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Back to LaBrezzaThe St. Regis, 29 Tanglin Road
 • 01 Mar 2014 5 reviews 0 follower

“I’m heading to St Regis for a lunch buffet.” 

As if part of an enchantment spell, those words elicited a couple of wows and envious coos from my friends. Such reactions are bound to ensue, given the stalwart’s five-star rating and stately grandeur. By association, all its food operations should be equally stellar, right?

Not quite, and LaBrezza at St Regis refutes my (now mistaken) notion that lavish hotels are the go-to addresses for a splendid meal. My friend Phebe —yes, spelt without the ‘o’— and I were there on a Saturday, eager to relish a lovely Italian brunch. So excited we were, thinking about the number of times we would drive our index fingers into our cheeks: the hand gesture for ‘molto buono’ or ‘delicious’!

The restaurant describes its food as ‘fine trattoria-style Italian’. The décor does match the definition of a trattoria, with its interplay of white and brown hues. The kitchen is open concept, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the chefs in action and the busy cadence of woks and frying pans being flipped. Small and intimate, the restaurant is also located right by the pool.

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I spent $95 per person.

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