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Review for Labrador Seafood


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Address: 8 Port Road
05 May 2014 • 723 Reviews • 85 Followers

Not so much for seafood but for the short-order dishes.

Short-order dishes are the noodles, rice that take a very short time to prepare.  There is usually a separate chef/cook that prepares this.

Food:  We ordered a fried grouper that was good but not memorable, romaine lettuce which was tasty but could have more depth of taste.  The highlight were the short-order dishes:  mee goreng was tasty without being hot,  good sauces that went into the noodles;  seafood hor fun that had good "wok hei",  fried rice, however was average tasting.  

Value:  Pricey place to eat - too many foreigners know this place so they've adjusted the prices up !

Service:  PRC staff, halting English, better with Mandarin.

Ambience:  It's a converted port-facility shed turned into restaurant, a bit rough at the edges but functions well.  Airconditioning needs re-tuning, entrance curtains could be replaced by a working door to keep the cold in.
Must Tries
short-order dishes
Average Spend
$50 for 1 pax
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