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Lei Garden Restaurant (Chijmes)

AsianCantoneseChineseDim SumSeafood
Lei Garden Restaurant is located at Chijmes and specialises in chinese cuisine.

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 23:00

+65 63393822
$62 based on 57 submissions
Dinner (26 votes), Lunch (25 votes), Children/Family (24 votes)
Choo Yao Chuen

My place for dim sum

My favourite place for weekend dim sum with the family. Food and service is excellent. It ranks amongst the top dim sum in town but more price competitive. So overall gets a 5-star rating from me for value for my buck!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Roasted Pork5 votes
  • The Double boiled soup5 votes
  • Suckling Pig3 votes
  • Rainbow Egg & Porridge (Pi Dan Shou Rou Zhou)2 votes
  • "Lap-mei" (preserved sausages and mushroom) rice1 vote
  • "lui sa tong yuen"1 vote
  • "pineapple" custard bun1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 57 votes
28 Nov 2014 • 73 reviews • 0 follower

My place for dim sum

My favourite place for weekend dim sum with the family. Food and service is excellent. It ranks amongst the top dim sum in town but more price competitive. So overall gets a 5-star rating from me for value for my buck!
06 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Tragic experience ever......

We had such a tragic experience here.... it was beyond expression in opposite meaning.. We initially enjoyed wonderful time and meal here for my friend's farewell. However, nightmare started after 12hrs later.. 5 out of 7 started to agonize with unbearable pain, high fever and diarrhea. One was hospitarized eventually.. All of our stools contained salmonella according to the stool testing results. This high-standard posh restaurant seems to have double standard..sadly. Low hygienic condition and low customer service. If you are confident enough to endure vicious germs, pls give it a try!!
01 Jun 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Nice food, inconsistent service

I visited on a Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm. There are 3 seatings for lunch - 11:15, 12:45 and 13:30. Make a reservation if you can since it can get pretty crowded even though the space is quite big. The waitress at the front desk was pretty distracted and too busy and it resulted in her forgetting about me. But after waiting for some time, we were led to the 2nd floor in a nice room for lunch.

Overall, I thought the food was pretty good and the service we received was very polite as well. The waitress was very nice when answering questions about hosting a birthday lunch there. 

My favorite dishes include the beef brisket ($8), the glutinous rice ($4.80) and the steamed bamboo clam ($11.80). You really must try the bamboo clam because the sauce is AMAZING and the clam is very easy to chew. I thought the prices were very reasonable and comparable to other dim sum places, although I guess we didn't order the more expensive dishes like abalone or what not. The century egg porridge ($4.80) is not bad too! Skip the pan-fried carrot cake though.

For a full review and photos of the food, visit
07 Jul 2013 • 14 reviews • 0 follower

service inconsistent; ambience nice with ugly fish tanks

Food here is generally ok. the service is just inconsistent: at times very prompt with great waiters and waitresses, at others, the waiiting staff just seemed anxious to get rid of us once the food on the plate is no longer there. My question to them: are you really dying to get rid of us that soon? Why? there is no one outside queueing anyway....

the decor is fairly ok but there is a really hideous fish tank at the end of the hall downstairs with an ugly outdated bar. yuck. otherwise the ambience would have been so much nicer....

Steamed Live Bamboo Clam with XO Chilli Sauce
18 Aug 2012 • 33 reviews • 0 follower

Great ambience with good food

For more pictures and details, please visit:

We were scouting for value for money set lunches on a weekday when we took the day off, and we finally settled for Lei Garden at Chijmes for the sole purposes of its solid air conditioning and grand interior compared to its outdoor fan-based counterparts.

Cucumber with Mince Garlic and Vinegar

The first starter that came up was the Cucumber with Mince Garlic and Vinegar. I would have liked it to be a little more sour or spicy as an appetiser, the dish was passable.

Crispy Silver Fish?

The Crispy Silver Fish was hardly impressive as it was rather bland as a fried dish, and the taste of oil stood out starkly as the batter to fish ratio was disproportionate, tipping more towards the former.

Classic Boiled Daily Soup

The Classic Boiled Daily Soup was the Lotus with Pork Ribs soup. We were surprised to find generous chunks of pork ribs and slices of lotus in the soup. The broth was rich and very flavoursome, definitely a thumbs up for this one.

Steamed Live Bamboo Clam with XO Chilli Sauce

The Steamed Live Bamboo Clam with XO Chilli Sauce was another winner as the XO chili sauce complemented the bamboo clam succinctly.

Panfried Cod Fish with White Sauce

The panfried Cod fish was coated with a layer of batter and then panfried and drizzled with white sauce. The fish was crisp on the outside and its flesh was fresh and moist on the inside. I thought the dish was pretty well executed.

Panfried Kurobuta pork in special sauce, served with seasonal vegetable

The Panfried Kurobuta pork was splendid with its full-flavoured special sauce and the meat was moist and tender. The dish was served with seasonal vegetables that complemented the Kurobuta pork with its light preparation methods. The vegetables were blanched and aid to cleanse the palatte after the heavy pork dish.

Mini Minced Pork Dumpling in Hot and Spicy Sauce?

The Mini Minced Pork Dumpling in Hot and Spicy Sauce was served with the sauce separate. I would have liked the sauce to be more spicy, but I found the dumplings very well made. The skin was smooth with tasty pork fillings, and I finished them despite almost bursting from a very full stomach.

Double Boiled Dry Apricot and Sea Coconut

After a heavy meal, we were delighted to finish our meal with the Double Boiled Dry Apricot and Sea Coconut. A light yet satisfying dessert, the sweetness of the soup was derived from boiling the apricots and it was wonderfully refreshing.

I'd say, a good place to bring your family/business counterparts for meals.