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 • 13 Dec 2013 74 reviews 0 follower
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Jalan Kayu has been famed for having the best roti prata in Singapore. Notwithstanding, it is also home to some renowned eateries that has chosen to grow its roots here. It is little wonder that one chef famous for his appearance in food programs aired by Suria has chosen Jalan Kayu to open his restaurant – Chef Amri.
The Inhouse Coffee looked and tasted like a single shot of espresso. The taste was not too strong but rather bitter.
The Beef Burger & Fries. The beef patty is juicy and came in a rather huge portion.
The Black Pepper Chicken resembles a bit like the Black Pepper Chicken at Aston’s, except that this tasted better. The veggies tasted flavourful (definitely the result of blanching them nicely before cooking then).
The Lemon Curd Tart is crusty and the lemon curd taste is strong (which reminds me of the taste of lemon biscuits). However, it was rather hard to eat this as the crust was rather hard and firm to cut off.
This is a great place to come for halal Western food. If you are around Jalan Kayu, this place is a good spot for dinner/supper (after which you can go for roti prata!)
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