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European, French, Western
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$95 based on 127 submissions
Dinner (41 votes), Wine Lists (25 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (24 votes) ...

Le Bistrot du Sommelier fits the rustic décor and which serves mouth watering dishes that every Singaporean or Foreign will love.

What others are eating here

Filet Mignon de Porc, Saucisson a l’ail et ‘Papet Vaudois’
Filet Mignon de Porc, Saucisson a l’ail et ‘Papet Vaudois’
Poached Plums
Poached Plums
Salade de Tomate
Salade de Tomate
Mille-feuille aux Framboises
Mille-feuille aux Framboises
Home-made Rillettes
Home-made Rillettes
  • Duck rillette 12 votes
  • Chocolate profiterole with vainlla ice cream 8 votes
  • Cote de beouf 8 votes
  • foie gras terrine 8 votes
  • wine 8 votes
  • Chef special pork terrine 6 votes
  • chicken liver 5 votes
  • Beef cheek 4 votes
  • beef onglet 3 votes
  • duck confit 3 votes
  • Braise pork knuckle 2 votes
  • beef tenderloin 2 votes
  • couronne cote de boeuf pear chocolate tart 2 votes
  • foie gras pate 2 votes
  • Braised pork cheek 1 vote
  • Couronne - Cote de Boeuf - Pear & Chocolate Tart 1 vote
  • Duck terrine 1 vote
  • Filet Mignon de Porc, Saucisson a l’ail et ‘Papet Vaudois’ 1 vote
  • Frog Legs Coq au vin Cote de boeuf 1 vote
  • Home-made Rillettes 1 vote
  • Ibenico Shoulder 1 vote
  • Joue de Boeuf Braisee Au Vin Rouge 1 vote
  • Mille-feuille aux Framboises 1 vote
  • Poached Plums 1 vote
  • Profiteroles 1 vote
  • Rabbit Ragout 1 vote
  • Salade de Tomate 1 vote
  • Vacherin au four 1 vote
  • beef tartar 1 vote
  • braised 1 vote
  • cassolet 1 vote
  • creme brulee 1 vote
  • frog legs\\\\r\\\\ncoq au vin\\\\r\\\\ncote de boeuf 1 vote
  • lemon sorbet 1 vote
  • mash potatoes 1 vote
  • paillarde de veau 1 vote
  • potato gratin 1 vote
  • stew 1 vote
  • tartine foie gras 1 vote
  • white asparagus 1 vote
  • ‘Fillet de Poulet Roti’ 1 vote

Latest Review for Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Overall RatingBased on 80 reviews
Most helpful review:

Seriously Good Hearty French Food! Seriously Good!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 27

This is another restaurant that was recommended again and again by friends that I didn't get to go over the past years! And it was totally my lost! How the hell did this gem gone under my radar for such a long time!!!

The restaurant was fully booked when I called on Wednesday for a table for Saturday. Not giving up, I called again on Saturday afternoon and was lucky to have a cancelled reservation. Thank god for that cause if otherwise we would have missed a great culinary experience. The food was more than excellent and the service commendable! We sat upstairs which was cosy and perfect for the noisy 4 of us! Shortly, after seated down, we filled the place with laughters!

Ok, let's get into business and talk about the food! Beef is definitely the highlight! Skirt steaks, tenderloin with cream sauce, braised beef cheeks, and tartare. We tried them all!

For starters, we have chicken liver pate which is homemade and one of the best I had in Singapore. It tasted creamy and rich without being too gamey. We also. had the salmon tartare and beef tartare to share. They were both excellent. The beef tartare is honestly one of the best I have had in a long time. Rich york and mustard sauce slathered the coarsely chopped raw beef. Heaven!

With such great starters, we were looking forward to the mains. We all had beef! The beef tenderloin with cream sauce and mash was rich and flavoursome. The meat was tender and goes well with the heavenly mash! The mash was so good, it almost stole the show! The skirt steak was delicious and surprisingly juicy. The braised beef cheeks was a bit of a surprise. It was served in a claypot, with literally melt in the mouth beef cheeks and carrots swimming in a clear beef consume. The accompanying potatoes with olive oil and parsely went very well with it. Simply delightful!

Save space for dessert! The special dessert of the night was coffee and vanilla ice cream with chilled cuppucino topped with cream and hazelnut! Sounds like a heart attack in a cup but all so worth it! The Profitteros was huge but just a tinged too hard. The chocolate sauce however was divinely rich without being too sweet. The Colonel, which is lime sorbert with Russian vodka was the perfect end to a hearty and rich dinner!

For wine, we had 2 bottles of Burgundy! The price was reasonable and the wine got “woos” and “ahhs” round the table.

The service staff deserves a special mention. They are knowledgeable and know the menu and wine list on their back of their hand. The were quick on their recommendations and were spot on with each of them. They even impressed us with the description of the dishes and know the ingredients and cooking method of all the dishes. We were blown away!

All in all, 4 of us left the restaurant thoroughly filled with good food, good wine and lots of laughter! No better way to catch up with friends than over a nice meal, outstanding service and excellent wine!

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Good French Food. A Hidden Find.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

I have passed this restaurant several times when I park my car nearby.


I came by for lunch recently with some friends. This was my first visit to this restaurant.


We tried some of the restaurant signatures. Here are the highlights:

Home-made Rillettes: Duck Rillette ($10.80/ 100gm) and Rabbit Rillette ($12.80/ 100gm). These were served with house-made baguettes. The rillettes were mildly salty and paired well with the baguette. The rabbit rillettes weren’t gamey at all. Its nice.


- Salade de Tomate: $19. Picadilly Sicilian tomato were halved and arranged neatly on the bottom of the plate. Its topped with basil mousse and Parmesan crisps. The tomatoes were fresh and sweet. The basil mousse was unique and complemented the tomatoes.


- ‘Fillet de Poulet Roti’: Oven roasted free range chicken breast served with white wine and mushroom cream sauce and a side of mash potatoes. This was really god. My group loved it. The chicken breast was moist. The mash potato was a standout for me, so smooth and velvety. For my next meal, I can order this alone and eat it all by myself.


- Filet Mignon de Porc, Saucisson a l’ail et ‘Papet Vaudois’ (for 2 pax): $65. Pan-seared pork tenderloin and home-made garlic pork sausage served with ‘Papet Vaudois’. The pork was pink in the middle but it tastes good. The sausage standsout for the flavour and you can find radish and garlic in it. Lovely.


- Joue de Boeuf Braisee Au Vin Rouge (200gm): $32. Served in a Chinese claypot, its red wine braised beef cheeks with carrots and mushrooms served with a side of parsley potatoes. The beef is fork-tender and flavorful. I even finished the gravy that was in my bowl. The baguette also goes well with the gravy.



- Mille-feuille aux Framboises: $16. This was very pretty. It’s a raspberry ‘mille-feuille;, Opalys chocolate and vanilla whipped ganache. Couldn’t bear to cut into this dessert and spoil this ‘work of art’. Its light and easy to eat.


- Profiteroles: $15. A big Choux bun filled with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and topped with almond flakes. Easy to eat and gone in no time.


- Poached Plums: $14. This was a seasonal special. Plums are now in season and the chef poached the Reine Claude plums and served it atop bread pudding with vanilla ice cream on the side.


It’s a good French meal. The portions are good sized.


I recommend coming here with a bigger group of friends or family, so you can order more food and enjoy a wider variety of food.


Food-wise, they were well executed and  it’s a meal I will remember.


For lunch, the restaurant has a 3-course TGV Set lunch at $35++ per pax (appetiser, main and dessert) which is good value. 

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Terrible Service

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

I recently visited this French restaurant with friends, and the dinning experience did not meet my expectation.   The wine rose was not probably chilled and it was not cold enough.  The staff could not replace the french fries with cooked vegatables for the dish of beef onglet as requested.   The service was slow and the duty manager did not care about customer satisfaction.  Due to the Night Festival and the noise outside was unbearable.  I used to like this restaurant, but the service has changed and it is no longer up to standard.   

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