#02-45, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, 180021
European, Italian, Western
+65 63367630

Fri - Sun: 10:30 - 23:30

Mon - Thu: 11:30 - 22:30

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Lenas is a modern American Italian restaurant featuring a vast menu, trendy decor, bustling atmosphere, and daily promotions, making it a fantastic place to hold gatherings for family and friends.

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Lenas - good food at affordable -prices

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 611

Lenas is a modern, eponymous American-Italian fusion restaurant under the Ministry of Food line. I liked the adorable signboard and comfortable interior decoration the moment I set eyes on it,  and have been there at least thrice for delectable and affordable meals.

Edison* had the Mushroom Pasta with an egg, and a Hoegaarden Beer, as depicted in the next photograph. The mushroom penne in creamy sauce tasted good on its own - leaning on the strong essence of mushroom flavor and the light cream balances the richness of the taste to a gentle, tasty rhythm. Stirring the sweetness of the egg into the pasta set the dish on another level of sapidity.

I had the Smoked Salmon Baked Rice - another yummy dish by Lenas. The rice were baked to an almost-crisp dryness, but the cascading, gently-melting cheese seeping through, did well to blend and transform every morsel into an amazing tantalizer. The smoked salmon was soft, and set the flavor of the dish to perfection. I had a glass of House Red to go along with my meal.

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Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 2
Total Review: 1

My boyfriend and I used to come to Lenas before. We really liked the food and the service was good..
But we got disappointed tonight.. Lenas recently relocated in the 2nd floor of Bugis Junction which was really crowded. Wasn´t a great experience.
Wait time in the queue was fine...
We ordered Smoked salmon bruscetta for appetizer. Its actually good as well as the salad on the side.
But they served my main course (Grilled Chicken with Mozzarella and whipped potato) way too soon because we just started the appetizer. It looked like they rushed to served it because the cheese on top wasn´t properly melted and its not warm enough. So I send it back. 
Then after few minutes, they served my boyfriend´s order which is Grilled Salmon with Mozzarella and baked potato and corn as side dish. The middle part of the salmon was still raw so we send it back as well. 
When they served again my food, the chicken was warm and the cheese was melted but they didnt bother to check the whipped potato on the side. Its way too cold!!! I just ignored it and started to eat. The grilled chicken wasn´t that great unlike the one I had back in their previous place.
I already ate almost half of my food but they still didnt serve my boyfriend´s order. And then one of the staff came to our table and asked if we have any last order without even checking or asking if our orders were already complete. 
We weren´t really satisfied with the food quality and service! I´m disappointed! We also saw some ants on our table.

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Another project of MOF

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 13

As this is a part of MOF,i had rather high expectations,but unfortunately,my friends and i were disappointed in them.Except for the ambience which was the normal setting for a western restaurant,the others was a *shake head*. The food wasn't that fantastic, the pasta was way way way too salty, waffle fries that comes with the cheese was so simple that even you can make it at home,but it will cost me at least 6 bucks there.The pizza wasn't that good either because it was a little too burnt. Lucky we went for the one-for-one deal(which they didn't indicate clearly that it was only for MOF members,and we were entitled to the deal because my friend decided to sign up on the spot),because it really isn't value for money.Service wise,it was tooo slow! our drinks,which was only plain water only came to us when we kept asking for it.And the servers practically ignored us at times which was very frustrating!Overall,my impression for them is quite bad and i dun think i would go back again.

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Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 46

Terrible service encounter at Lenas, Bugis Junction! First we ordered ice lemon tea and the staff delivered ice-mint tea instead. We highlighted to the staff that the wrong order was delivered, a female waitress kept persuading us to accept the drink when I have already highlighted that I do not take mint. After waiting for 5 minutes, the staff came and told us they thought we order mint tea and still refuse to give me the right drink. We re-emphasized that we did not order mint tea. After a while, the waiter who told our order came and told us AGAIN he thought we order ice-mint tea still not delivering the drink.

Next our food arrived and on the menu it clearly shows the picture of penne with salmon and we were served spaghetti. To make it worse, the salmon on the dish was not cooked properly and most parts of the salmon was raw which is really bad because this is supposed to be cook salmon, we are not having sashimi here a

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