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Steak Frites (with unlimited servings of fries) - Les Bouchons

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 15

For the boyfriend and I, there was no complexity and we didn't feel torn about what to order (with a one page menu ) - steak and frites it was! Each main comes with a side salad and the famous free-flow of their fries.

check out my full review here:

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2nd Time, Pleasant no more! So disappointing

Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

This would be my review of my 2nd outing at Les Bouchons.

Well, unlike the first time, the Service really SUCKS big time. Not only was the server (the Chinese one, not the one with the shirt behind the bar) was rude and very unfriendly.

Besides that, they served the salad and the main course together.

So, we usually start with the salad and after we are done, the main course is served, but not this time, the reason being that the meat would get cold after you are done with the salad…sigh….

Funny thing was, they weren’t that busy either, with 2 main tables of 6pax were empty, yet, the service was so poor, rude, unfriendly….really soured the occasion.

The steaks were average today, which surprised the family, unlike the first time, a few months ago, the steaks were good.  We ordered the same steaks too.

Besides that, the fries were not hot when it came, unlike the first visit. Just warm and became cold pretty quickly.

Very unpleasant dinner. Very disappointed. Service sucked and staff was rude. Food was disappointing.

Family unanimously agreed that we will not return. This will be our last.


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Total Review: 1

I had a friend who had recommended this place and I decided to try it.  Called in to make a reservation and had spoken to the manager of the restaurant.  I told the manager that i'll be celebrating a birthday tonight and asked if the restaurant if they could make any special arrangements.  Classic reply -

Manager: We can give you a candle for our desserts.  Alternatively, if you bring your own cake there will be a $10 surcharge.
Me: So do you serve cakes?
Manager: no.  but we have creme brulee.
Me: creme brulee is not a cake.  are you telling me that your restaurant doesnt encourage celebrations?
Manager: strictly speaking... yes

Thanks but no thanks.  And obviously - reservation cancelled.  I only patronize places where i can celebrate and be celebrated.

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WORST Customer Service Ever

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service 1
Total Review: 1

ATTENTION: Concierge of Le Bouchons
If you can't please your customers even during a phone conversation, you don't deserve their business! As a guest attempting to dine in your restaurant, I don't appreciate RUDENESS. Please have your values RIGHT before deciding to work in a restaurant... If you are planning to be rude, then perhaps being in customer service just isn't for you.

Here's what happened:
I made a phone call to reserve a table. I tried calling early in the afternoon to get a seat for the night. First of all, I am new to Singapore and I am not familiar that you can't reserve this "happening" restaurant on the day of. I'm sorry, but you cannot assume this for every restaurant. Even if they think they are SO good, they cannot assume EVERYONE thinks they are good.
Anyhow, the concierge of the Les Bouchons immediately went, "UH, you want to reserve a table for tonight?" *in the most bitchy tone one could muster*
"Yes...... is that not possible?" I responded, keeping my cool. I don't appreciate speaking to that way but I wasn't going to let the rude man bring me down to his level. 
Anyway, he proceeded to inform me that the restaurant is book for until next week in a haughty way. And also mentioned their restaurant is "very small" so they don't carry alot of tables (So... you're not happening, you're really just SMALL.. and YOU said it yourself, ha). And when I was fed up with his clearly-annoyed tone, I just told him in a stern way that he shouldn't be talking to me that way. As expected, NO APOLOGY. He then proceeded to just hang up on me even when he knew I wasn't finished. Customer service 101 FAIL! I worked in a restaurant before so I'm pretty certain he failed every step of the way. 
I tried to call back to get his name so I can give good and constructive criticism to the restaurant's head-- that Les Bouchons staff should NOT be treating their guests this way. But as expected, they didn't pick up my 5-10 calls that I tried to make after. I guess they were just... "too busy".

In conclusion:
If you can't get your fundamentals right in opening a restaurant, then you don't deserve business from good people. I hope that those of you who read this  will help me make a stand. 
What's the point of opening a restaurant when you cant share with your guests the experience of great good, great service and a great environment/ambience? If you are all about making money without getting your fundamentals right, then guess what? You've just lost.
Because every customer matters. And I will ensure that everyone that walks my path, will never again dine in this lousy service restaurant ever again. I don't care how good your steaks are. Singapore is filled with amazing steak houses so I'll satisfy my steak cravings elsewhere :)

So, if you want crappy service while paying $60/person for steak & fries, I think this place does a great job at that :)

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good quality food, nice place, but service needs improvement

Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 11

This is a great place for steak frites - good quality meat, well prepared, and excellent frites, and a very good salad as well. It is small so you need to book a table and be prepared to sit very close to other diners.

There were two servers, and for some strange reason they seemed to spend more of their time talking to each other than they did observing the tables. They forgot to give us condiments. They forgot to refill the water. Needless to say that they did not ask how our meal was, or offer to replenish the free-flow fries.

It wasn't the worst service I've ever experienced, but at these high prices I expected better.

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Try only.. If your steak experience was only Jack's Place and similar likes

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

So compelled I am to write a review of this place that I actually signed up for a HGW account. It's certainly isn't for the better.


The service is nothing spectacular nor bad. But on the account that I was promptly served a huge glass of ice cold water on a warm evening, without my asking - deserves thumbs up. It was replenished without our asking through the dinner despite the 2-3 staff serving the entire restaurant.

What I found deserving of mention is also, despite my lateness in turning up 9pm, compared to 7.45pm, they had actually bothered to call to find out if I was showing up. Most busy or popular restaurants in SG don't quite bother, thus I'm surprised they called. Of course, when I turned up, I realised there are 2 empty tables on the outside, so is it a case of poorer business or sincerity, I shan't judge.


It's a small capacity restaurant, thus I do agreed that reservations are recommended for inside sitting. Outside - maybe not. Take your chances.

1 half of the outside seating is for smoking. So please let the staff know which is yours.

Inside, due to limited space, noise level seems high. Lotsa Caucasians around, but I don't believe it's for authencity of the food per se. They just like Ann Siang.


We had the highly touted escargots, lamb rack and tender beef fillet

Escargots - as I read through most of the reviews, it seems like most HGWers raved about the garlicky sauce. Which leaves most to wonder why isn't much mentioned about the snails? Well, I suppose to begin with, there really isn't much with mentioning.. It's all about the sauces. If only they sold the sauces alone as a dip for the bread, steak, everything else.

Snails were.. Snails. Sure tasted every inch like them. Nonetheless, am no connoisseur of them, neither my partner.. It tasted slight grassy to me, but my partner outs it most aptly and sublime - Earthy. Perhaps this is a gauge of its freshness... Someone please enlighten us.

Not gonna judge on this, as I have no experience. Sure don't have to pay 18 bucks for sauce alone... It's really not earth-shattering but at least not like your average Fish and Co style where much is of processed food sauce taste.

Beef - I chose the premuim beef fillet, as it's reckon to be THE most tender. Well, served as 2inch thick, palm sized in width, it's small even for a petite girl like myself. I suppose that's where the fries fills in. Beef was certainly tender only in the middle section of the steak (medium rare done). Juice? I had reservations. Really tasted like Botak jones premium steak to me. If you have eaten Lawry's and love your beef, I beckon you to stay away and save your calories. Either it was of a poor cut or over cooked... I reckon it's a case of both. Sure the sides had some charred bits, but along with that came dryness. It's flavoured alright - nothing to rave about.

Lamb - its not too gamy. Medium rare, it's nicely flavoured. It's tough, mind you - should you slice a thick chunk and gnaw your way through it. I spat out twice. However, slice thinly and you will find yourself chewing it down finely like how a lady should. Portion for this is huge though.

Fries - supposedly one of the raved about items. Well, if you are one who sings praises because of portion, welcome to heaven then. If you are picky about quality or taste, greetings to the kingdom-of-I-will-not-touch-them.

Some called it double cooked fries, my partner and I calls it - fries cooked in very-used oil. Not your usual golden fries but orange-tawny hue and black on some ends, lightly salted. It is fragrant but what bothers me the most of it's slightly sourish taste lying inside the potato beyond its fried exterior! Was it vinegar? Or potatos fried in somewhat rancid oil, or a case of potatoes being left out in the open for too long before going to the frying pot? Clean your tastebuds with water and taste the hint of it , esp in those thicker slices. Of course, we nv did ask for any second helping. We barely touched the 2 heapful stash of it nor doggy bag them.

Salad - almost untouched. Heaps of romaine lettuce, some chunks of walnuts & some halved cherry tomatoes tossed in sauce. If your idea of salad stands at lettuce, cucumbers,you will be contented. Do not expect rocket leaves, alfalfa, spinach etc. it's boring as boring gets.

Total bill: $110.

Will I return? Unlikely, unless I'm dying to eat in Ann Siang and it has the shortest queue. I'll rather pay for Lawry's or Mortons. Perhaps, it's really a case of you-pay-what-you-get. I could not bear the thought of dessert of this disappointment.

Btw, the couple beside us - doggie bagged theirs, and the first time I came, my friends did not finish theirs either (steak and fries). I should have taken that hint.

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