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European, Fusion, International, Japanese
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An avant garde restaurant encapsulating not just the senses but also the culture of society. At Labyrinth, we place focus on quality, consistency as well as a neverending quest for culinary perfection through innovation.

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Satay Beef Burger
Satay Beef Burger
Sambal Barramundi and Kangkong
Sambal Barramundi and Kangkong
Apple Crumble Dessert
Apple Crumble Dessert
Coffee Eclair
Coffee Eclair
Watermelon Ball with Mint
Watermelon Ball with Mint

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A Great Modern Singaporean Meal!

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

This restaurant is located at a row of shophouses along Neil Road.


They serve Modern Singapore cuisine, and they have just added lunch service in addition to dinner, so you need not wait till dusk to enjoy a meal here.


The restaurant is open concept, with the kitchen taking the pride of place behind the counter, where customers can sit and watch the chefs at work. There are several regular tables where you can sit down and dine with your dining companion face to face. The restaurant has a covered air well that allows natural light into the restaurant.


I popped by with a friend for lunch, and we opted to sit at the counter seats. 


Here are the highlights:

Amuse Bouche: Watermelon Ball with Mint. Served on a Chinese soup spoon, I popped the ball into my mouth and bit it. The outside shell is a thin gelatin shell and it popped to release the watermelon juice within. The mint leaf added a nice touch.



- Fish & Chips Soup: This is an interesting interpretation of Fish and Chips. This had a pea soup Espuma, with flakes of deep fried John Dory Fish and topped with crispy leftover crumbs. Mix everything up and pop into your mouth. Its unique and nice.


- Lemon Squid Cutlet: Crispy squid cutlet served with honey-lemon dressing and fresh mesclun salad. The squid is chopped up and marinated with sauce, formed into a patty, coated with bread crumbs and deep dried. The honey lemon dressing is nice and goes well with the cutlet.



- Satay Beef Burger: A modern interpretation of the Satay. This had a Satay-spiced Wagyu beef patty with rice ketupat (traditional Malay rice cake) ‘buns’, home-pickled cucumber slice and two fried onion rings with fine peanut sauce. The beef patty is tasty and had the right satay spice infusion. The whole dish comes together well and I truly enjoyed it. Must-try!


- Sambal Barramundi and Kangkong: This is a highlight of my meal. Fresh Barramundi fillet simply grilled and lathered with sambal chilli, much similar to BBQ Seafood style that you find at hawker centres. It’s topped with crispy kang kong, which had been dehydrated through a special process and sambal powder sprinkled over it.



- Apple Crumble: Served in a martini glass with a white chocolate crumble, topped with yoghurt ice cream, apple jelly and an apple crisp. The crumble was unique, cos its dark brown. I learnt that they deliberately burnt the crumble to create this. Great taste and this is definitely a good llaollao alternative. Nice presentation! Its good!


The 4 course meal was $45++, which included the 2 starters. If you choose only 1 starter, i.e. 3 course meal. you only pay $35++.


This is a good restaurant to try out Singaporean dishes re-interpreted into a modern way and cooked with different techniques.


As the restaurant has both counter seating and normal table seating, do make reservations so you are not disappointed.



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Underwhelming; Fine Tuning Needed

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 1| Service 3
Total Reviews: 7

I dined at the establishment on Tuesday 21 July 2015 and had the Heritage Menu.
 Upon entering, I was greeted by the back of the host, who took some time before realising I was there. This was not a good first impression.
 Overall, the food did not live up to the expectations set by many a good review. There have been so many good reviews of this restaurant but my experience differs starkly from these reviews.
 In my opinion, the chef relies heavily on the tricks of molecular gastronomy to create "spectacles". However, spectacles must be accompanied by good and nuanced flavours. In some cases, the flavours were very pedestrian. In addition, I was quite disappointed at the lacklustre ingredients used. For what some would call a decently hefty price tag, one would expect a better choice of ingredients.
 A+ for effort in reimagining local flavours but I do hope that Labyrinth can work more on developing nuanced flavours that will keep diners coming back for more.
 The Chilli Crab dish deserves its signature title. It was interesting. Flavours were well balanced - 8
 The petit four of a mini kaya macaron with salted butter filling was also very interesting - 7
 The compressed watermelon "tuna" was interesting - 6.5
 Coconut noodles, oyster - noodles were a bit textually hard and made the dish less pleasing than it could have been - 6.5
 The wagyu ribeye was bland and the flavours were very underwhelming - 4
 The pork roulade with risotto was also very underwhelming. The risotto lacked any depth of flavour. In my opinion, it tasted like Campbell's Chicken soup. The charsiew sauce was jarring with the risotto. And the Pork, while crispy, was nothing better at a good Cantonese restaurant - 4
 Local Breakfast dessert - interesting concept. Flavours were good but not wow. Instead, the wow came from the "creative" plating and presentation - 6.5
 Banana Fritter - no better than something you get at a random goreng pisang stall. While the inside was supposed to be cold, it was almost entirely warm - 3 (fail in my book)
 Service was good on some notes and horrible on others.
 Our waiter noticed that my dining companion was left-handed and proceeded to alter the arrangement of the cutlery. Big plus there.
 Water was topped up very consistently. Big plus here for me.
 On the downsides, the kitchen decided to start washing up while we were still dining. This included the use of detergent, and emptying the trash. An open concept kitchen should be treated as if it were part of the dining hall. This was very unprofessional and unacceptable at any fine dining establishment.
 Lastly, the temperature of the restaurant was too warm, that made the meal more uncomfortable than it should have been.

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Word of mouth: the best recommendation

Food/Drink 4| Value 5| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Review: 1

Sorbet in fried rice, ice-cream in chilli crab? Although a few friends have warned me to expect the unexpected at Labyrinth, I couldnt help but raise an eyebrow at the menu. The result? Dishes after dishes of delightful twists to your local favourites. My only gripe was the Siew Yoke dish. After being pampered with courses after courses of creativity, even a perfectly toasted siew yoke became ordinary. Dinner ended on a high note with their "cigar" dessert, leaving you excited for whats to come on your next visit.

For the uninitiated, the waiters are around to guide you on the best way to enjoy each deconstructed dish.

Although it was my first visit, it will certainly not be the last. My guest and I were seated next to a regular who has been there 5 times. He enjoyed his meal so much that we started sharing about our favourite dish for the night. That is a testament to what Chef Han has built in Labyrith. Unpretentious, friendly people coming together for good food.

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Perfect for a date

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Review: 1

location was not ideal as I had a hard time finding parking at 7pm, but the food more than made up for it.

each dish was beyond my expectations given that I've been on a prowl for molecular fusion cuisines of late.

favorite was the chilli crab dish along with the deserts and value for money as well given it's really high quality tasty food which I would normally have paid >200 at les Amis or jaan.

told the head chef I would come down once a quarter.

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