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08 Feb 2014 • 0 Review • 0 Follower

Everything is still as great... Except for the food

What in the world happened to Les Amis? A year ago, I was absolutely impressed by the food, service and ambience there. I even claimed that the dessert was one ofthe best.

While the service is still as excellent, the standard of the food is no longer there. The appetizer of tomato, and the soup are not bad. The main course is so-so. No more of the sublime dishes I used to have at this place. I was expecting more from an establishment of such reputation.

The worst part is the dessert which is the run-of-mill apple pie, the kind I can get from casual or fast food restaurant. To add salt to wound, that apple pie is absolutely horrible in taste—sour and flat, the light aroma of apples cannot be detected and the crust has none of buttery richness. This is one of those few times where I had difficulty finishing the dessert. I actually prefer MacDonald's apple pie. The salted caramel ice-cream is nice but since this is a tried and tested flavour available in many ice cream palours, no points for creativity.

The luxurious feel of my previous dining experience seems to be gone. No more austrian pink salt for the bread, amuse bouche (the ones with caviar are so good), coffee or tea, and petite fours. While the price has lowered but I feel that the quality has lowered further. I guess this cannot be helped to keep up with competition.

The only good part about the food is the complimentary lemon madeline, though this one had been around since I had first visited Les Amis.

This used to be one of my favourite restaurants... For now, I'll KIV the changes to the lineup before considering coming here again.
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