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Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar specialises in serving exquisite pastries, cakes and chocolates. This is the chocolate lover's favorite haunt for fine sensuous chocolate creations in Singapore.

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chocolate soufle + chocolate lava cake
chocolate soufle + chocolate lava cake
chocolate soufle
chocolate soufle
chocolate lava cake
chocolate lava cake
chocolate lava cake
chocolate lava cake
Warm chocolate lava cake and dark melted hot chocolate.
Warm chocolate lava cake and dark melted hot chocolate.
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Latest Review for Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Overall RatingBased on 77 reviews
Most helpful review:

the best chocolate desserts!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 33

One of the main attractions of Robertson Quay (to us) is Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. The place was very packed at 10pm on a Friday night but we managed to snag one of the last outdoor seats available. There were many tables of customers who ordered the soufflé. Well, to our knowledge, soufflés are light fluffy cakes. And all along, we tend to prefer rich, dense chocolate cakes. Hence, after much deliberation, we decided against the soufflé and ordered the following instead:

Rum Baba is essentially an yeast cake saturated in rum and topped with a layer of cream. There was a small plastic pipette filled with rum, placed at the corner of the cake. So with a little squeeze, we added more rum to the rum-soaked yeast cake. On its own, the cake was rather light sponge, which on normal occasions, we probably wouldn’t like it. However, in Rum Baba, the entire cake was soaked thoroughly in rum, and that made all the difference. Every bit of the cake was saturated with rum. The top layer of cream didn’t taste like whipped cream (which we dislike). Rather, it wasn’t cloyingly sweet, had a very smooth texture and tasted pretty good.

Yes, the all famous Laurent Bernard Chocolate Tart. Our all-time favourite Chocolate Tart. No matter where we went, how many tarts we have tried, we’ve always felt that this was the best. The dark chocolate cream was smooth, soft and simply melts in our mouth. You could really tell that it was made of premium chocolate and the taste was heavenly. We can never get sick of the chocolate. The crispy hazelnut base added crunchiness and a secondary texture to the dark chocolate cream. The only disappointment is that the tart seemed to shrink in size compared to the previous time we tried. Pure dark chocolate + nutty base = simply divine. No wonder this is Laurent Bernard’s most popular pastry.

The 3rd and last cake we tried was Truffle. Moist with a strong chocolate aroma, guanaja 70% is used for this cake. We had Truffle from Toast before, and compared to that version, this was slightly denser and less creamy. Truffles are rather suitable for chocolate lovers who like their chocolate cakes to be simple, without any extra toppings like nuts, crunchy bases etc – just a naked chocolate cake. You can really appreciate the good quality of the chocolate Laurent Bernard uses in this Truffle. It looks simple, but each mouth we took is packed with the richness of premium chocolate. Not too sweet and creamy, it will be a hit with dark chocolate lovers.

3 cakes for $29.90. Every cent was so worth it!

On a side note, we saw Laurent Bernard himself at the display counter. We exchanged a couple of lines and from there, we could tell he had the flair of a top notch pastry chef. Well, he looked rather proud of himself, and he should, because the desserts from his chocolatier are indeed one of the better ones around.

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Great place for gathering over awesome desserts

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 121

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For those in search of great cakes and desserts, you have to try out this place. They have a decent variety of mains too! Don't miss out their rocher alike cake if you're coming!

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Good Chocolate Soufle & Chocolate Lava Cake on 23jan2015

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 381

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had coffee & cakes at lauraent bernard chocolatier on 23.1.22015, after 4pax dinner at omakaseya azmaya.

they were famous for their chocolate soufle & also lava cake.

both were very good. i liked the soufle a bit better. the lava cake was very good too, excellent lava & combination of texture & flavours.

i am not sure though taste wise it was actually better than my own chocolate lava cake (however i have not made lava cake for a while & the more recent couple times did not come out that well in terms of producing the lava texture…i must really try again this…)…maybe i will try the chocolate soufle too…i tried the grand marnier soufle was ok but maybe a chocolate flavoured one maybe more the taste for my wife & i.

the flat white was ok, but didn’t feel any better than that at asseemly coffee or at wheedler’s yard. and i still feel that the flat white at chye seng huat & at dutch colony at pasarbella were better.

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