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Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar specialises in serving exquisite pastries, cakes and chocolates. This is the chocolate lover's favorite haunt for fine sensuous chocolate creations in Singapore.

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chocolate lava cake
chocolate lava cake
chocolate soufle + chocolate lava cake
chocolate soufle + chocolate lava cake
chocolate soufle
chocolate soufle
Warm chocolate lava cake and dark melted hot chocolate.
Warm chocolate lava cake and dark melted hot chocolate.

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Great place for gathering over awesome desserts

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 121

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For those in search of great cakes and desserts, you have to try out this place. They have a decent variety of mains too! Don't miss out their rocher alike cake if you're coming!

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Good Chocolate Soufle & Chocolate Lava Cake on 23jan2015

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 377

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had coffee & cakes at lauraent bernard chocolatier on 23.1.22015, after 4pax dinner at omakaseya azmaya.

they were famous for their chocolate soufle & also lava cake.

both were very good. i liked the soufle a bit better. the lava cake was very good too, excellent lava & combination of texture & flavours.

i am not sure though taste wise it was actually better than my own chocolate lava cake (however i have not made lava cake for a while & the more recent couple times did not come out that well in terms of producing the lava texture…i must really try again this…)…maybe i will try the chocolate soufle too…i tried the grand marnier soufle was ok but maybe a chocolate flavoured one maybe more the taste for my wife & i.

the flat white was ok, but didn’t feel any better than that at asseemly coffee or at wheedler’s yard. and i still feel that the flat white at chye seng huat & at dutch colony at pasarbella were better.

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Best Chocolate desserts in Singapore

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 7

As it was a sunny sunday yesterday, i figured, what could be better than having an indulgent dark chocolate dessert?

i have never been to Laurent Bernard before and so this is my first visit. I ordered one of their signature dark hot melted chocolate drink and warm chocolate lava cake that comes with whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream.

The dark melted chocolate drink tasted so rich, intense, and robust. Just the way a good quality dark chocolate should be. The warm chocolate lava cake has just the right taste as it is not too sweet. I did not want to eat the whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream as i am more of a chocolate person. I tried a little of the vanilla ice cream and it tasted too sweet for my liking.

i will definitely be back next for their chocolate souffle and lemon souffle. Laurent Bernard really serves awesome quality chocolate.

service staffs were polite and friendly. Overall i had a great experience indulging and chilling out here.

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Good dessert but horrible staffs

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Review: 1

My friends and I have visited both Laurent Bernard cafes at Portsdown and Robertson Quay for a number of times. The desserts served are of good quality. ( we tried different soufflés and pastries the times that we been there). While the food quality is good, the service of the staff is deplorable.    During our first few visits to the Robertson Quay, it was on a Saturday night. We arrived at 1140pm when the cafe closes at 1am. To our surprise, the waiter said that the kitchen was closed at 1130 pm and they are not taking anymore orders for soufflés. They did said the pastries were available so we ordered the lava cake. However, at about 1210, when the store manager came in, we asked him if the kitchen was open, he said that the soufflé was still available and they are still taking orders in the kitchen. Seems like the waiters are in the rush to close the shop even before the stipulated closing time.    In a separate occasion, we had arrived at the Roberston Quay branch at about 1155pm. This time round, the (European) store manager is not around. My friend and I just wanted to order tea and hot chocolate. When we ordered with the waiter, he told us that the staff had shut down the coffee machine at 1155. We argued with him that it is more than an hour before the store closed but he said that the "store policy" was that the coffee machine is to be switched off at 12am. To that point, we showed him our watches and told him that it is not 12am yet. He reluctantly told the other staffs to switch on the coffee machine (for the hot water for our tea and hot chocolate). We even told him about the incident (mentioned above) and he said that the store manager was from a different store and he did not adhere to the store policy at the Robertson branch as he was the same waiter that served us in both incidents.   In my past 5 visits to the Laurent Bernard, unfortunately, the service staff failed to impress again and again. The above 2 incidents are just the more outstanding ones that I have encountered. There are cases where the staff switched off the air con and lights 30 mins before the stipulated closing time to chase the customers out.    As much as I like the desserts at Laurent Bernard, it is unlikely that I will go back anytime soon as I think my friends and I have given the staffs enough chances to "impress" us as we are unwilling to pay such prices to get treated as such by their service staffs. 

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