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Top Must Try Dishes
Parma ham pizza3 votes
lemon tart3 votes
parma ham with rock melon3 votes
Suitable For
Dinner22 votes
Quiet21 votes
After Work16 votes
Lunch15 votes
Romance/First Dates15 votes
Children/Family14 votes
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining12 votes
Chillout11 votes
Girls Night Out10 votes
Hidden Find10 votes
Private Dining10 votes
Brunch7 votes
Take Away7 votes
Wine Lists7 votes
Fine Dining6 votes
Large Groups/Gathering6 votes
Business Dining4 votes
Healthy Eating4 votes
Vibrant/Noisy4 votes
Corporate Events3 votes
Supper3 votes
Vegetarians3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 15 Apr 2012 27 reviews 0 follower
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I loveeee Italian food!! It’s one of my favourite cuisines. This place uses fresh pasta for some of their dishes, which is awesome! Be sure to ask. Make sure you come for lunch to take advantage of the promotion - it's really worth eating here during lunch since lunch/ dinner menus are the same.

Anyway here’s La Nonna! Please head to the one at Namly Place, the food and service there is better. Best if you have a car. If you don’t, just take a 6-minute walk down Namly Avenue to get your stomach ready for a very homely Italianooo experience!!

They used to have a 50% off promotion for lunch which was VERY WORTH IT but it’s now changed to buy one main course, get one appetizer or dessert free. Less of a promotion if you’re a small eater, but good enough for the big ones.

I picked Vongole ($18) as an appetizer. Sauteed clams in white wine sauce, garlic and herbs. This was a bit too oily and buttery for my liking. Clams weren’t fantastic either. And my very silly friend hahaha did not want to share any of this so eating the whole pot of it is not very fun. Will try the Carpaccio next time!!

My main was Homemade Pappardelle with Chicken Liver and Black Truffle Sauce ($19). Yep you heard it, chicken liver!! Was feeling very adventurous that day. The pasta was cooked al dente, and it goes really well with the black truffle sauce, which was both fragrant and slightly smoky. Chicken liver… I don’t think you should all of it on the plate but it’s an interesting addition!

Friend had the Carbonara, which is just your typical carbonara. I forgot to take a picture I think he was too hungry! If you want a simple pasta dish not on the menu, just request and they’ll gladly whip it up.

Alternatively you can try their signature La Nonna Pizza – asparagus, mozzarella, parmesan, a sunny side up – it’s really interesting!

To round things off, this is the standard Tiramisu ($12). Should have ordered the cheese platter ($16) hahaha I am so indecisive. Most tiramisus taste of the same standard to me, I can’t remember how this was! But it’s more worth it than the tarts imo, those tarts are tiny and bite sized.

Okay way too many words. Bon Appetit!!!

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I spent $22 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
Lunch, Romance/First Dates, Chillout, Quiet, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining

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 • 02 Mar 2012 2 reviews 0 follower
It is easy to miss La nonna @ Namly Place, tucked into the lush neighborhoods.

Extremely cosy and the restaurant felt like it was in a world of its own.

Menu is rather comprehensive with a great variation and everything we ordered was a hit, but was thoroughly impressed with the Mozzarella e Parma (pan fried mozzarella wrapped in aged parma ham), Torta Della Nonna (lemon tart) and Merluzzo (cod fish on mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach).

Great service and both servers and manager alike were efficient, knowledgeable and intuitive.

Can't wait to go back, we'll probably try the other outlet at Holland Village!

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I spent $75 per person.

Must tries: lemon tart, biscotti, chocolate tart, Cocode pizza, cod fish, lamb, Lamb shank, lemon cream tart, Parma ham pizza, parma ham with rock melon, Pasta, pastas, pizza, pizzas, pizzas in general, Red Snapper (which is not in the usual menu), risotto bringing a secret lover th

I also recommend this place for:
Brunch, Supper, Lunch, Dinner, Healthy Eating, Vegetarians, Take Away, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Romance/First Dates, Weddings, Business Dining, Corporate Events, Fine Dining, Boys Night Out, Girls Night Out, After Work, Private Dining, Chillout, Quiet, View/Scenery, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Hidden Find, Wheelchair Friendly, Wine Lists, Live Band, High Tea
I added 7 photos

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Tail of Rainy Day
 • 29 Feb 2012 4 reviews 2 followers
I’m a designer by profession, always sharp with details in beautiful things. The interior decoration and design of this restaurant is full of classical village feeling, very unique style of Italy restaurant.

I like the atmosphere during the night, surround by tranquil, suitable for couples, friends, and family gatherings. It is convenience to find parking space near the vicinity. However, the business is particularly well during the weekend, you might consider making an appointment before visiting, to avoid disappointment.

We both ordered appetizer, main course and dessert. Can't wait to introduce our scrumptious meal. (^-^)

Pumpkin soup

The taste of pumpkin soup was rich, you can feel the effect the chef put in for this soup. The mix of the spice and pumpkin with some pepper was perfect. I can still recall the great taste while writing this review.

Cod Fish

This Cod Fish was recommended by the waiter, it is not in the main menu, it’s the Chef menu for the week. The cod fish was fried to a golden brown skin, with a trace of salt taste top with mashed potatoes and vegetable mix, you can feel the ocean with every bite, I really love this main dishes.

My friends and I agree, it is worth spending the leisurely weekend evening chatting in such a dining environment with a glass of wine. (^-^)

從事設計工作的我,對於美麗的事物總是特別敏銳。這家餐廳位於Namly Place,室內的裝潢設計充滿了鄉村的古典情懷,風格非常獨特的意大利餐廳。





Cod Fish

這道Cod Fish是服務員推薦的,也是本週廚師推出的新菜色。Cod Fish的鮮美口感,搭配馬鈴薯泥和蔬菜。煎成金黃色的魚皮,帶著微量的海鹽口感,每一口都能感受到海洋,我極愛這道主菜。


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I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Fine Dining, Quiet, Wine Lists

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