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Caleb Lim
 • 31 Jul 2013 254 reviews 39 followers
Le Brezza is a trattoria style Italian diner ocated on the 3rd floor, overlooking the
swimming pool and the orchard condos on the background. I was there for a HGW food tasting
session one week day evening and here's what we samples:
Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops wrapped in Pancetta with Truffled Angel Hair Pasta and Caviar
sauce($32) -  the scallops are plump and juicy complemented well with the pasta that offers
some bite and chew
Proscuitto Pizza ($38) - crispy crust with tangy tomato sauce and sweetness from the
caramelised onions
Tuscany style tomato soup with king crab and basil foam($18) - the lightness of the tomato
soup did not over power the crab
Slow cooked Australian Lamb Rack ($48) - lamb is sous vided before it is grilled which
yield a tender meat with crusty exterior
Taglionlini with Boston Lobster ($48) - well, you can't go wrong with a pricey lobster
cooked just nice
Pappardelle with Ragout of slow cooked Venision and Pecorino ($40) - the sauce from the
slow cooked meat coats and complements the italian "kway tiao" in a way that make you want
more of it
Risotto, sous vide Oxtail and sweet saba reduction ($38) - the risotto is darker in colour
due to the saba reduction, goes well with the fork tender oxtail meat
Tiramisu - the mascarpone cheese seems to have been whipped to give the desert a lightness
compared to the usual tiramisu, not something I will expect for a tiramisu but it is a nice variation since we are full from the dinner feast

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