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Review for Laurent@Portsdown (Portsdown)


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Address: #01-02, 5B Portsdown Road, 139311
17 May 2009 • 16 Reviews • 6 Followers

Lazy Saturday Afternoon - not relaxed at this venue

Looked forward to spending a good afternoon with some girl frenz for tea and desserts. Only saving grace was the companionship.

Service was not as i had expected. As compared to the one at Robertson Quay, this place is horrendous. Second visit to this place and the last.

Thumbs-down Service:

Rude staff. Only 1 male staff was nice and smiley when i asked if i could park my car nearby. The others were tardy in taking orders and as we were seated outside, we were basically "out of sight, out of mind".

Never mind the wait for my chocolate souffle. It was not my first time having this dessert and i know i'll have to wait from 20-30min. The first time i had choc souffle was at the Robertson Quay branch and cos the made a mistake in sending my souffle to another customer who came later, they apologised and gave me and my gf some chocolates as their way of apology. I din mind waiting and i still dun mind but 10mins later, the staff came out and said they they've run out of souffle!? It was 2 plus on a weekend, isn't it too early to run out of souffle? I drove all the way to this place and they tell me they do not have the choc souffles? When my fren told her that I was away for a while and had to wait to see if i wanted another dessert, she went away looking unhappy? She never came back and ask anymore.

Then guess wat, 5mins later, i turned around and saw through the glass panel that the chef making like 6-7 souffles in the kitchen. When i asked gently and in an extra polite tone 1 waitress if she could check if they still have souffles left, the staff at the counter said 'no!' then i asked gently but the chef is making them now from what we could see and if she could check ifthey've really ran out? She went asking in a very unwilling manner...she then returned and told me yes do i want one then? Duh?! I din even bother saying 'Thank you' to her for asking.

So waited for another long 30mins. Strangely enough, my chocolate & vanilla drink by this time had still not arrived when our other orders had already been consumed. I asked the waitress. Did she check? I din noe cos she never got back to me. So i waited and asked again but to find that the order was not taken?! Hmmm...strange. So she asked if i still wanted it, yes of cos...i've been waiting for it really?

This branch seems to have a few more serving staff than the other branch and by 3 plus, there weren't many customers left, were they really that busy to even bother about our existence?

The bill came and i was not surprised that they made a mistake in it, by leaving out certain items we've ordered. My frenz were kind enough to remind them to make the necessary amendments.

But in any case, i decided not let the black-faced and blur serving staff affect this great lazy afternoon with my gfs.... we had fun chatting and enjoying the company. Just speaking for myself, i'll think twice abt going there in future.
Recommended for
Chillout, Quiet, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, High Tea
Average Spend
$26 for 1 pax
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