course meal.

I had a fresh rucola salad with baby octopus for my starter. The rucola leaves were very fresh and not bitter unlike the many I have tasted in several places. There was a hint of sea salt that goes very well with my tastebuds while crunching the salad leaves. My main was a chosen spaghetti with prawns. For a not so well-know restaurant like La Nonna (at least in my eyes), the pasta was comparable to many other expensive and well-known italian restaurants I have tried (i've tried many, just never got to reviewing them!). I asked for a change in my dessert choice to Lemon Tart (Da Paolo's was good which is why I wanna do a comparison) and the staff was very obliging (I attribute it to the little crowd which was why I received full attention). I was so full by this time but the tart was so tangy and citrusy that I finished the whole plate.

On a sidenote, during dessert, I happened to look at the signboard of La Nonna and spied a small text "By Senso" at the bottom of La Nonna. It's no wonder that the food in La Nonna is so good, Senso is quite the leader in Italian food!

It was a very nice lunch and by the time we started leaving, people were starting to trickle into the place for late lunch. Will be back again for sure.


Unexpected place

My friend suggested a place call La Nonna at namly place for dinner. The place is hard to find if you don’t use the GPS; there is no signage to direct you. It was in a landed property estate out from the main road. I believe only the resident and those who patronize there before know this place. There is no public transport to reach the place; it is only accessible to those who drive. Don’t have to worry about the packing; you can park along the road side.

We are lucky that we are there early, the seat was limited, reservation is a must to avoid disappointment, I saw a few customers who walk away disappointing and few willing to wait outside for the seat (I understand why, because the food is great).

The interior of the restaurant was nice and cozy; the music was not too loud, but the air-conditioning needs improvement.

We were shown to our seat with the politeness of the waiter, the menu was simple but the chief did come out a few new dishes daily off the menu. The waiter recommended a few dishes with detail of the way it was cook. This help us the have a view of the choices we have. We order Calamari, Red snapper and grill rip-eye steak, the food was nicely cook, the environment was great, you do not feel the rashness of our normally city life. It was so comfy that we love to stay longer but I order not to deprive other of the same luxury (due to the limited seat, and there is others waiting to be seated) we have to leave.

Overall, it is a great place to have a relaxing meal, the waiter are pleasant and attentive. No regret hunting for this place.


Six&Seven reviews La Nonna

For photos, please visit Six&Seven.

The parents were out of town and I was in-charge of babysitting the siblings. This, of course, meant that I was free to plan meals for the little monsters. Feeling like something Italian that lovely afternoon, I was immediately drawn to La Nonna, in a glossy page of the magazine, with their promises of a revamped menu and 1-for-1 promotion. Hey, who am I to let go of such a good deal?

La Nonna will probably familiar to foodies living in Bukit Timah area with its longstanding first outlet at Namly Place. While finding my way to the establishment proved uneventful—thank the inventors of in-built GPS—parking or people travelling via public transport may find some troubles. It’s just lanes & lanes of private houses, but I was lucky enough to find an available parallel parking spot right in front of the restaurant.

Meaning ‘the grandmother’ in Italian, the restaurant was just I’d expected it to be; warm, lively and unpretentious, this would probably be how I envisioned my grandmother’s restaurant to be – should she be both Italian and in the F&B industry. Reservations are definitely recommended if you want a seat indoors – there are a few outdoor tables, but I do like my air-conditioning.

As with all Italian restaurants, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are must-have condiments, and definitely much appreciated to pair with the selection of warm breads, which I forgot to ask if they were baked in-house. While the balsamic vinegar was not as aged as I’d like—it didn’t possess the richness and viscosity that I favoured—it was still good as a dip for the baked carbohydrates.

What I like about the Calamari ($16) was how very lightly battered they were—it looked almost like a serving of skinny onion rings—which really allowed the taste of squid to shine through, rather than buried by the taste of oil or batter. It isn’t as crisp as actual onion rings, but that’s understandable due to the lighter coat of batter.

Taking full advantage of the 1-for-1, we also shared the Insalata Della Nonna ($17). The mix of garden greens, gorgonzola cheese, egg, black olives, cherry tomatoes and avocado in white balsamic vinaigrette wasn’t much to shout about – I did enjoy the beautifully, slightly runny eggs, and piquant black olives though – I have no idea why I always shoot for salads, except for the perception that it’s going be make my overall meal ‘healthier’.

Their signature pizza, the La Nonna ($20) arrived halfway through our starters—they’d messed up the orders and fired it up earlier—but the staff was very apologetic about it, and I didn’t see the need to kick a big fuss.

The Neapolitan pizza (not as well-executed as the ones I enjoyed at Extra Virgin Pizza) with a thin crust that ranged from soft, sloppy centre to a stiff, crisp edge, coupled with a runny egg on top, meant that folding to eat it proved to be basically impossible. The black truffle ingredient, blended in what seems to be a cream of mushroom sauce, was pretty mild, but was enhanced slightly by Mozzarella and Parmesan.

The last time I’d had a crab meat linguini was at a Da Paolo, and I loved it, so I obviously went for it when I saw a similar item on the menu here! While it doesn’t look like much in the pictures, the Linguine  ($20) was executed perfectly. The tomato cream sauce is rich, yet light enough to let the fresh and adequately-portioned crab meat shine. Plating could be improved, but this definitely met my expectations.

I firmly believe a meal isn’t complete without desserts – and you should believe my huge appetite by now. The Gelato ($11) is an ultra sinful serving of the day’s available flavours. That afternoon, we were treated to a rich Vanilla Bean, a Pistachio that was light enough to disguise as a ‘Green Tea’, and a base of smooth Chocolate. A sure-fire way to a sugar high, or ‘Fat Hell’.

The Cioccolata ($13), an oven-baked dark chocolate tart, was obviously a pre-prepared dessert that was rapidly heated up right before serving, as apparent from the slightly burnt edges and slightly colder centre. Who’s to say they didn’t do it on purpose—I can hardly believe I’m saying this—but the burnt parts actually enhanced its flavours! For diners who are bored of a vanilla ice cream pairing, the tart raspberry and gooseberry dressings also make a good team with the rich, dark chocolate.

PS. Their 1-for-1 promotion is still available for weekday lunches. Do check out their $22, 3-course weekday lunch sets that change on a weekly basis.

Management response from La Nonna, published 21 Feb 2012
Hi there Six & Seven,

You sure have put a smile on our faces with your review!

The honest, detailed review has definitely been encouraging and of course, constructive in aiding our pursuit of improving our food & service.

We have shared your feedback with the culinary team at La Nonna to take note of what needs sprucing and what's working just fine.

Thank you for taking the time to review La Nonna. We do hope you will swing by again some time soon.

The La Nonna Team